Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am getting to old for this shit

Did the BBQ thing with lots of beers, wine and vodka on Friday. Then, on Saturday, dancing on the rooftops half the night and going through the entire club scene in Glasgow the other part of the night. Even a never-hangover-dude like me is feeling this today. I think I will stay in bed, watch porn and nibble on crisps all day…

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A wee shopping day

Today I cut my hair, got blessed by a couple of stupid nuns, did the tanning-bed thing and now it is time for a shower and the shaving of pubic hair in before heading to Glasgow. Fun fun fun…

Friday, May 29, 2009

What did I say years ago?

This is so much fun.

The words I'm about to say/write has appeared before and this will certainly not be the last time: I TOLD U SO!*

If you wanna know what created the crisis, why it will continue and soon will be much much worse, you can read my earlier ramblings. I have also given the answer how to fix it. If you, like me, understand basic math you are also laughing very hard right now at the cornflake-economist being quoted. "The crisis is losing momentum" !? :)

*If nothing new comes up, this is my only comment from now on regarding the “coming” depression. We are so royally screwed and if you haven’t already you should go out and buy lots of dried-up food packages, candles and other things that you soon will need.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In-twain with the crisis

Shania, except for being hot as usual, is kind of telling the truth behind this economic crisis we have been sucked into. When you hear her sing, do not only think about greedy directors or how stupid your neighbour is borrowing to spend money on things he/she in reality cannot afford. Think also about your government. What have they been doing and what are they doing now? What are they urging you to do both by words and by lowering interest rates?

Getting deeper into debt and trouble is not really funny or sexy, no matter how many times you check out this cutie running around.

This is why you should not vote

I’m sorry for you stupid people that actually do vote, not one single argument for voting holds against any test. During these days the enemy class wants us to vote for the European Parliament. “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just as long as you vote!” – most be history’s biggest stupidity comes to sentences. Why shouldn’t it matter? And if there are no good candidates, why should I vote? The only thing about this is to get you to support the system, because if you do, they can say it is “democracy”. If they get enough of you morons to put a useless vote on a useless politician and they have trapped you within the system.

1. It is hard I do not understand
The voting process is hard work. Getting to know how the European Parliament works is almost impossible, one needs to be a professor dedicated one’s life to the whole idiocy. And Europe has very little (nothing) to do with ideology and everything to do with power and the überstate.

2. My vote do not count for anything
Absolutely true. Not a single thing will change whether or not you vote. The only way of having a guarantee that your voice matters is to stay at home. Only those who do not support the system or the power elite are sort of a question mark in the eyes of those in charge. To take a stand and not vote is to take a stand against existing parties and the existing system. You are saying: I don’t want you deciding over my life, leave me alone. The enemy class will always fear people thinking and being “outside” but they will always love you if you vote, even if you temporally vote for the opposite side.

3. I have no interest getting to know the European parliament.

Most people have no clue how national election works and they shouldn’t. And the EU is even further away, more elusive and just another waste of money. Bad knowledge is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t vote. You might end up voting for some really bad people. And if you do not have the urge or power to go through 6000 pages each day for a week, then maybe this with EU isn’t something for you.

4. I do not know what the political parties’ wants
This is very simple. They want you to vote. They want you to pay your taxes. They want you to blame someone else than politicians for the economic crisis. They want you to obey the law. They want you to be a good little citizen. This they all want, no matter the color or the name of the political parties. You might think those Pirate people will do a difference, but think again, they will have nothing to say comes our future. They are a minor road-bump at best. But if you really are stupid enough casting away time and effort on this idiocy, vote for the Pirates, I won’t, but at least the Pirates don't have a criminal agenda like the rest of the bunch.

5. I do not know what they do at the European Parliament
Nope, no one else does either, least of all those politicians sitting there. Basically it is just a big pile of dung were beetles and ants run in and out voting on how much more crap they will increase the pile with, but no one really knows for sure.

6. I do not care
Well, actually you should. EU like any other parliament is hilarious entertainment. MEPs have a basic salary of £83,282 a year and a £41,573 in "transition payments" when these wasteful buckets of manure leave office plus they have pension rights for around £30,000 for a single five-year term. But the real fun is that MEPs can claim £363,000 a year in expenses – not a penny of which requires a receipt. I mean, come on! How funny isn’t that!? And can you remember those circus folk travelling around Europe”teaching” us about the EU, everything paid for by us the taxpayers. Do ya? Marvellous entertainment. And don’t even get me started on Ireland, the monetary union and the agricultural policies. The European parliament is a huge source of amusement, check it out!

7. Everything about politics sucks
Absolutely true. There is not one single thing that politicians do that couldn’t be handled by the people themselves. But this reality isn’t the real kicker; the interesting part is that politicians in fact make things worse. Every political problem has a political solution and when that fails, another political solution emerges and so it continues, never ending. This might be the only true source of eternal youth; the bureaucracy of the ruling elite. No matter what the color, no matter what the country or time in history it just keeps rolling along.

8. There is no difference between candidates
Well actually there is, at least some, the problem is rather that there is hardly any difference between political parties and the constellations those belongs to. And anyone that knows anything about politics (journalists and political scientists excluded of course) is fully aware that the individual MP/ MEP are a pawn 99% of their time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stupid immigrants and other idiots

After talking to a beautiful lady the past weekend about this very subject and thinking about how national parties are gaining momentum inside this recession-wave plus the increase in the number of people blaming “someone” for unemployment it is time to examine the subject. Let’s look at this from three perspectives.

The immigrants/refugees/foreigners
A group of people running, fleeing or just moving might end up in your neighborhood. The normal thing to do for those new citizens would be to learn the local language, get a job and work themselves into the society, however this is seldom so. To a certain degree those people are to blame for being lazy idiots, but one also needs to realize that most countries have some kind of “plan” to take care of and handle the “helpless”. Often enough this little “plan” involves seeing all people that are not the norm as “helpless” and - of course - they need lots of welfare, support and “help” in all kinds of ways. Never are they left alone getting the chance of trying to make it; they obviously cannot, they are “helpless”. These “helpless” people than need to get past several obstacles on the labor markets where unions and politicians have made it very hard for people to get jobs. Minimum wage is one such stupidity making it much harder for the young ones and immigrants to get a decent job. Many of these “helpless” people are also highly educated and have degrees in this or that. In Sweden for instance several of the crossing guards and personnel at the subway are former CEO’s, doctors and nurses. Not being able to get a job for what they are trained and educated for they try to earn some money within the rules. As if it wasn’t enough being labeled “helpless” and being ignored by the labor-markets, they also, to some extent, get welfare-money and useless stupid education thingies thrown at them in addition to being driven to live among their peers out in some suburb. In other words it is not hard to see the foundation for conflicts and resentments, not mainly for the first ones arriving, they are probably just happy to have left their country/conflict or whatever, but their children ending up with the same problems and same labels will have problems. This is not an excuse for violent or lawbreaking behavior, just a fact needed to be considered into the equation.

