Saturday, February 12, 2011

how real protesters do it

You need to be ready to be arrested... oink, oink...

Even during the height of the "great recession" I am convinced that a majority of the population favored telling the banks, the banksters, our elected suits and the rest of the criminals to piss off, even if it had meant that economic Depression would immediately ensue.

Incidentally, it is my considered opinion that had we done that, the economy would have undergone that depression but we’d be done with it by now. There would be new banks where old banks had been. Employment would truly be recovering, as would the economy as a whole. The banksters would all be bankrupt, there would have been prosecutions, maybe even public lynchings of the banksters and their political protectors who shared in the creation of the mess.

The powers that be instead ignored the people, and, as we always do, we re-elected or in other ways kept the vast majority of those who did the exact opposite of what we wanted them to do.

That is, we consented. We let them.

Just as we let them start us rolling down the hill towards that funny abyss in the first place. And just as people throughout history has let themselves be led around until something goes too far, which generally means its too late for thousends or even millions of dead.

We always do it. We always give our consent. Silently maybe, and perhaps one or two of you sitting at home arguing with your spouse over the dinner table feel you´ve done something, but nevertheless, whatever you think or tell yourself, you have consented.

Now and again throughout history our ancestors said enough is enough, they rallied, took to arms and fought professional armies with pitchforks and stones. We seldom do that anymore, we´ve become too complacent. Too lazy.

The people of Tunisia and now Egypt said “leave office now.” The people declared that the government no longer had their consent. They didn´t go to one demonstration with their neighbor and then went home thinking they made a difference. They didn´t see the dead and gave up. They sticked to it.

Watching the news it seems that journalists want us to believe 17-18-19 days of demonstrations and gatherings is a lot. Three weeks of rallying? wow... Don´t these people have jobs? Of course its nothing. Historically speaking these weeks have gone by very fast and the 100+ dead, the thousends of injured and arrested is NOTHING. This has been a one very peaceful, calm and easy revolution, but above all, it went along fast. Very, very fast.

You see, this is how you make someone listen to you. You cannot say banksters stole your money and then vote for the same soul-sucking entities that gave the banksters the green light to steal your earnings. You cannot go to one rally and then go home to your normal life as you´ve made a difference. Leaders, no matter what country or what color of the leadership, will all laugh or shrug at such minor happenings. Maybe make a popular statement to appease the masses, but that is it.

Now we find out if the people have the stomach to enforce their demands they may actually win something. We don´t know what yet, the end result may very well be worse then the one they had, but at least they did something. Reacted. What have you been doing? Is that beer good? What about the DiMera family? Doing great uh? Who will win American Idol..? oh.. exciting...

In the end, a demand without the willingness to enforce it is just hot air. If you´re not willing to lose your job, get locked up, shot at and become the punching bag of the police, you´ll never win a damn thing. Remember that it was the Arabs, the Muslims, that actually revitalised this willingness. A willingness to actually stand up, take it hard, and still hold the ground. No matter what.

You will thank them very soon because soon a revolution will come to you. Yes, other Arab nations may stand next in line, but comes the financial Tsunami of magnificent dispair you´ll be grasping for that pitchfork - that I promise you.

And to all you leaders out there, this is what awaits you, only much, much worse once the depths of your trickery and the shamefullness of your scams come to light.

Bravo Egypt, hopefully you´ll do great from now on, and hopefully without America running the show. The rest of the world is about to follow down the same path. And to you Mubarak: you managed to get away, seemingly still alive (although some say he´s dead), the leaders who stand in line to be put down will not all be so lucky...

The show is about to start. We can now start counting months instead of years. Do you have enough popcorn and vodka to enjoy it?