Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ron Paul on Morning Joe

A real journalist

Before you say or think anything, I know Fox also have their own agenda, and Glenn Beck isn’t really someone I always hold up as someone to follow. Beck is sometimes wrong; he is too much of a buffoon or is clowning around more than needed. As with all news stations or journalists, one can find faults and so on.

Also, you may regard me, this news station, Beck or whatever as radical conservative scum, fascists, neoliberal asses or anything else you might think.

However, there are two things you need to acknowledge Beck for; 1) trying to find stories i.e. doing ACTUAL JOURNALISM!
2) And not being afraid to tell those stories.

This is one of very few real journalists there are. You may think he is wrong, have an agenda or trying to go over the top sometimes, but he actually do the job that all journalists should do. If all reporters and all those people claiming to want to give us news actually did their work, this world would be a much better place. In this aspect Beck is someone to follow.

Please watch and really ask yourself the same questions as Beck does, the questions being asked are relevant even if you have an opposite political view. Also, how much of this have you heard in your country? It’s not only American news stations doing the silence thing…

The true story of our appending doom – Part I

During the last two hundred years or so, there has been a massive transference of belief. We have gone from being a God-fearing people living under the assumption that the aristocracy and hierarchy is the natural order of things, over to believing in equal rights and democracy, but then back again to the same principle of monocracy.

The awakening that came with the industrial revolution and capitalism gave us both the means to produce enough for all humans and the morality of individual freedom. But out of the golden age of humankind we slowly, but surely, headed back to those structures of collectivism and autocracy we almost, for a brief moment, had left behind.

The power structure today has other names and within resides other titles, but the inherent evil as well as the strive for power, control and money is the same. The old monarchs started giant building projects to keep the populace with jobs, give people a sense of pride and to fulfill some phallic dream of that particular ruler. Today’s monarchs do the exact same thing, only now disguised under the “consent” of the people whom have voted, directly or indirectly, for that particular project.

Whereas a king would have built an opera openly for the court and elitists, today’s elected rulers also build similar structures while subsidizing the price slightly with the notion that the common man might be let in. However, clothing rules, high unemployment and the social structure makes the same elitists and elected officials (the court) the main visitors, but to a lower price since “everyone” is paying for it.

In every civilization, there is a very thin upper branch of elitists who are concerned with questions of morality, truth, justice, and the divine plan. In other words, why we exist and who is supposed to do what to whom in order to gain the perfect society. Historically, such “thinkers” have tended to believe these ultimate and conjured up ethical values have a claim on every man. ‘For the common good’ – is today the normal phrased used to protect this elitist way of thinking. However slim the top dogs group is, they are always accompanied with a tail of followers that support and argue for the agenda trickling down. Ruling all of them are politicians or the monarch. Loosely tied to this larger group of top elitists and elitist-wannabees are another bunch of people whom, to an large degree, is dependent on them in order to gain the upper hand in different areas such as business or religion. All in all, this entire cluster of elitists, magnates and “thinkers” make up the horde of people I usually entitle ‘the enemy class’.

This ‘class’ is consistent of those that not only sit on much of the power, but also are very dependent of each other. Politicians need journalists to write about their projects and well-meaning programs, journalists need politicians to gain more readers or trick more viewers to tune in at evening. Industry leaders need subsidized land to build factories on in addition to many other things politicians can hand them, courtesy of tax money. Politicians on the other hand need more jobs they can claim their little agreement with the magnate in question produced and rubbing elbows with other high and mighty is a good way of assure their own future if they chose (or get forced) to leave politics. All the “thinkers” i.e. university lecturers, story-tellers, philosophers, economists and so forth are often enough employed by government or the magnates which any monkey can figure out makes them accomplices. The strings in-between are many more, for instance marriage to secure titles, money and peace are as common today as back in the middle ages, and there are many more, but to write about all of those would take entire books to unravel.

What people need to understand about this little expose into the power elite structure is three things:

1) The conspiracists have it right, at least to a point.
The power elitists exist and they do have an agenda, they do conspire to gain benefits, and they a lot to lose when found out. However, this does not really mean it’s always a master plan behind it; it’s more how the structure is built. This power in the hands of our rulers comes with the system and so does the means to contain and keep that power.