The ethnic ones
No matter if you are Swedish, English or whatever, getting a bunch of foreign people coming to “your home country” and claiming a piece of that pie is kind of annoying. Since journalists, politicians and most economists keep claiming that there is a certain amount of money that – of course – needs to be distributed by the political system, this implies that more people living on the same pie means less all around and maybe even nil for some of the ethnic ones (horrid thought…). But some people sees thru this pie-scam and most actually do wanna help their fellow man even if it means less for oneself, so this isn’t really enough to create racism. But when it is combined with xenophobia from the elderly and the constant news-bombardment of rapes and other crimes being committed by black, hispanics or someone else to point a finger at, things start to grow. The whole situation is fueled by those little things that keep bugging the hell out of even none-judgmental people; like banning the waving of the national flag or the outlawing of certain prayers or songs that might “offend” the newcomers. In Sweden this can take absurd turns banning schoolchildren from attending church on graduation or people getting physically forced to remove the Swedish flag from their balcony. All this creates resentments and when an economic crisis, a war or something of that nature occurs; racists come out of the woodwork having a perfect little pile of animosity to dig out idiots from.

The politicians

One might believe that politicians actually have a heart and do want to help out, this is course false. Creating a large chunk of citizens dependent on the state and welfare is perfect for the ruling elite since those kinds of “helpless” people tend to support everything the government tells them and frown upon things like individuality. Also it sounds great doesn’t it? We need to help foreigners; they are unfortunate and helpless from horrifying backgrounds plus maybe even come from such poor countries as Finland or France. They need support, of course they do. They need homes, yes. They need support groups, check. They might need governmental jobs, fantastic. And no matter how great they do, becoming entrepreneurs and creating companies and work opportunities, they are always “helpless”. Also, as politician, it is really necessary to remember to always look down on those complaining about people from other countries. Everyone saying something negative, no matter if it is Grandma Agda 89y old getting mugged by a black man or a 15y girl getting gang-raped by some Albanian thugs, is a racist. Anyone saying the immigration rules are horrid is a racist. Anyone saying refugees should fend for themselves is a racist. Pretty much anyone in society that is not a politically correct politician being responsible for most of the problems, is a racist. Isn’t this a nice little setup? No one wants to be labeled as a racist so most people shout up and hardly ever complains when they actually should, all the while those resenting feelings keeps growing. Of course the immigration laws are idiotic, but one cannot say it, so people feeling this resentment and having problems with people from different cultures, get drawn towards those nationalistic and racist parties.

The solution
My solution to this problem is very simple: fuck the immigrants and fuck the refugees. If someone feels the urge to help out voluntary, do it yourselves, don’t ask me. If people need or what to move anywhere, let them, that’s their problem and if they need to learn the language, let them, also their problem. Stop making “other” people as a counterweight towards yourselves. Blacks are not more stupid than white, Australian people is not more awful than the Chinese. You are all members of the same stupid idiotic human race blaming the wrong morons for your own madness. Yes some immigrants should be blamed and if they break the law they should get punished for it. But as usual, the ones who really are at fault, is those controlling our lives, those monitoring us, those taxing and ruling us. The enemy class is very happy if you focus your attention on your neighbor because he is Muslim. Don’t let them get away with it! Don’t let them fool you! This economic crisis was created by our enemies, not by some refugees. It is not the Iranian delivering pizza you should blame for not having a job, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how stupid you are voting for and supporting the enemy class, then go out and hate politicians, journalists and economists who’s really to blame.

I can sometimes see a beautiful multicultural wave of demonstrations through my Chrystal-ball. In this wonderful scenario people of all colors, ethnicity and religions comes together and hang those enemies from the lamp-posts and then we all live happily forever. That would be a beautiful thing but it will never happen because no matter who you are or what country you are from; you are an idiot.

Moronic Unions and the depression

While the steel- and production companies of Sweden are going from bad to worse (I told u so…) the unions are refusing to impose a salary stop for their members. This is one of the reasons why Sweden, although doing quite well at the moment, will be in a lot of trouble when the depression is hitting the world with full force. Flexibility is the key-word and if workers are not willing to stop or rather decreases their salaries they will only make the situation even worse. You cannot spend more money than the value of what you produce, which is a hard lesson now being taught to the world. I wonder when all you idiots out there will understand this very simple pre-school math? Most economists don’t so I have no hope for the rest of you morons.

Another bomb track

Oh, I just love that tiny North Korean smurf pointing a finger at the world. Sadly that guy is probably a real coward and consequently will not use any nuclear thingies, but maybe if he gets cornered... And one can always hope they sell some. The North Korean people is starving and dying by the hundreds of thousands, some cash from a Pakistani terrorist should work out fine for everyone. In either case this is another part of that comical apocalyptical scenario unfolding. As mentioned I do not think this has any real direct danger attached to it, even if governments and journalists eagerly wants us to believe it. Further down the line however with the economic crisis keeping its momentum and civil unrest growing, then it’s always great to have some more bombs out there.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Waking-up music

While the economic crisis is getting worse and some tiny North Korean smurf builds nuclear phallus thingies, it is good to have some stuff like this. Not really my favorite genre but some aggressions in the morning always keep me a bit happier.

great weekend and a hellish bus

What’s the best thing you can do after bench drinking 10+ bottles of wine during a couple of days while hardly eating anything? Of course the dream is to sit on a bus that has no toilet. I get very easily car-sick so having a huge black guy sitting behind me smelling like he just crawled out of his grave is just icing on the cake. So dehydrated, still sort of drunk and feeling sick from the inner-ear stupidity and smelling something hideous behind me I spent 9hrs without having anything to drink and no toilet to go to. And reaching Glasgow, what do I do? I sit down on another bus for 1,5hrs going in and out of every little shithole in Scotland. For a while there I was begging for a crash or that some terrorists would attack, just someone or something that would put me out of my misery. Now at home, I’m feeling as bad as one can and I cannot remember being this miserable before. Still, I would do it all again. Had a fantastic weekend in London and would love to go back even if that meant sitting on the same bus.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The screw factor

Some girl has sold her virginity again and some idiot businessman has bought his right to penetrate her pedo-catcher. I don’t mind girls doing this here and there, it is actually very smart. Getting kind of rich having sex; two birds with one stone. But I do have a problem with those men paying for it, how stupid are these guys!? You can get a bunch of tiny Lolita’s for that amount of money or travel the world picking up virgins everywhere. So this is just very bad business. Girls smart, men stupid.

