Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry folks, lately blogging have been scarce and will continue to be so for another couple of weeeks. I am moving. Not really to the deserted island with fantastic banana-growing properties I was looking for, in fact I won’t even leave the European Union. But a change of scenery and going to one of the oldest and sexiest cities of Europe has its charm.

As to my future plans, if my calculations and predictions come true, I’ll probably move back to Sweden and go rouge into the forests and hills of middle and northern Sweden were hardly anyone goes. Growing crops in that area isn’t easy, so that’s a challenge, otherwise all the necessities of life exist. At least for those of us that can manage without home delivered pizza and the latest reality show.

Hopefully it won’t come to that (yeah, who am I kidding?) or at least I’ll be able to work and play around with the locals for some years before things unravel. I may even stay or move further along within the company. I hear they have facilities in South East Asia so that’s a distinct possibility.

European governments are starting to do the right thing i.e. saving, cutting expenditure and increasing interest rates, but it is too little and waaaaay too late. This they should have done 2-3 years ago (or, preferably decades ago) when the recession struck. Sure it would have been painful, but it would have been over today - we would be in full recovery by now. Sadly they did the complete opposite; they borrowed, printed and spent trillions while keeping interests rates ridiculously low and imposing more regulations and restrictions.

So when things crash now, very soon, while they are actually doing the right thing, then all those opposite-reality maniacs will feel they’ve been vindicated.

“You see, they cut spending and reduced government – now we’re in a depression”

This will be repeated. Endlessly. Until the people are so indoctrinated with slogans and socialist ideas that they accept anything coming from these übermench. And since such righteous elitists, at least in Europe, have a fantastic plaything called the European Union, I cannot see this ending in anything else but what Hitler and Napoleon dreamt about.

Oh, I Godwin:ed… horrible me…

And America… oh by lord mighty Beelzebub and his fierily sticks…

The former hope of humanity, the land of the foreclosed and home of the not so brave, is about to take the biggest tumble of them all. For some reason I actually think we Europeans will make it, as long as we stay away from too many wars and don’t let another warmongering sycophant rule the show (which, let’s face, is a possibility), we’ll be pretty fine. It will be horrible, cannibalistically agonizingly horrible – but we’ve seen similar things before. The fall of Rome, the sacking of Thrace, Mongol invasions, the Black Death, the 30 years war, the minor depression in the 30’s, and even both world wars and the cold war was felt much closer and struck much harder in Europe than it ever did in America. This time it’s different. Sure we’ll hurt like hell over here and suffer immensely, but the ones really going down the crapper is the U.S. and its citizens And, frankly, I can’t see ‘em making it.

The constitution, a vast country with lots of grain fields, and that can-do spirit may still save some, maybe even resurrect the former glory within some states, but the country as a whole, that 50 stars haven will die. Poff! Go into the light. Never to be seen again.

We know this because we've seen this sort of thing before.

A vast empire with military bases everywhere running enormous deficits while imposing harder and harder restrictions for its own - ever increasingly - tormented people. An empire fighting in wars it cannot or will not win. An empire in moral and economical decline while the rest of the world looks on - partly anxiously and partly looking to grab what’s left of the ruins for themselves.

History is in the making all around us and you should feel fortunate to be a part of one of the biggest turning points in the history of mankind. You’re not aware today, but someday down the line, fifty, a hundred or two hundred years from now they will write essays, make shows about, and do so many in-depth documentaries about our time it will boggle your mind. I hope I’ll end up as a footnote somewhere as a reference to one ‘sane voice’, but most likely I’ll just disappear from history like all the rest of you buffoons. However I’ll have fun watching the rest of you, and make sweet marry on my own as much as possible.

I think this passage from the Epic of Gilgamesh says it the best:

Gilgamesh, whither rovest thou?
The life thou pursuest thou shalt not find.
When the gods created mankind,
Death for mankind they set aside,
Life in their own hands retaining.
Thou, Gilgamesh, let full be thy belly
Make thou merry by day and by night.
Of each day make thou a feast of rejoicing,
Day and night dance thou and play
Let thy garments be sparkling and fresh,
Thy head be washed, bathe thou in water.
Pay heed to the little one that holds thy hand,
Let thy spouse delight in thy bosom,
For this is the task of mankind.

A must watch!

This is something everyone should see.

After seeing this, ask yourself; how long will people stand for this? How long before a “maniac” shooting police officers becomes a hero? How long before rebellions, actual bloody upheavals, are in effect?

You may think such things are far away, but there is a limit somewhere, even to you. You are all sheople, screwed and bullied sheople. But there is a limit...

... where is yours?