Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Madmen - your enemies!

Sweden’s central bank (Riksbanken) has proudly announce they will continue ruin the country’s economy for a long time yet. Not only do they intend to keep the repo rent (the lending rate to financial institutes) at the level of zero, they have also decided to lend an additional SEK 100 billion to the banks at a fixed interest rate and with a maturity of approximately 12 months. This in a completely crazy move in order to; “contribute to continued lower interest rates on loans to companies and households.”

They are hardly even trying to hide their malevolent scheme anymore – they are playing with our lives, our futures and the very foundation of the country like its tinker-toys in the sandbox.

If you go and read the report (find that here –English) they admit its a “Considerable uncertainty” about financial markets and they also clearly state that the important goal is to keep GDP up and growing hence more credits and more loans at fictively low rates are necessary to cheat us further.

It is really necessary for you to know what all this means, because in the future when you have that rope in your hands and good hardy lamp-post to string things up in, you also need to know that the punishment is equivalent to the crime. Otherwise you’ll just be a mob. I have written about this before, and so have a lot of other people, but the short version can be divided into two facts:

1) Low (zero) interest rates means that you reward spending, salute that people are taking loans they actually shouldn’t have, and it means that debt accumulation, both personal and government, increases.
2) High/er (real) interest rates rewards saving, prudent behavior and less debt accumulation.

In addition you need to know:
Lending more money to the banks at these rates benefits those banks in several ways.
1) The lending institutes get very cheap credit (in reality Riksbanken is actually paying the banks to take the money)
2) Banks can use this money to increase their lending ratio. Banks do NOT lend that amount they have - please understand this fact! - they actually lend much more to the public, often to a ratio around 20:1 or even higher. In other words SEK 100 billion becomes SEK +2 trillion
3) Banks can also use this money in several ways, among them is to invest in stock markets - and in which direction is stock markets going thanks to this scam?

Finally I want you to pay attention to what they are saying in this statement from the Central bank about Consumer price index (CPI):
“Changes in the repo rate affect mortgage rates, which are included in the consumer price index (CPI). There will thus be large fluctuations in the CPI in the future. The CPIF underlying inflation rate (the CPI with a fixed mortgage rate) will on the other hand remain stable close to 2 per cent during the forecast period.”

If you don’t understand this part, it’s basically saying that inflation numbers are lying and that more foreclosures and defaulting on loans will increase in the future. How about that?

Not only would I call this a scam, it’s a criminal act. The central bank mafia is practically throwing profits at financial institutes to cover up our banking systems fraudulent behavior. The banks in turn is supposed to give away loans to people that actually shouldn’t have loans so those people can go out and buy more stuff they actually don’t need. All in all accumulating more debt and, at least temporarily, increase the banking sectors profits even further. It’s a Ponzi scheme, a trick, an illusion and it’s all in an attempt to increase GDP numbers. Remember, GDP increases when we spend money, we do not need to produce anything or increase productivity, spending is the way to go according to the central bank bandits.


We need people to be rewarded for handling their income and wealth in a thoughtful manner, we need people to save more and put their savings into investments. We need less cheap credits and less illusional GDP numbers. What the banksters and their deception are doing is sweeping things under the rug, pretending everything is alright and as long as people (and the government) keep indebting themselves, the scam can keep going. No matter if it “works” this time and they can fool us again that GDP is going up, it cannot last, it’s impossible. The math and the reality don’t spread lies. There will be another crash, hopefully and very possible very soon, but whenever it comes it will be even worse than this has been. We cannot spend phantom money we actually don’t have on things we actually cannot afford while we produce less and less. It’s impossible. 1+1=2 and 2-1=1, always. THE MATH AND REALITY DO NOT CHANGE!

Remember what I have said before:
If you happen to bump into any of these mainstream economic as-holes(or anyone else from our enemies) during your long walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out for the rest of us where we can stop to piss and dance above their bones.

The Great Leader talks to school children

Barack Obama will talk to children all over America on Tuesday the 8th of September. This pamphlet (read it here) seems harmless enough, but let’s check out a couple of questions.

In this order the third and fourth and fifth questions are asked to school children:

To whom do you think the president is going to speak?
Why do you think he wants to speak to you?
What do you think he will say to you?