But of course there is always something roaming around screwing all gender without the benefit of orgasms or getting paid for it. Instead you pay it and you get the nice pleasure of bureaucracy being smashed down your throat. This arse penetration by an enormous political apparatus without any kind of preparation or lubrication is of course courtesy of the government. The German government might be claiming this girl for 50% in taxes. Isn't that nice? When are we going to stand up to these people? They create a world-wide crisis, they tax us to death and they rule our lives. How many more inches can we take? I’m screaming since many years and I’m hoping the rest of you join the falsetto because it will soon be too late.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The flu poll - Cutest ever thingy flu is the winner!

My latest very scientific poll shows what I suspected; it is the cutest things we need to be on the lookout for next. I am a bit surprised that only 5% of you believing Polar Bear flu will be the next big thing. As I mentioned in my earlier post this would be environmentalists and politicians absolute favorite thingy. Just imagine people dying from Polar Bear Flu while newspapers show melting glaciers and some people from the enemy class is crying about the: Polar Bear revenge!

But you people did choice the right animal. Journalists will hardly do their jobs and check facts (they never done it before) and politicians only want to scare us, but if this animal is carrying the next mass murdering virus even triumphing the Swine flu (wow!), who doesn’t want it? I mean just look at that thingy… awwww… I dare anyone out there to turn down a sickness from this cutie….

No fouling please

These kinds of signs are everywhere around my house. Sure I get it and I sort of agree, but still, don’t you feel the urge to un-zip and unload?

A wee bit about Scotland – the negative stuff

As a foreigner I need to get some more Scottish friends, so here goes…

I do not know what UK people have done to deserve the plastic bags one can find at most stores, but those bags are certainly one of the worst things about this country. If you think you can put milk together with some beer, think again! The bag will never hold. I once needed three bags for three things! This is not only a huge waste of plastic; it is also an irritation that should be looked at. In these election times I hope some politicians will read this and take notice.

Another source of irritation is all those cameras everywhere. If someone(s) is actually watching all those tapes unemployment would go down with several percent. In some places this surveillance shit doesn’t fill any function at all and around other places where they actually might be useful, there are none. Either way the intrusion on people’s privacy is apparent and highly annoying.

All those stupid different pennies I have mentioned before but you all need to understand that there are 1 and 2 pennies!?! What the hell can you buy for those miniscule thingies? Completely ridiculous.

Cheese! Where the hell are the cheeses!? Visiting several Scottish towns doing the shopping thing, I have noticed a very bad selection of meat, sauces and toothpaste, but the worst thing is that there is only one kind of cheese! It comes in two colors; yellow and slightly orange, which probably means they are supposed to be different, but they aren’t! They taste the same! At the biggest supermarkets this single type of cheese comes in maybe 6 different sizes, all looking, tasting and falls into pieces in the same way. A kiosk at a corner in a small town in Sweden has a bigger selection of cheese than entire Scotland.

Crisps (chips) are in big supply, but almost all of them taste terrible. And what kind of crazy people put vinegar on crisps!? That is just wrong.

The weather is interesting. During one day you can experience fall, summer, spring and winter several times over, and as I understand it this goes on most of the year. This is a normal day: rain- sun-rain-snow-rain-sun-very hot-sun-rain-sun-very windy-sun-cold-rain-sun-rain-sun-rain-very cold-sun-rain-rain... Everything comes and goes in an instant and it is almost impossible to choice right attire.

Despite all this and a labour administration – very possibly history’s worst elected government– I still like it since I actually have grown up in a place so horrid and vile not even Harry Potter would survive very long without turning into a mindless drone.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The safest places

In several American states it is legal to carry firearms at public schools and universities. Now seemingly Texas is following this shining example and is going to permit the same. This is great news for those living in Texas. If any of those madmen going on a rampage shooting at people tries it at any of those schools, he won’t last very long. This is of course the best way to scare off and stop potential criminals. Most governments however won’t allow this kind of protection since it always needs to be the government that comes to the rescue. If people can defend themselves, what do we need government for? So self-defence is a huge nuisance in the eyes of politicians and if some idiot with a machine gun massacre defenceless people it's a good thing because scared people turns towards the state to get help and protection.

I hope more American states takes after those shining examples and that we in the future do the same all over Europe. Not only criminals should carry guns, law-abiding citizen and students should do to.

Please pick right targets

This summer might be a bit fun. There are some demonstrations and such already planned and I’m hoping for some more and as said before I do believe we will start seeing some real violence quite soon. However this is only going to be the prelude to the real mayhem that will come in a year or so. Most of you out there haven’t really figured out how deep in shit we are and right now journalists and politicians are doing their very very best to convince us about better times and that they are halting the crisis. This is of course just another stupidity from the enemy class.

Have you noticed how they are saying the crisis is slowing down and the turn-around is in sight? What’s not being said is that things are still going down, the numbers keep getting worse, granted at a slower speed and some numbers (mainly the stock-markets) are even going “well”. But what you need to keep in mind is that unemployment would be even higher if it wasn’t for government’s nonsense jobs that in reality are increasing the crisis and if it wasn’t for stock-markets showing improvements. The later is thanks to low –fictive- interest rates and massive new amounts of money being printed and thrown out to financial institutes. So yes it is true that all those massive loans together with colossal piles of newly pressed monopoly money and together with enormous governmental stimulus have “halted” the crisis temporally. Things are still getting worse which will make politicians and economist all over the globe do the same things a couple of more times. The real crash will come when either the dollar collapse or another couple of bubbles (being inflated beyond help now) bursts. It doesn’t matter if my prediction that the real crash will happen in the beginning of 2010 is correct or if it takes a couple of more years, it will happen. There is no stopping that anymore.

