Monday, March 23, 2009

Smelly Populism but still great

The Swedish government has decided to stop all extra bonuses and flexible salary solutions for CEO’s and directors in public companies. Even if this is very much populism and a suggestion even Joe average will sneeze at, it’s a good one. First of all they lower the risk for the taxpayers with about 0,01%, not much, but every little thing one should be happy for. Second of all it will make it harder to recruit the very best, which is the most excellent thing ever. It might actually increase the risk for the taxpayers with lots more than the pay level lowered, but I still believe it’s a fantastic idea. Public companies should have the very bottom of the barrel and the biggest scumbags on the market running them. Because then people might discover that their tax money is at risk and might be more inclined to sell of one or two of these idiocies. Brilliant of the government. Increase the risk taking and maybe they can sell some companies, to bad those public companies will be worth less, but hey, I take what I can get. Good job, Go team!

Messed up bloggy paranoid thingy and porn

Is it just me or is this blogger thingy really messed up today? I smell a government conspiracy at work. Isn’t fun when you can always blame the government? Well they are at fault 97% of the times, so you can hardly go wrong.

Or is there some as-hole that have hacked my computer, or is it just this blog? Anyways, if it’s some of those governmental agencies having fun, give me phone call for god’s sake. If it’s some other person just after some fun to see who this idiot is, go nuts. Have nothing against being hacked, as long as nothing is destroyed or used for some evil purpose I later get blamed for. And I have some good porn’s to watch, please make yourself at home.

Probably just me being paranoid. But just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you...

Peter Schiff - The Crisis Just Begun

Why isn’t anyone listing to Peter this time? I know I’m saying the same damn thing, but I’m a footnote at best, this guy at least is pretty famous and he isn’t alone. But you won’t will ya? I know, you’re an idiot, but if you have the time, listen a little bit at least.

Another leftie caught in a puddle of ooze

Questions hung over the future of Lord Myners, the City Minister, last night after it emerged that he helped to set up a business in the tax haven of Bermuda. The minister, who has already been severely criticised for allowing Sir Fred Goodwin, the former RBS chief executive, to leave his job with a £16.9 million pension pot, helped in 2002 to set up Aspen Insurance Holdings, a company based in Bermuda that avoids more than £100 million a year in British taxes.

Gordon Brown, who appointed Lord Myners last October, has declared his intention to clamp down on tax havens, saying this month that the world has “no place” for them.
Lord Myners, who is responsible for the Government’s handling of the banking crisis and who helped the Prime Minister last year to launch a high-profile investigation into tax havens, earned close to £200,000 in one year as chairman of Aspen, a property and crisis reinsurance company. He received a £50,000 farewell bonus when he left the job in 2007.

Not that it really matters that much who’s in charge, politicians will always end up in trouble like this, no matter what political home they have. But these left-winged colonostrophy bags seem always to be the worst ones, don’t they? But you still keep voting for them. Go team!

Fess Up Wanja

Wanja Lundby-Wedin, the head of the union organizations (LO) in Sweden and active social democrat has really stepped in it and she is rubbing her foot in it and I almost expect her to start rolling around in it. And how smelly it is. This little lady who commands millions of – more or less forced - members and is head of the socialist manure that has ruled Sweden for almost 100 years now have been furious in the media over bonuses and high salaries to executives and bank managers. Oh, she has complained in all directions while she herself is collecting 400 000+ a year from useless boards plus salary 700 000+ and on top of that Godlike benefits. But it’s the “rich” and the “wealthy” (not her) who should be blamed, which is the usual Marxist crap she and her headless followers chuck out now and again. So now when it’s become public that she sits at the board of directors of one company that’s has given away 30 millions in pensions to a former CEO, she claims to have not been aware of it. She has been duped, tricked, fooled, been brought behind the curtain, been bamboozled and swindled and she was utterly unknowing of this horrible thingy. According to some media she was attending the very meeting when this pension thingy was decided. But even if she didn’t the payout is visible in the public books and records, but she knew noooothing. Shouldn’t a powerful and, apparently, low paid lady like this at least take the time to read what has happen at each meeting? Or why not hire one extra headless goon that can read it for her? And I most ask myself whether or not her confessions of being incompetent isn’t really worse than paying out a hefty sum to an retired CEO. I mean, I would actually prefer someone who made that decision rather than someone who apparently doesn’t do her job at all and have no clue what’s going on around her.

At the same time we learn about Margot Wallström, also social democrat, who apparently collects the nice little sum of 21 million from the European Union to add to her salary of about 3 million a year. And what have she done for productivity and prosperity? That’s right, nothing! At least many of those CEO’s and directors have and/or will contribute to society; a politician does nothing but cost money.

I actually have nothing against people making a lot of money. If they earn billions or get entire companies in presents I don’t care at all, as long as its private business. But what I do care about is spineless chickens like Wanja Lundby-Wedin rather wanting to be incompetent than to fess up. And the morality of these women complaining about directors while they live like queens themselves (on mainly tax money!) is just appalling. Let’s make them take an oil bath and then dip them in chicken feathers and send them on a road trip around Sweden in the back of a roofless truck. I heard it still snowing here and there, might do these lefties some good living in the real world for a change.