2) Keeping the Authority.
These people, although, as said, not really deliberately planning for it, will always use all their authority to keep the system as it is. This means that it does not matter if the rulers happen to be left or right in politics, it does not matter who is Prime Mentalist or which news station is reporting what, the status que is kept in any case.

3) The ones who really are to blame are the voters.
This because most voters buy the sales-pitch the elitists masterfully put together. Vote right and you get lower taxes and lower benefits, the opposite if you vote left, but what always stays the same is the power structure. And over time all parties becomes state-lovers, or rather power-lovers. A party needs to stay in power to have power consequently all political parties need to make good use of the power the voters so willingly hands them.

In conclusion you are fooled. Fooled to believe your vote matters, it doesn’t. Fooled to believe it matters what face is selling you the lies. It may be a black man, a Hispanic woman or a rich white guy, it don’t matter. Who sits in office only affects those closest to power and there may be a prestige thing, but for regular Joe’s, it hardly has any impact. You are also fooled into believing in things like religion, war on drugs, war on terror or that equality only can be created through and off the governments say so.

They have even managed to convince people that monitoring and controlling the internet will save children from being molested or that hunting down youngsters downloading movies is a way of saving business. The lies being told from the enemy class is very often simple to see and understand, which means they need to be covertly sold through notions of solidarity, justice and rights-issues. There isn’t a single government project that cannot be defended with reasons of “saving the poor” or “helping the elderly”, and you, the voters buy it all.

In the broadest meaning of the word “socialism” that is the road we are on, but more accurately it’s a lighter form of fascism. Big corporations mixed with power seeking politicians and all their friends in-twined within an oligarchy aimed to contain and keep the power is very close to the economic model of fascism. So all that’s really needed is that racial and nationalistic vein, and, of course, you can find lots of that too. Just stop and think about it for a moment, what are all politicians really saying all the time? It’s us against them is what they are saying. And it doesn’t need to be as obvious as white against black or Arians against Jews; it can be females against males, one school against the other or even your neighbor against you. And nationalism is always present in one form or the other.

It’s like every politician wants to be advocating capitalism, but with large doses of socialism injected now and again, everything designed to keep the power structure intact.

And how do they manage to keep it all together? With the help of FEAR.

Fear is the main driving force behind everything you let them do to you. And the government is always the solution. There are pedophiles online? Government to the rescue. Red Bull may or may not cause problems? Let's bann it. You cannot find a job? Government can fix that. Terrorist attack? The government can throw some bombs around and create new laws to make you safe. The economy crashing? The government has an endless supply of money to save us all. Too many Muslims in your town living on benefits? Vote for me, I’ll stop them at the border. And aren’t Muslims all fanatics wanting to bomb you? Let’s build a mosque for them showing our understanding at the same time we complain about their child-brides and bomb their native countries. How about those industry leaders? Aren’t they rich enough and keep making all people unemployed? Let’s give them free stuff, cut their taxes and help them out at the same time as we complain about them to the media.

Politicians play Pied Piper to the masses. And people see no danger in following, thinking only to receive “free” goodies from the State. Always. Forever. The never ending supply of free stuff handing down to us from above is celebrated by media as “progressive”, big business is jumping along singing to the tune and everything is sold with pink shimmering clouds of happiness while the alternatives are painted black and the scare-mongering is drummed out by “thinkers” and journalists. All the while we are all headed for that abyss up ahead, cheerfully we dance closer and closer. Some people fall over, another economic crash happens, another terrorist attack hits, but we continue to swallow the lies, even cheering our elitists on while more people drop down towards their doom.

Can we stop?

Do we want to stop?

If you really ask those kinds of questions and really answer them truthfully, the answer is always NO. This is the background reason, the main foundation and the continuous predicament that gave us the great depression, both world wars and all the other stupidities since then. This is also the main reason why we are in a recession and why there will continue to be recessions and why it will only keep getting worse and worse.

Sometimes we will take one or two steps in another direction, but that’s only temporarily.

How many of you can really claim to be free today? How many rights do you really have that no one can take away from you? I cannot think of a single one, so, in essence we are mindless drones at best, pure slaves willing to die at the hands of the enemy class at worse.