When you finally decide to get out and make good use of that rope and nouse please remember who the real enemy is. It is not the police or the military, even if they are going to shoot at you and maybe kill you. Sure as any useful idiots they need to be dealt with, but remember they are being used and duped too. There will also be a lot of supporting troops trying to save their “benefactors” and asking you to calm down. It might be a good thing to ignore those morons even if I would argue for the abolishment of them as well.

The real objective is of course politicians (governments). Most of them have been and will be responsible for this horror-show. No matter if we are talking right or left it is the same idiotic policy. Journalist’s that only report what others tell them is of course among the main culprits. They have fooled you for a long time; don’t let them keep that up. The group I would blame the most however is mainstream economists. Lots of banking people, central bank idiots and advisors to politicians should get what is coming to them. Not only because they are highly responsible for the crisis and the coming depression, but also because these people should know better and worst of all; some of them actually knows the truth but is still doing, saying and advocating the opposite. Some business leaders might also be included in this pile of enemies, but you shouldn’t blame the market or directors/entrepreneurs as a collective. Most of them are hard working people and we are going to need them if we ever going to rebuild. And please don’t blame immigrants or refugees. Sure some of them are living on welfare or committing crimes, but that’s mainly because of governmental policies. Most of these people are also hard working that actually wants to contribute.

1. Politicians –Nouse and a lamp-posts
2. Mainstream economists - What one usually does with undesirable kittens
3. Journalists - aerodynamic experiments from tall buildings
4. Supporting troops - close down the institutions (welfare offices, social services and other stupidities) and if they complain; roll the dice and choice from the numbers above.

I wish you all good luck; most of you are going to need it…

Monday, May 18, 2009

Burn… burn…

Apparently one building stolen by and used by the EU burn some today, sadly no one seems to have got hurt and the building still stands. For a moment I thought at least some of the spokespersons of the enemy class would go out with a blaze, but my hopes for a happy Monday soon went up in smoke.

That smug little bastard with bow and arrow

Sometimes I wish God really exists. I would slap that idiots face if I ever got into heaven and tell the holy crap-pile what I really think of him and his stupid creation. Which is one of the many reasons why I’m going downstairs to that more fun BBQ place. Another being that would be fun to smack around a little is the Hindu goddess Kali. Just imagine what she can do to you with all those arms…

My favourite torture victim however is Cupid. I have no idea if that picture of him in a diaper is correct, but that alone makes him a prime target for a good probing with a high voltage anal-plug. And if that horrid little creature really is responsible for giving away some love thingies; oh, how fun I will have with his testicles and a car-battery in a not so distant future.

And how do mermaids really mate? Is sperm released in the ocean in a cloud and the girl-fishy swims thru it? And how do you perform the oral thing on a mermaid? Is there a special scale on her body you need to lick?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mediocracy rules!

When I went to school I had calculated and finished a 8th grade math book in the 4th grade. Granted not really a genius, but some smartness at least and I did love math. Then someone told me I couldn’t do that and I needed to wait for the rest of the class so instead of improving my interest and skills in math, I started to doodle and throw things at girls.

I think most of you out there have similar stories and this is one from the Simpsons.

Mediocracy rules! No shit…

Fluffy recycling plant in the sky’s

There is lots of talk about politics in Sweden at the moment. One day the opposition is in the lead, the next the government is heading the polls. It have very little impact on the daily life whoever runs my home country, but apparently some people still thinks that there is a difference if taxes or laws changes with 1%. At the moment it is a good thing that there is a center-right government in Sweden because they are not really as inclined to waste all resources as the communists and the tree-huggers. In a world heading for a big fall one should be happy for the small tokens there is. Speaking of the tree-huggers or Environmental-party or “greens” or whatever the translation becomes, they have a very good policy every political party should adopt; their party leaders can only be in charge during a maximum of nine years then they get exchanged. Of course politicians should all get a trip to the giljotin and be sent to that fluffy recycling plant among the clouds, but if one really need politicians to rule it is much better if they don’t stay to long. A politician that really learns how to be a politician and really get to know all the rest of the enemy class is much more dangerous to the populace.

I don’t vote and haven’t voted since 2003 when I during a temporarily attack of insanity minced a ballot down the hole in front of some ugly old hag watching me and writing down my name so the government knows I voted. Since I was politically active in my earlier years I sort of felt the urge to vote, but it always left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Voting what should be done with mine and my neighbor’s money that gets stolen from us during gun-point feels like a Kafka novel, not like democracy. I always wondered why so many idiots on this planet feel it necessary to give away large chunks of their earnings and most of their life for others to decide over. Seems very strange. And it is even harder to understand why the same morons feel the need to use force and threats towards others that don’t want to do the same. Of course this sickening spectacle of madness is disguised behind the shroud of ‘democracy’, but still most people apparently have no problem whatsoever using weapons against the unarmed and innocent in order to force upon them beliefs and taxes. No wonder this world is so screwed up.

The other shoe

Those of you out there that loves Eurovision and maybe even thought this year’s entries is the highpoints of music, you might wanna avoid visiting: storminawineglass

"On stage is a 17-yearold with two orcs and some creepy blue creature that keeps groping and dry humping her. I'm watching from behind a cushion."


Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are going to die! Part XXIV

Went to the gym this morning before getting to work. I was a wee bit tired and maybe that was why, but one of those dreadful machines meant to exercise your upper back made me pull a muscle or something. So right now I’m in pain sitter by the computer. This however got me thinking about another elusive killer of humans; working out!

Everywhere you go ads, doctors, journalists and others are praying to the working-out God. Telling us all that if we do not exercise we might actually die one day. Using tables they show us how a human can live as much as 5 days longer if he/she just run 56miles each week. You will feel better, have more energy, being less inclined to attract diseases and you’ll be better at sex, all you need to do is lift some weights. What these sneaky bastards do not tell us however is how many that dies within athletics each year. They have no interest informing us about the millions of injuries cut of limbs and about the diseases that comes with training. And I’m not only talking about some old fart running the marathon with a heart-condition or some smuck playing football during a thunderstorm, no, there is also lots of other ways to leave this world during physical activities. Hockey for instance is a very violent sport and people dies every year from getting their throat slit by a skate or broken neck from some tackle. In relation to my own resent injury I roamed the net and found out that about 30 or so people dies from falling weights and bad equipment each year in the US alone. That’s worse than the swine flu! Even seemingly harmless sports like tennis and ping pong have lots of injuries. I have not found any collective statistics on exactly how many dies from sports and working-out each year, but a quick headcount on the numbers I did find put the death-toll in the thousands. That’s not really what they are telling us in school or at the doctors now is it?

