Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Financial apocalypse – a final warning

"These aren´t the information’s you're looking for. Please move along. Pay no attention.”

A new super duper “congress” of 13 carefully chosen politicos soon will rule the U.S. With habeas corpus gone, Posse Comitatus gone, and the republic gone 13 people will rule over a land containing a million plus in youth corps, religious fanatics, immigration problems, and an ever increase in clashes between white, red, brown and black shirts. A land in economic freefall and with a depression just around the corner. A land whereas the government nowadays can contain, torture and murder its own citizens on a whim.

Seeing these facts and looking back at history, what do you think comes next?

And then we have this huge story!!

Have you seen markets the latest couple of days? They are closing in on crashing-status. Across the board they are falling. In the words of our lying journalists: “despite the U.S. budget deal”...

Of course there was no deal. No cuts. No budget in order. When Putin and the Chinese are out warning and saying Americans are parasites, well then we know things doesn’t look good. Markets see through the scam, even though media don’t.

In country after country stocks are reaching year-lows and it seem they will continue down based on the truth that the U.S. is broke, and countries holding worthless and crashing U.S. dollar are starting to panic. Still journalists refuse to tell the truth.

Is this it? Is this what I´ve been waiting for? I would haft to say no. I still think they have another rabbit or two to pull up. Later this week, possibly even today, we´ll get some “great news” in one regard or the other. Maybe some statistics (that later will be revised) saying that unemployment is shrinking or some such crap.

UPDATE: and here it is... the manipulations continue and so does the lying...

I keep talking about the math, and there´s a reason for it. You can ignore me and my ramblings. You can disregard doomsayers and gold prices going through the roof. You can put your head in the sand and argue everyone sending out warnings are crazed tin-foil hats. But what you cannot ignore is the math. Math doesn’t tell lies.

Am not going to repeat earlier postings to show you all the numbers or graphs again. You can either go back and read or search the net and do your own calculations. I saw this coming miles away, and so will you if you only pay attention.

Our Great Leaders, journalists and banksters keep saying that they will fix it. They printed shitloads of money, borrowed trillions and imposed tons of regulations. It didn´t help, but they want you to still think it worked. And even when they admit a few problems remain they are arguing that they will fix it. They can´t. The Math doesn’t lie.

There will be no recovery.

We´re going into the Greatest Depression. There will be no job growth. Unemployment will continue to escalate - along with it so will crime, poverty, kidnapping, and shootings. And the further things spin out of control the harder the hammer will come down from government.

This circle of violence and Orwellian madness will continue until either we stop the progressive looting and oppressive policies that lead us to this point, or a dictatorship take power and take us to war. Those are the two options left to us when we follow the path of the Greatest Depression into the future.

I know most of you reading this aren´t as “negative” as I am comes to the scope of our problems and the consequences of them, but look at history. Look what has happen before when upheaval, turmoil and financial catastrophes happen.

What does history tell you?

Read a history book, pick up a calculator and do your own research. Do it now. Even if the latest signs with markets going down isn´t it, IT will soon be here. If you´re not prepared you´ll suffer immensely. If you´re not aware of why or how, you´ll turn towards the same group of people and the same sort of funny little hysterical men you´re ancestors turned to when they were in a similar predicament.

This history also teaches us.

In a few years time you´ll be asked: “where were you when all hell broke loose?”

What will your answer be?

My answer is what I´ve been saying all along; I´ll be sitting back in a comfy chair with vodka and popcorn while laughing and crying at all the misery. Hopefully on a deserted island far out in nowhere.