Friday, December 18, 2009


Swedish carmaker Saab is to be shut down by General Motors after the collapse of a last-ditch attempt to sell it to Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker.
GM announced today that with "regret" it was starting an orderly wind-down of 62-year-old Saab's operations.

One cannot really be sad over this; the company had one profitable year in the last 25 and with no prospect of turning the tides this is the logical thing to do, to scrap the stupid thing.

However, there’s two things here to understand.

Firstly this means that yet another manufacturing firm in Sweden goes bye bye. The slowly deteriorating producing capacity of Sweden is far more dangerous than any current crisis or deficit. The future will not hold any good cards for my birth-nation if this continues. Remember, wealth needs to be created by producing. Bureaucrats, politicians and different useless service occupations are only a cost that at the very most can help us with everyday things which may save us time, they don’t, however, create value. SAAB, though being a worthless company that should be scraped, still produces more value than all government bodies put together and in this sense this is a loss.

Secondly, one of the car-companies that actually is in worse shape than SAAB is the owner General Motors. GM got billions in bail-outs, and is now more or less run by the fascist American administration that, among other things, have fired management that didn’t fit the profile the masters wanted. And GM hasn’t only fucked up their own products, they've messed up the Saab brand; they messed up Pontiac and they're currently in the process of messing up Chevrolet, to mention a few screw ups.

Kudos to the Swedish leftie government for once doing the right thing and letting this idiocy go down the toilet. Too bad the same cannot be said about GM and the US.

Oh, and marry X-mas!

Something I read...

Commie A: Let’s impose world communism at the point of a gun.
Commie B: No, we tried that and we didn’t get many countries under our influence.
Commie A: Well, we have some countries. Let’s show the world how great communism is by displaying how well the countries we do have operate economically and socially.
Commie B: No, that won’t work either. Every country we ever ran turned into a cesspool of filth where sloth and indolence was the rule.
Commie A: I know, instead of imposing communism directly, let’s impose it indirectly by inventing some impending catastrophe that can only be remedied by a massive redistribution of wealth from those that earned the wealth to those that didn’t. We can base the ruse on the environment. No one will object to remedies that are supposed to help the environment. And if they do, we will defame them in the media and make them look like heartless evil capitalists. Let’s think of a gas that we can put limits on that will give us immense power to regulate and bleed money away from the evil capitalists.
Commie B: What about water vapor? That’s one of the strongest greenhouse gasses.
Commie A: That’s true, but we need a gas that is generated by all of industry and all of the public. It’s got to be carbon dioxide. All people exhale it, all cars and machines that burn fossil fuel generate it, and all farm animals emit it. That’s it. We’ll make everyone have to pay money to emit carbon dioxide.
Commie B: But won’t people complain.
Commie A: No, people are sheep. The bulk of them will believe anything we tell them in the schools and through media. We’ll just publicly shame the rest into submission.
Commie B: Comrade, you’re one smart commie.

Lalalala... climategate never happend... lalala

The final days of Western democracy

This post need to be read. I’ve gone past this sort of despair many years ago. When you reach the conclusion this blog-post has, which is an obvious one for any thinking adult, you’ve really only tree ways to go; you go apathy, shrugs and hope that things turns out in a good way, maybe move away or try to live the best you can. Or you go ape-shit, start to plan assassinations and feel an urge to go postal. Or, as I did, you laugh at the misery and madness.

Read more here:

Hear ye, hear ye!

We are now broadcasting live, from Copenhagen, how the leaders of what used to be called the free world are applauding long rants held by dictators and killers, bowing to the might of the empoverishing tyrants, asking forgiveness for being successful capitalists. Watch the westerner bend over backwards, leading his people straight into the flourishing wealth of countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Watch the smug grins on the quasi-intellectual climate “scientists”, as their shock troops of green/red fascist-communist take the streets of Copenhagen.

Let this be a moment, forever inprinted in the mind of those now watching. Let it be remembered, that on this very day, the western world lost whatever remained of its dignity, and kneeled to kiss the stinking hands of brutal monsters, crying tears of desperation over their imagined destruction of the atmosphere. Watch as people move through the streets in mass delusion – how the weakest and whiniest morons get chants and applause by a catatonic public. Watch how the science settled neatly in time to sell us as slaves into the arms of greedy politicians, and the end of your liberty and rights. Watch how the free man says goodbye to his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Watch how freedom dies. ….All hail Climate Change! Kill the rich! Climate debt! Repent! Force! Damn the wealthy! Distribution! Power! Progress! All adhere to the green revolution! Kill the dissenters! To arms, comrades – to arms!…

…I’m not playing this game anymore. I no longer accept the premise of the socialist state as anything but a glorified dictatorship. This kind of democracy has no legitimacy at all. None. Zero. I’m out.

The messiah has arrived

The Obamination can now be found among the rest of the thieves in Fraudenhagen, apparently there to tie the knot and get things going.

What if the warmongering pick-pocket in chief fixes this? Just imagine that for a moment. I don't think he will, but think of the implications of having this guy coming in and saving the day.

Media and the elitists have put up a show so far, and they want us to be afraid they cannot come to some agreement. But if it’s really is a theatre, it needs a conclusion. I earlier said that nothing will come out of this meeting, and it shouldn’t, they are so far apart in opinions that any agreement is impossible. But what if the puppet from the White house can fix this? Uhuh…

Maybe not completely, but partly and the next meeting within a year or so they can present an earth-saving proposition, all hail the Chief…