Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those dictators are amusing

While Hugo Chavez is doing his best to impose socialism in Venezuela, on another continent, Robert Mugabe is partying like its 1984. Throughout history those who have thrown the best and most lavishing party’s have been those in power. Granted, they have done it on stolen money while most of their people have been starving, but still, those dictators knows how to shake it and swing it. According to the latest from Zimbabwe our friend Mugabe did celebrate his 85th birthday with 2000 bottles of champagne, 8000 lobsters and 500 bottles of whiskey. This guy is great isn’t he? The food shortage in his country is high, unemployment is almost total and inflation is rendering any money useless, but still he somehow manages to steal some more money from his people. Good for him.

And back in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won the latest referendum. He needed to use billions of his people’s money to convince them how to vote, but he did it. Now he has changed the country almost totally, with him as dictator and showing politicians everywhere how to convince people to vote for totalitarianism. Between him and our other good friend from history, Adolf Hitler, politicians now have a good ground to stand on.

This is absolutely fabulous and if you never did understand the funny thing about those in power, you should be able to grasp these at least. If you think Mugabe’s spending are a bit too much, you should watch how your own politicians do away with other people’s money. Without any exceptions, every last one of our politicians live on, party on and decide over; your money. That’s the nature of the game. Politician only costs money, they don’t produce any. Mugabe is only showing us a little bit of their true color. And Chavez, he is making the best of what he got; the support of idiotic people, just like your politician does, only at a bit less spending rate.

Same thing all over again

Someone said that those Piratebay boys don’t have support among the general public so I asked around. Not a single one I talked to (about 40 or so) was against Piratebay, not one. Okay, maybe my little opinion poll isn’t the best reader of the general public and I admit many of those I talked to have about the same political persuasion as I do, so maybe this isn’t the best indicator to what people actually think, but still, not one.

I read an excellent article in Svenska Dagbladet ( )today written by Fredric Karén. The article refers to his grandmother who in the 60’s were a radio pirate broadcasting outside the law. A true hero of free speech from the past. Like today, at that time many record labels and big businesses detested these pirates playing records without paying for it and sending radio that was closer to people’s hearts then the public state radio.

Me, I remember the TV and media monopoly in Sweden and how we only had two channels in our country far into the 80’s, only the government were allowed to broadcast and tell us things from the world. This fortunately changed and I had a small part in that change, smashing TV: s at public squares’ in demonstration against those totalitarian laws, writing editorials and argued against socialist’s despite being at a very young age.

Now the next generation is standing in the same place arguing against the same people about the same damn thing. Getting trialed for letting information and culture being free and accessible for people all over the world, terrible. Me I always download things from the Internet first, take a look at it and then decide if I’m going to buy it or not. (Except for Sophie Zelmani of course, always buy her records direct.) And I do believe many others does the same. Many companies have realized this and often put out a beta version for free or have their own portals where you can download some things for free. Others live in the past and have this stupid notion that convicting some young guys might make a difference. Don’t these Hollywood executives and whatnot have a brain?

Porn is a great pastime.

If you have nothing to do, there is always lots of porn on the Internet to look at. And this art form isn’t bound to a certain form of entertainment as its critics often claim. Pretty much anything and everything goes. If your fetish is socks, there are sites about that. If its fat people, skinny people, large or small breasts, big and small dicks, gay, dwarfs, black, Asian or whatever, it’s there for you. Pornography is probably the only form of entertainment that has this vide range. Of course there is some stuff that even I get disgusted by and if you flip around long enough, sooner or later a child porn site pops up. But most of it is harmless fun and the more professional ones have a lot more women’s behind the camera or doing writing than feminists would like you to know.

So if you are bored, please go out on the net and search for whatever rocks your mind. I promise you will find it and that you will have a nice couple of minutes. At least it might take your mind of the stress of everyday life for a while.

Brainless Swedes pays for the idiocy

After one student pretended to be a mad women and got herself locked away at a psychiatric ward and this latest student that smashed a subway train, both claiming it to be art, the “art school” in question seems to be willing to look over their rules. Why!? Don’t do it! There is not often the Swedish people get upset over seeing their tax money go down the drain, this actually makes them think. Don’t take that away. Please! This small little waste of tax money is a little fart in a Tornado compared to all the wasteful idiocy that goes on in Sweden. I truly hope Konstfack (the name of the school) gets more money and get more students just like these ones. Smashing, crashing and burning stuff all over the country. They are showing the true face of idiocy and by doing so also makes people look into their own faces and maybe seeing their own part in this drama. You have voted for it! You are paying for it!

Please Konstfack! Do me and the country of Sweden a big favor and keep supporting, nourish and pay for this absurdity with that tax money you get. I love you!

Greetings from socialism!

