Friday, December 18, 2009

The final days of Western democracy

This post need to be read. I’ve gone past this sort of despair many years ago. When you reach the conclusion this blog-post has, which is an obvious one for any thinking adult, you’ve really only tree ways to go; you go apathy, shrugs and hope that things turns out in a good way, maybe move away or try to live the best you can. Or you go ape-shit, start to plan assassinations and feel an urge to go postal. Or, as I did, you laugh at the misery and madness.

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Hear ye, hear ye!

We are now broadcasting live, from Copenhagen, how the leaders of what used to be called the free world are applauding long rants held by dictators and killers, bowing to the might of the empoverishing tyrants, asking forgiveness for being successful capitalists. Watch the westerner bend over backwards, leading his people straight into the flourishing wealth of countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Watch the smug grins on the quasi-intellectual climate “scientists”, as their shock troops of green/red fascist-communist take the streets of Copenhagen.

Let this be a moment, forever inprinted in the mind of those now watching. Let it be remembered, that on this very day, the western world lost whatever remained of its dignity, and kneeled to kiss the stinking hands of brutal monsters, crying tears of desperation over their imagined destruction of the atmosphere. Watch as people move through the streets in mass delusion – how the weakest and whiniest morons get chants and applause by a catatonic public. Watch how the science settled neatly in time to sell us as slaves into the arms of greedy politicians, and the end of your liberty and rights. Watch how the free man says goodbye to his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Watch how freedom dies. ….All hail Climate Change! Kill the rich! Climate debt! Repent! Force! Damn the wealthy! Distribution! Power! Progress! All adhere to the green revolution! Kill the dissenters! To arms, comrades – to arms!…

…I’m not playing this game anymore. I no longer accept the premise of the socialist state as anything but a glorified dictatorship. This kind of democracy has no legitimacy at all. None. Zero. I’m out.

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