In other words, be aware. It is not only old age, your own home, drugs, traffic, some plague or the government that might kill you, to much physical activities might also snuff. And speaking of ways to meet up with the black-hooded dude; going out while lifting weight is only laughable. It is not a cool death. If there is an afterlife and someone asks you how you died, do you really wanna tell them about your visit to the gym?

Death comes to those who wait

Apparently Sakhan Dosova, a woman in Karaganda, northern Kazakhstan, was believed to be the oldest living person at 130 years young. Now she is as dead as the rest of us will be some day. Dosova died on 9 May 2009, allegedly aged 130 years, about a month after she slipped and fell on the bathroom floor of a flat gifted to her on account of her old age.

I warned you about your own homes... apocalypse nowish

The arrogance among our enemies

Members of the European Parliament currently receive the same salary as the Members of Parliament in their country of election. However, a Statute for Members of the European Parliament was adopted in September 2005. This Statute will enter into force with the beginning of the next parliamentary term in 2009. After the European elections this June, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will receive a common salary to be paid in euros under the MEPs' statute regardless of their member state. The salary will be set at 38.5 per cent of the basic salary of a judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities. At present, this is €7,665 gross per month.

To this one needs to add all the God-like benefits and getting most of things in life for free. This is of course nothing to the enemy class whom regard this as normal. After all, they rule us and decide what appearance our vegetables should have…

One of these smug thieves, Gunnar Hökmark (”conservative”) from Sweden regard his salary as a:”none issue”. And has been quoted saying: “This is a pointless discussion”. Really? Stealing my money so he can go around feeling important and dictating my life is a none-issue? How about a none-issued shotgun in the hands of some workers going postal at the European Parliament? Now that I could pay for, freely and happily.

Apparently MPs can say no to this and instead keep the old salary, I wonder how many will do that? In either case every penny or euro going to inhabitants of this growing evil is a complete waste. But on the other hand with a financial crisis maybe they can use this stolen money to hire some workless people and teach them how to be a good little bandits and increase their collective numbers? For we really need more politicians and more departments in the hands of our enemies. How else are they going to ruin Europe?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots of rapes – what’s the fun?

Many psychologists and others that “know” says that the act of rape isn’t about sex, it is about violence and control. Maybe that is true in one way, but most of the time I would claim that there is a fulfilment of sorts; some need, fantasy or desire to be satisfied. No matter what newspaper I check out today it seems that some woman or women have been raped. Sometimes, at least if you check out the news, it seems like men’s favourite past-time is ripping of clothes and forcing themselves on some jogging woman, on a adolescent girl or, as I curiously read today, a demented 82 year old lady.

Most rape victims have no protection since governments have outlawed self-defence and to a certain degree one needs to accept that this world have a lot of crazies running around, but I wonder how so many men (and some women) find it so fulfilling forcing themselves on others? Sure I get the fantasy. Roll-playing “rape” or having a sexual fetish involving pain or submission can be fun or at least I get that some regard it as fun, but somehow I find it very hard to relate to a rapists. I mean, you cannot really put your dick in the victim’s mouth; snap snap and swallow/spit…. And the messiness of the whole ordeal. Tearing of clothes is a hardship in itself, but just imagine putting on a condom while the woman is kicking and trying to get away. Maybe most rapists do not think about protection, but it is hard to know if your attended victim have some disease and in order to leave less evidence a condom is a good choice. Various rapists have solved most of these problems with the usage of a weapon, but that also takes focus from the actual act and having one arm less to work with seems like a negative factor. This is also why I, in most cases, tend to believe in the psychological explanation about violence and control. However the most beneficial way of dealing with all these problems is to either be several rapists (gang-rape) or to use some rope/chain in order to subdue the victim. For me however this seems to take the pleasure out of the whole thing. If the purpose of rape is to have a woman that is hardly moving, what’s the real fun? I mean, wouldn’t that imply it is better to find a nice corps?

Is there a way of solving this rape thingy? Not really. This is not a new phenomenon, sadly enough it has been used throughout the ages and it will continue. Some suggestions about how to minimize the damage exists though. For example in Sweden a condemned rapists, if he is unlucky, have around 2 years of imprisonment. Not really a deterrent, especially since the risk of getting caught is minimal. Longer imprisonment, preferably with some additional punishment like limbs being chopped off, would be a better deterrent. Also this would send out a signal to the victims that they actually matters. Another thing is of course to carry a gun. As mentioned most governments do not like citizens defending themselves, that’s the government’s job. But if every rapist out there knows that there is a big chance the victim carries a 9mm, at least some rapes could be avoided. Also some rapists might get shoot, which no one should cry about. Lastly it is time to stop all religious fanatics and anti-sex people that is only forcing prostitutes underground, making the sex-issue more taboo and suppressing people’s desires. We need more nudity and much more sex in this world. With the exception for the really crazy ones, I believe that better education, a much more sexual environment and a none-judgemental world would keep some “normal” people from committing this crime.

Back to the ”old” threats

Since the Swine flu is losing its dangerousness every time a journalists happen to actually work for 5min it is time to find new scary things to sell papers with. Looking at Swedish news this morning there is no surprised learning how climate change is this century’s biggest threat to health and environment. We also get to learn that cancer will happen to one out of five Swedes and so on. Nothing to alarming though and the only real threat we are facing right now, the appending depression, isn’t mentioned at all even if money problems among political departments are a common ground. This begs the question what they will conjure up next? To me it is strange that the tens of millions on the road to starvation in Africa do not get more attention, but some black people dying aren’t really news. A couple of white folks dying from a very harmless flu is much more interesting that the thousands of none-white dying from tuberculosis during the same time. And it is much more fun to read about how exchanging light-bulbs can save the world than about millions about to die on the Dark Continent. We haven’t really heard that much about nuclear weapons lately, so that is a probable topic. Maybe some journalists will discover how deep in financial dodo we really are and start sounding the alarm about that? But if today’s papers are an indicator I think it is back to that hilariously madness of man-mad global warming. We haven’t seen enough ice-sheets falling lately and there is always some animal going extinct. So a good guess is that the next couple of days/weeks we will see alarm rapports about how plastic bags knocks off seagulls, some soap is killing lakes or that our consumption of snickers is hurtful to bees. And you, the idiots, will buy it as usual.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More eruptions from the yellow thingy please