This is absolutely great stuff. Apparently an “art student” in Stockholm has done a movie where he (even if you do not really see him, you know it’s a “he”) smashes a subway cart and does some paintjobs. This was a part of his exam and it’s called: "Territorial pissing".

This is fabulous isn’t? First of all we have a university that gets pretty much all its founding from the government, they then get one of their students to do a makeover on the subway, costing a bundle, and now another part of the government; SL (Stockholms Länstrafik) that also lives on tax money are going to sue the School bringing on a legal process that costs, yeah, that’s right, tax money! Greetings from socialism!

You are going to die! Part XI

Natural disasters are one of the best entertainers there is. Thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people might perish during floods, volcanoes erupting or through earthquakes. There is Typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and that oh so funny rainstorm. With the exception for pandemics’ and human inventions like religion and socialism, natural disasters are the main killer of humans.

But the fun part isn’t that people dies, that’s kind of sad, and it’s not even the real force of nature showing off. No, the real funny thing about this is people looking so surprised when a Tornado in tornado country has destroyed their homes. What? A tornado here? No way! And those people living on the hillside of a volcano are equally surprised when hot lava beds come rushing through their bedrooms. And if people live in southern Florida, the east coast of India or the coastal regions of China and get hit by some massive storm, they actually seam astonished how it could happen. Okay, many of them cannot be blamed for this stupidity. There is not always a warning before an Earthquake for instance, but many of them shouldn’t really look surprised and be running for their lives if they had just paid attention to the fact that they are living on an active volcano! And this is what makes it funny!

There is also some other things that are not as deadly, but still as funny. Every year there are many parts of the world where it starts to snow and ice is formed on the streets. But also every year people drive as usual, don’t use spiked tires or walk around in sneakers. Broken bones, car crashes and accidents spike during this first period of colder climate. This every year!

So if you don’t get shot by your government, snuffed by a disease, die from living in your own home (brrr…) or fall down from old age, natural disaster is the most likely candidate to kill you. But you keep that spirit up; it makes your demise even funnier.

Abracadabra: Unemployment is gone – two solutions

After reading an article in International Herald Tribune (Article can be found: about the decline of available jobs around the world, I felt inspired to share the solution with this papers reporters and the rest of the world.
I want to share two solutions to unemployment, wherever it might be found. They are easy to understand, can be done pretty quickly and will have an almost 100% success rate. The reason why I say “almost” is because there will always be persons between jobs, unwilling to work no matter what and a very few number of people, coma victims for instance, that can’t work.

First solution:
Ever since some economists thought about work and what generates value there have been those who think that the physical work that is put into something, is the thing that creates and increases the value of whatever the physical work have been put into. Marx was a big fan of this idea and communists (along with many others) still believe in this dim-witted notion. But let’s leave that idiocy for the time being, we are talking about solving unemployment. What we could do is very simple, so simple in fact that it can be done within days and be done so with as much cost as the government feel is appropriate. We simply take all the unemployed people out into the wilderness somewhere and let them dig holes in the ground. I know what you think, we cannot destroy nature, and maybe it will increase global warming? But if we make these people do it were they cannot really destroy anything, like in mountains regions, the impact on the environment will be minimal. And we can also make them shovel back the dirt once the hole is finished, so we have a never ending task digging and filling in holes. If people do not want to do this kind of work, we can use the police to force them or we can pay enough (with tax money) so they will be willing. To some extent this have been done before in several communist countries, producing as much weight or as big as possible. People starved, never produced any kind of value (despite the idiot Karl Marx’s ideas) and got shot in the back of the neck if they did not do as they were told, but hey, they had work.

Second solution:
If we take away all kinds of state founding, social welfare and unemployment checks all people who “cannot find work” will find work faster than you can find a Koala Bear burning in Australia. When people face the risk of starvation and their kids are dying from undernourishment, they will find jobs, I promise you. Even in our western societies were it’s a norm to get welfare and living of other peoples hard work, people who “cannot find work” will find it. Okay, this will not take days like the more socialist solution above, more like months or even years and it might cause some harm on the way. Riots against the government for taking away peoples “free” buffet and some citizens that have forgot how to use their limbs sitting in front of the TV eating snacks their neighbor is paying for through taxation, might just have a hard time. Some will even lose a couple of pounds and feel crappy for a while. Working takes effort you know. But in the end we will have a working populace and unemployment will only be among those coma victims I talked about. And this, in opposite to the first solution will actually generate value. Value which will make all of us richer with real money, not by fictive ones or by letting them run around in a circle from you, to the government, back to you.

Well, make your choice and let’s get rid of unemployment once and for all. I personally like the first solution best, but then not digging holes. I would prefer to have people build the biggest shoes, size 3876477. That might actually also draw some attention from tourists so it will not only be a great monument of employed peoples hard work. And a couple of those shoes might even be seen from space, sending a message to any alien invaders that we are a big people that you do not mess with.