Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2+ years too late

Ahhh... such a wonderful sight...

After I started this blog one of the first things I started to point out was that many countries and areas of Africa would face a famine catastrophe a couple of years down the line.

This was very easy to see and foresee. All the signs pointed to it and with The Greatest Depression closing in, how could you not make that prediction?

Now, today, media and pundits are starting to awake. Urging us to send money.
Not only are such advice too little way too late, they won´t help. Sure we´ll see one or two “success stories” of how a child was saved or a hospital was built thanks to generous westerners, but that’s only to make you feel better and so you not pay too much attention to millions facing disaster.

As said many times before here and here and here and in other places tens of millions will die. That a few of you will give a buck to ease a battered conscious won´t change that sad (and pretty funny) fact.

These people will not die because of drought or capitalism gone haywire as media and lefties would like you to believe. They won´t die because of 18th and 19th century colonialism either, which also is a common scape-goat.

They will however die because of constant wars, socialist governments, military juntas and they will die because of protectionism we westerners have imposed. And importantly it is to note that they will die because our banksters and politicians and their spin-doctors are lying to us. They lie about the scope of our problems. They lie about GDP numbers. They lie about inflation and what the biggest debt-mountain in history is doing and will do to us. And so Africa will bear the first blunt hit of the Greatest Depression, a depression our elitists created.

Our Great Leaders went forth on a epic adventure and brought with weapons like Quantitative easing (the printing of money), borrowing from everything they could borrow from, overzealous regulations into the extreme, and a barrage of lies. This they did to postpone the Greatest Depression, which they temporarily managed to do (things should have crashed back in the spring of 2010).

In the real world however unemployment continues up, values are evaporated, cash is relocated from productive areas and moved to unproductive ones, and inflation is growing exponentially. This means higher commodity prices on oil, food and so on. It also means lower purchasing power in developed nations. Combine this with progressive policies, fascist innuendos and stupidities perform by each government, and this is what you get. So it’s not surprising that the poorest and most underdeveloped people in a globalised world consequently take the first hit.

But don´t worry, you´ll join them soon. Very soon.

I would here also like to point out that the total scam of Manmade Global Warming is a big part of this looming disaster. Extra taxation, regulations everywhere and Malthusian arguments taken to heart by three-hugging freaks and politicos everywhere cut out much of Africa from developing industries on their own.

In essence YOU helped out in killing these people. Even though most of this is an in-house problem for respective country you cannot escape your part in this. You voted for the politicians and the policies that lead us to this point. You cheered on as they borrowed, printed and imposed a surveillance society. You listened when they lied about how horrific hairspray, detergents and cars are.

Remember: There´s no scientific proof for Manmade Global warming! Not a single one! Nada! Zilch!

Remember: Inflationary policies, borrowing shitloads of money and overregulation has never in the history of mankind solved anything.

Remember: Progressive policies, socialism, fascism, GramscoFabiaNazism,or whatever you want to call collectivist ideas, have never ever never ever worked. They have always failed.

YOU ignored these absolute irrefutable facts so you´re as responsible as those deemed better. Sure you can blame politicians, banksters and journalists, and you should, but take a long hard look in that mirror before you do.