2nd day of sunshine in Scotland... We need more global warming so this can continue. And I need to cut my hair again in an effort to make myself a wee more pretty.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mutilating babies is fun

I never got the apparently funny thing about cutting of some pieces from helpless children’s genetalia. Of course there are some cultures that frown upon females having a good time in bed and consequently some people (mostly males) feel it necessary to cut off some bits and pieces. And I also know there are some religious nut-jobs enjoying using a scalpel on a penis. But when people claiming to be for human rights condone this torture I kind of get upset. Advocating democracy at the same time as promoting communism is one thing, but claiming to be against waterboarding and ACTA but having no problems whatsoever with mutilation of children is something completely different. I have meet many that seemingly loves inflicting pain on suffering children and they mostly hide behind some religious stupidity. Others claim hygiene or culture as reasons for maiming their own flesh and blood. Afflicting pain has been one of mankind’s main occupations throughout the ages, so one is hardly surprised by this madness. Every mole, doctor or nurse participating in this act should get trialed for torture and get shoot, hanged, tortured. These a-holes are the worst kind of people in this world. And any politicians that is against protecting basic human rights and making the world a safer place for those that cannot protect themselves should be standing against the same wall.

If someone feels the urge to cut off a limb, prostitute themselves or jump off a bridge when they are old enough and rational enough to make that decision, let them. It should be every humans personal choice what they want to do with their body. I have still not really forgiven my mother for baptising me which is a huge violating of my own right of choice, if she had cut of some skin of my penis, I would probably not even talk to the woman or drag her to court for torturing me when I was young and helpless.

It should be hunting season on anyone performing this depraved act to another human. I do not care if such people where prison guards at Treblinka or doctors at the nearest hospital, the crimes are the same. Shoot the bastards!

More stupid economists

Cornflake-economists are seemingly growing on trees nowadays. Again some committee is declaring that Sweden’s finance minister and the government isn’t doing enough to avert the economic crisis. There are so many holes in their arguments that it’s hard to know where to start. But let’s ignore the basic math, the inflator policy they are advocating and the stupidity with wasting the government’s last resources and let’s go straight for two relevant questions.

Firstly, why the hell do these greedy and corrupt fiddlers of the enemy class think it is a good idea to “help” wasteful local politicians that have squandered every last penny? Is it a good thing supporting elected criminals in desperate need of a well-waved penis extension? If the government always throws money at every little wasteful bugger in the kingdom every time trouble arises, when will anyone ever get prudent and stop wasting? It is like saying that lavish spending and utter madness is a good thing. It is not the government’s fault that certain local political councils have the collective intellect of a single celled organism.

Secondly, in a very export dependent country like Sweden that more or less stands and falls with the global economy, why is it that important to waste money on “stimulus”? Does a couple of billions more of the peoples stolen money uselessly spent on the same people it was stolen from really increase living standards so much that this is a good idea? Will there be some magical effects from extra Keynesianism that will lead to higher productivity?

It’s not that hard to believe that people (very loosely use of the word “people”) going to government founded universities with more or less governmentally controlled curriculums that then goes to work for the government are promoters of socialism, but still sometimes one speculates were the brain-cells actually goes. At least one item taken from their perversion belt should be rational and a reflection of some understanding, but nah.

Again I must urge you all to take notice that these brainless chimps are nothing but stooges of the enemy class and what they are saying, which the Swedish government sooner or later will adjust to, is the complete opposite of what ought to be done and that they are the ones you really should focus your resentment on in the future. When that famous shit really hits the man-driven fan, do not blame some CEO or a capitalist jumping out the window; blame these a-holes and their followers.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Scottish trip

Saturday was a day of traveling around Scotland doing the tourist thingy. Jumping onboard the buss at 9am starting out with strawberries and red wine as breakfast. First stop the Wallace memorial monument. It was kind of a drag, not really worth the money to put it politely. I love history, old things and visiting places were historical events have taken place, but this was a big waste of time and the constant raining didn’t really help either. Thank God for alcohol. The only good thing about this was a very nice view over a beautiful landscape.

Standing in the little boy’s room holding my manhood over a urinal I happen to have this picture in front of my face. Is it just that situation that makes one think there is a phallus thing going on with this monument or..?

Well, next stop was Stirling Castle. This was much nicer and great building. If it wasn’t for the raining I would probably rate this even higher, but there were also some things that annoyed me. Firstly most of the castle was seemingly of limits so you couldn’t really walk around checking out paintings, chambers nor go around looking for those secret passageways. Secondly it was a bit to touristy with dressed up clowns prancing about. Maybe those sorts of things impress the very young, but for me it is only another reason to drink more beer. Lastly, the stupid constant raining that cannot be stressed enough. I think that every day I have been living in this country it has been raining.

Also spent some hours in the city of Stirling which is kind of a nice place. Had a hard time finding a nice pub though, which felt very strange. You can hardly turn around a corner within seeing a pub at any normal place in Scotland and most have a genuine and nice atmosphere, but in this town we went around looking for almost an hour before finding a good one.

Back on the buss there was a lot of drinking and then the day ended with a nice party celebrating one of the newcomers at the workplace. All in all a great day that could have been better with some sunshine and if we had skipped that Wallace monument that I hope I can discourage some of you from visiting. Huge waste of time and money.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things are really looking up – don’t you think?

The state of California needs to come up with $23 billion to get through the year. The state money might be completely gone in just a couple of months. The earlier plan was to keep the state solvent well into next year, but it was quickly knocked out of balance by the deteriorating economy.

CBS first-quarter revenue falls 13% as the ad slump takes a toll on the company, whose properties include the CBS network, radio stations and billboards. reported a first-quarter net loss of $55.3 million, or 8 cents a share. That compared with net income of $244.3 million, or 36 cents, for the same period last year.

In New Zealand, the jobless rate had climbed to a six-year high and continues to climb

Royal Bank of Scotland fell to a small first-quarter loss after bad debts quadrupled and it took another 2.1 billion pound writedown on risky assets. Britain's second biggest by market value, now 70 percent owned by the government, reported a first-quarter loss of 44 million pounds, compared with a 479 million pound profit a year ago.

US Treasury yields soared on Thursday after a 30-year government bond auction saw poor demand, highlighting the balancing act facing central banks seeking to keep interest rates low while selling record amounts of debt.

