Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reclaim you life

This is one way to go:


Reclaim you life, reclaim the right to self-defense. Fuck the government. Get a gun and if any would-be rapist cometh you way, kill the bastard.

The agenda continues

Well, it seems we don’t even need a real terrorist event anymore for the elitists to push forward with the surveillance grid. Only the suspicion off a terrorist thingy or an elusive Al-Qaeda statement is enough to make every normal citizen into a butt-monkey.

The Head-boy of the British Isles, Prime Mentalist Gorgon Brownie, has given the go-ahead for full body scanners to be introduced at Britain's airports, and those funny national identity-cards aren’t far behind. And apparently the Gorgon and his thugs aren’t alone, the Italian fascist-machine and other countries are spitting out similar stupidities.

The story doesn’t tell us what this will do to poor guards at the airport watching said Gorgon go through one of those machines. I mean, the guy is kind of flabby and disgusting with a suit and makeup on, how would someone react to see him naked? But the high and mighty will probably not haft to stand for such nuisances anyway, that’s for the common man.

And how long will it take before some security-guy sells naked pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Al Franken?

At the same time the UK and US combined war-machine is rattling again, this time it’s the poor country of Yemen (well, Somalia as well, but no one cares about that) something I’ve been writing about for almost a year now, just waiting for those Yemen rebels to blow up some Saudi Oil-rigs and what fun things we will see. And Oduma, the most warmongering president in US history, need his enemies so no one detects how he fucks up the American economy.

Millions of Pakistani refugees, families slaughtered in Afghanistan and sovereign countries getting bombed aren’t enough for the powers that be. They need more.
And stop and think for a moment. The unprecedented decline in civil liberties we’ve seen since 9/11 was bad, but what do you think will happen when the ‘terrorists’ hit again? That you can be sure of you know, no matter how good your intentions are or even if you believe in the crap either side says, you cannot go around bombing, killing, murdering and force millions of people into starvation without feeling the repercussions.

Do we have any liberties left they can take away?

Not really, I cannot think of a single thing they don’t have their dirty mittens on. They can, however, tighten the screws a bit further. Maybe only cleared dignitaries are allowed to fly in the future? Maybe only the government approved will be allowed to use internet? And maybe, just maybe, we need to change our laws so we can keep our current administration a while longer. Democracy means instability you know; we need a firm grip and a stabile government to protect us. And Oduma won the Nobel Peace Prize (Haha…), certainly such a hero of the people need to sit in power for at least 30 years.

The last time I passed through Heathrow I was searched, stripped, stopped, scanned, photographed, video-taped endless times, so I really need to wonder; do they/we need any additional protection? If so, maybe they could start with closing down the stores - were you can buy knifes, flammable fluids and bomb making material - that exists once you passed all the controls. For some reason you can shop at terrorist’R’us after your check-in and after they’ve scanned you 10 times. But off you go shopping and then you can fly with the rest of the idiots carrying lots of chemicals, weapons and such you bought AFTER the controls.

This world is so bloody stupid.