Thursday, April 30, 2009

Increasing kill ratio day

Today in many parts of the world the lefty’s takes to the street in rallies against poverty, injustice and other things they themselves have created. This is the bloodiest of all days, a day that should be a reminder about holocausts, death-camps and wars the socialists have created and keeps creating. Instead people with intellect barely corresponding to their shoe size prance around like magnificent horny peacocks waving their bloodstained flags around like Gulag never happened. If one does not count religion as an ideology, all the -ism to the left (socialism) are the most horrific things mankind ever conjured up. Not only do we have the pure National Socialism and communism which have murdered hundreds of millions of people, we also have the “lighter” form of socialism which is pretty much the same as fascism and probably is responsible for even more deaths than the purer forms. This because the policies of big governments is the main reason for poverty and starvation and more people dies from unnecessary starvation and regular oppression than from wars and death-camps.

Undoubtedly these black-hearted destroyers will blame the ‘market’, the rich and some elusive forcers for unemployment and the financial crisis. They will also argue for more government, more restrictions, more control and more regulations. Like this authoritarian world haven’t enough of that already. Hiding their malicious evil behind beautiful words like “equality”, “justice” and “solidarity” they will also say we all must come together and work for a better future. Of course never mentioning that what they really are talking about is that some should be more equal than others, that justice should come from the state and that solidarity is going to be forced upon people.

So those of you out there that actually have a brain, do as I normally do. I usually walk past one of these rallies and start sending out thoughts remembering and honoring all the dead, raped, molested and tortured that have fallen victims under those red flags. It do not help those already dead or the needy in the world and I’m not religious, but it still feels good “sending a message” instead of puking and get horrified over all those murderess lefties wanting to increase the kill ratio even further.

Killer pigs - final one, promise...

Oh, I know I said I would leave this piggy fever thingy alone. But this is way too funny to let it slide by. Apparently this is a horror movie from the 70's and I just need to buy this one. Imagine this going on you TV while you are reading some text from a idiot journalist that is declaring that the resent swine flu might kill millions... I cannot stop laughing and I haven’t even seen the movie yet.

Amazing what some vodka and a short kid’s movie clip can do for your day… ;)