American International Group reported a $4.35bn net loss in the first quarter, reflecting continuing markdowns of the value of credit insurance sold by its financial products unit.

Taiwan’s exports fell by more than expected last month, Exports in April fell 34 per cent from a year ago to $14.9bn, the eighth consecutive month of decline and steeper than the 28.2 per cent consensus forecast of economists.

Mexico going to introduce a wide-ranging tax reform, possibly as early as next year, that would increase taxes and allow the government to abandon its strict spending limitations during difficult times. In other words, cutting spenditures is not really the way to go for these a-holes either. Just keep spending and everything will be fine…

Toyota, the worlds largest car manufacturer have announce a loss of $8bn for the past quarter and they expect the losses to continue at least during this year.

hunting season on Economists

As I have said before, mainstream economists are intentionally ruining the world. If you know anything about economy and inflation you also know that every single thing central banks are doing and every single thing those so called “experts” are saying is the complete opposite of what is true and the complete opposite of what they ought to be doing and saying. I knew most of you out there are complete morons, but somehow I forgot that there is one set of people even more stupid than any other group; economists.

I don’t know how many times during how many years I have issued warnings about those economic policies that are regarded as “normal”, but it is a lot. And it is hard to keep track of how many times I have said something and it has been spot on like I’m a true oracle. As mentioned I have very low regard for any of you complete and utter maniacs. Still somehow I keep getting surprised how one stupidity always can be triumphed by another. In the footsteps of the Weimar republic the European Central Bank (ECB) are now applying the same monitory policies that brought out Hitler. Apparently it isn’t enough that the US and Great Britain is printing monopoly money at an unprecedented speed. It isn’t enough that IMF is demanding newly pressed useless bills. It isn’t enough that anyone, anywhere, at any time in history, always, without exception, have failed with this policy, they are still going to do it; printing money.

If printing money was the answer to any economic problem, countries finances would always be way on the plus-side.

This is complete madness. I have gone from thinking this will be bad, to very bad and now I’m actually starting to believe my own persona and thinking this might be the end. Never before in history have so many had so few to thank for so much fucking up. The evilness these people are performing right now is equivalent to the Gulags, to the holocaust and to the inquisition. This is not an exaggeration. Countless millions of people are going to die in Africa and elsewhere from these policies and the “brains” behind this lunacy, economists, should be convicted as history’s worst murderers. And this is only the prolog. What do you think is going to happen when chaos reign supreme and the worst economic disaster in our entire history is hitting us?

This cannot be stated and said enough. Please, if you survive this horrendous disaster that is coming, do as follows:

If you happen to bump into any of these mainstream economic as-holes during your long walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out for the rest of us where we can stop to piss and dance…

And please, start buying dried-up food packages, batteries, guns or whatever else you might need. There isn’t that much time left. Make plans. If I’m wrong, not only will I eat this lap-top I’m writing on, you can also stuff it to me and tell me how stupid I was. But if I’m right, this advice can actually save your life. Please listen. Please hear my warning. We are heading for a fall and if you do not act now or very soon it might be too late.

The flu poll

what will kill us by the millions next time?

Since we all know that everything dangerous and horrific comes from things that have animal names, I thought it time to have a little opinion thingy again. Those deadliest of all diseases; Bird-flu and the main assassin of humans; Swine-flue, have been roaming the world killing everything in sight, but it is time to clear our heads and prepare for the next one. Talking to a working buddy he suggested that the next one will be something like Alligator-flu or maybe Tyrannosaurs-flu, striking fear even by its name. I’m not inclined to agree with this. I think it will be something completely opposite. The cuddliest and friendliest of all creatures as a bearer of a killer-plague would strike fear in even the hardest of football hooligans. Just think about it; Koala-flu! How horrific wouldn’t that be? Or kitten-flu!? If the cutest little thing can conjure up a virus capable of slaughtering millions of babies and strike fear in the hearts of every man, how safe are we then? We might even die some day!

This my four main choices for our appending doom:

1 Bunny-flu

This has nothing to do with playboy. Instead a virus having this animal attached to it would be the cause of the ultimate decline in carrot sales. The word ‘bunny’ would be transformed into a profanity hurled at any politician raising taxes or be a curse word used to describe anything murderess. Might even leave a mark in the law? “The Bunny crime” – when a young girl in pigtails poisons her elderly lover.

2. Polar Bear flu

Environmentalists would love this name and if I were to put money on one of these suggestions, this would be it. Nature strikes back! Sure those carnivorous Polar-Bears we should exterminate are not really that cute. But they are fluffy and cuddly. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t wanna have one of these at home that you can curl up in and just feel warm and fuzzy? And as implied, this would have a double effect. Not only are these creatures really fuzzy wuzzy, they also – with their increasing numbers – stand for extinction by man-made global warming! I mean, come on, does it get better than that? Journalists would sell papers like never before.

3. Cutest ever thingy - flu

I have no idea what this is, but I think I never seen anything so endearing and cute. AWWWWW! It is so adorable you feel an uncontrollable urge to protect it and save it from everything in this world. To hold this in your arms and feel its tiny heart beating would be a religious experience. This of course means this is one of the most evil kingpins ever seen. We should exterminate them immediately before these horrendous things throws its virus infested claws into our helpless bodies and turns all of us into decaying corpses.

4. Puppy-flu

Also known as the Doggy-flu (not to be confused with doggy- style), this disease would change the world forever. Since man started to intrigue how to best steal the neighbors crops this fantastic animal have followed us willingly and been one of the best companions we could ever wish for. How many of us haven’t felt a friendship and close bound with one of these animals even matching that you feel towards a child or a close relative? This is truly one of my worst nightmares; waking up in a world where cute puppies and dogs (that are everywhere!) is knocking us of one by one at a speed not even matched by communist regimes. There is not much in this world that really frightens me, but this is absolutely one of them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pushing you to the edge – please jump

I’m starting to believe that economists and central bank people actually are willfully destroying the economy. It is so hard to believe that these complete morons are as stupid as they seem to be. Today the head of the Swedish central bank claimed that the economy might recover faster than previously thought and that this might lead to higher interest rates. On the other hand the central bank might still lower interest rates to stimulate the economy... Also, at the same time they are helping out increasing the money flow in the economy, it might be necessary to cut the flow and decrease it sooner rather than later.