Do you notice it? “To whom...” and then “to you”. And most people do see more then the very sentence they are reading so the third question cannot be missed. It’s “to you” he is going to speak. And then the children are asked to think about what he is going to say “to you”. This is also classical to get the feeling of addressing “you” and that he is your friend, he talks to you, he has a message to you. Think what he is going to tell you. It seems very important, very official, but also very personal at the same time.

And then the mind-game goes on.

The students are asked to think about: “why is it important to listen to the president or other elected officials”

And it continues:

What is the president trying to tell me?
What is the president asking me to do?
What new ideas and actions is the president challenging me to think about?

Tell me, asking me to do, think about actions and ideas… And to top this passage of: “What specific job is he asking me to do?”

Me, me and me in combination with these questions also implies a personal connection, a sense of duty and a feeling of belonging to something greater. After this little thingy its collective thinking, exchanging notes, discussions about responsibilities, civic duty and so on, and again the same question is asked but with a slight difference; “What do you think the president wants us to do?” ah? You see it?

This is nothing else but pure mind control stuff. It’s very frightening things when you have the whole picture. And look at the bullet-points furthest down, talking about goals, active community, working together and so on.

The last time I wrote about Obama and things like this several dismissed it because of two reasons. One I was a right-wing nut job, which is sort of true, although I have written similar things about the hairless W monkey predecessor idiot as well. Two, Americans have a more active part of community service and have a more history of helping each other out in a different way that we Europeans aren’t that used to. This is also sort of true, but this mind control stuff is taking this a step further and it is necessary you really take notice this time around. Scary shit is going on.

I would like you to go here and read my old post. Nothing has changed, but the plans have been put into place and all I write there is actual truth, with the exception that apparently AmeriCorps and similar programs are now said to be ment to contain over 1 000 000 people. Yes, I do spin it a bit, but it’s not untrue. Check it out for yourself.

Then you should go and read that pamphlet again or you can check out the following videos.

Listen to this from Glen Beck:

This I have posted before and its really good stuff. As you are probably a bit anti against too much conspiracy theories, just as I myself have been and still are to a certain extent, I put in a small disclaimer, but as Alex Jones say in the film and as I say in this post, it does not mean the things being said are untrue.

If this does not give you a bad feeling in your gut, a sense of nausea, you haven’t really paid attention at all. Go and read it all from the start again.

Internet is under attack as usual

Well to no surprise another bill is suggested to give the American president authority to turn of the internet. And to no surprise whatsoever, the main person behind the bill is Senator Jay Rockefeller. How keen and who could have seen that coming… oh wait... I did…

This is another topic I keep coming back to because it’s almost as serious as the economic debacle we have. Our enemies wants to control, monitor and have the power to not only knowing exactly what we do online, but also to be able to shout us down if the urge for it pops up. The totalitarian states of China and Iran have shown us that it can almost be done and the more countries and organizations that follow the more effective the ban would be. So please believe me, this is just the start of this development, it’s just the infancy. You think IPRED is bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. You think that only people in tinfoil hats predicts a massive intrusion into our very homes? Think again. Already 20 000 people in the UK is under 24/7 surveillance in their own homes, how long do you think it will take before everyone is? In many ways we already are.

Maybe you don’t think that this can happen in your country, but what if some “cyber-terrorists” knocks out police stations all the time and what if “pedophiles” keep topping the headlines, wouldn’t you feel safer if politicians have control of things? How about online bullying, porn, weapons, drugs and so forth? The possibilities for our enemies to conjure up “reasons” are endless and as usual you, the idiots, will believe every last bit of crap they rub in your face.

I also believe that this development needs to happen pretty fast since the world economy will falter very soon and the extra control functions need to be in place before that happens. Exactly as I have been completely accurate when it comes to our economic situation I have been spot on comes to government and the internet. We are walking on a very slippery rope over a cliff with the deepest abyss in the world below us and hardly any of you idiots are complaining about, in fact, you seem to want to fall down.

You have doomed your children and grandchildren’s economic future and now you want to take away the only freedom that’s left in the world. Oh, such faith you are leaving as a legacy. I hope you are very proud of yourself looking into that mirror.

You are going to die! Part XXXI

As I mentioned in this post, suicide is one way to go. However, if you strike lucky you may even take someone with you. Recently this very thing happened in Barcelona. A woman committing suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of a building also managed to hit a pedestrian walking along down below. The story does not say whether or not the walking man in his 50’s had had a good life or not, but at least his friend walking next to him survived.

*singing* “It’s raining Women, hallelujah …”