This is an unheard of evil policy that firstly makes people borrow money they shouldn’t have to buy things they actually cannot afford and then these immoral as-holes announce they will pull the rug from under normal people’s feet making thousands of loans far more expensive and tens of thousands of families deeply into debt. Of course this will happen in the future when all you poor sods have already panted your relatives and spend every last penny you have. And all this with the notion of keeping spending up. This is complete madness and I hope all you people out there really understand it. They are willfully trying to ruin you! They are imposing a policy of poverty!

The only way this could “work” is if the world economy turns drastically upwards and production sky-rockets without any inflation. If you believe this idiocy to be the case, you deserve everything you get, but if you don’t, keep in mind my repetitive words and hold them for truth when the time comes:

Please if you happen to bump into any of these mainstream economic as-holes during your long walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out for the rest of us where we can stop to piss and dance…

+ buy a gun!

Children being used as budget regulators

In Sweden several local councils have decided that when its going gets tough, the tough saves money on school children. When politicians have wasted away tax money on useless projects and their own salaries it is not much money left so now, when times are a bit harsh and they need to cut back on expenditures, they cut on the school budget. Isn’t this nice?

There are a hundred and more ways of cutting the public budget, but in the world of the enemy class children are easy targets. Don’t get me wrong, there shouldn’t even be a single public school. All youngsters learn at those horrid institutions is what the government wants them to learn, but in a time of crisis it is very hard to see why schools should be one of the main priorities when cutting expenditures. Isn’t it funny how in times of crisis governments and politicians always seem to find money to save among those areas that should be a main priority? Countries defense is easy to cut back on, the juridical system likewise and also education. Of course gender research, symphony orchestras and political departments spending hardly ever needs a cutback. As said before this has to do with the system itself. A political body needs to show their usefulness and the best way of doing this is to spend a lot of money which means that even if teachers are getting fired and public schools closes, the spending rate is not really lessened, they always find another hole to put money in.

I wonder where they are going to find the money to pay for all political lavish idiocy and the rest of the children when this economic crisis continues and goes over to a full bloody lasting horrifying depression?

Forgive me for I have sinned

Today I have hold mammon as well as cupid and pretty much every other God-like entity before the so called ‘lord’

I made an idol out of drugs

I have used many wrongful words imbedded in several profanities and hurled them around together with every ‘name’ of the almighty.

I never remember the Sabbath (except the ‘black’-one coming out of my speakers)

I have stolen stuff - well according to some laws anyways.

I do covet my neighbor's wife – well, about 414 Miles southwards neighbor and not really a wife, but kind of…

And being Swedish I always covet anything that belongs to my neighbor

In addition to this I have watched porn, walked against a red light and had lustful feelings.

Still hasn’t murder anyone though, as always I leave that to those religious types calling upon Jihad, crusades or whatever.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A looming crash and where to bury economists

I have mentioned the Swedish interest rates and the housing and real-estate market before, but it is worth mentioning again, especially since several ”experts” on the subject is making mad statements. I wonder when the old media is going to interview a real expert that actually knows basic math and actually should be entitled ‘economist’. Apparently journalists hire doomsayers regarding harmless viruses or healthy fruits, but when it comes to economy and a lurking crash they find Mr. Positive. Am I the only one finding this very strange?

Johan Hansing, chief economist at the Banking-collaboration* (*my translation) apparently finds it very surprising that prices are going up and people are buying real-estate.
Really Johan? Did you find your title in a box with a chocolate pirate painted on the outside?

Another braniac that should be subjected to the witches’ floating-test is Bengt Hansson, analyst with the Swedish governments housing and credit department. This madman announces there is no crisis within the housing markets anymore since; pay attention now… *drum roll*…. The central bank has managed to keep consumption up!

And apparently the Swedish central bank isn’t pleased with how they have managed to destroy the economy so far, they are planning to cut rates even further. It is like living in bizarro world and mainstream economists are the ringmaster of the appending depression.

Remember what I have said before:
Please if you happen to bump into any of these mainstream economic as-holes during your long walks to find food in the future, please let a sign clearly point out for the rest of us where we can stop to piss and dance…

For those of you that do not know; prices are going up and people are buying things they cannot afford because interest rates are extremely low and there is much more money in the system. When this crisis continues and worsen; sooner or later the rates will go up, probably way up over 10% maybe even 20% or higher. So if you are stupid enough to borrow money you in reality shouldn’t be allowed to borrow and if you then are foolish enough to spend it on real-estate you actually cannot afford, please make sure, if possible, that you at least fix your rates, preferably for a long time. It will not help very much, but it might buy you some extra time.

On a related note; I said earlier that the stock markets were going to go up some at the end of April and beginning of May. However if you didn’t get out before, you should seriously consider it now. It might still move somewhat upwards, but it is all a shimmer of illusions built on fictive rates, much more money in the system and false hopes. Also, look closely at the numbers, there are fewer companies (than during a normal year) dragging the rest with of the markets upwards, but this will not last. Sell it all and buy gold.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The right of self-defense

It should be every human’s absolute right to own the right to self-defense. Governments do not allow this though and very few complain about it and for me this is very strange. Don’t you girls out there want to hold something in your hands at night which makes you much stronger than any man?
If I was you, I buy a gun no matter what the government says. If your husband, your boyfriend or a complete stranger seemingly wants to rape and/or kill you, shoot the bastard.

It is time we start claiming what’s rightfully ours; our body and our right to protect to protect it. Get protected, and screw anyone who claims you don’t have the right to protect yourself. And if any feminist comes up and says to you that this is a man’s world and you are oppressed as a woman, ask her/him about your right to protect yourself. If this feminist says it is wrong to carry guns, slap the idiot and walk away. No one who really are on your side would deny you your rights as human.

The extinction of journalists

For about 7 or 8 years now I have been wondering how regular newspapers actually survives. To me this is a complete mystery. In Sweden, at least partly, this can be explained with the large governmental support to several of those dinosaurs. But still, I mean you can get all the news coverage you like in any language quicker, better and more in-depth than anything you can buy at the store. Consequently I also wonder who is stupid enough buying a newspaper? The last time I bought a newspaper I was sitting at Heathrow airport feeling bored with a couple of pints so I bought financial times just to feel the weight of the paper in my hands. Reading this paper that, in comparison with Swedish newspapers, is pure gold and often has excellent pieces of journalism; I started to wonder about a couple of news articles and turned on my laptop and updated in pretty much real time I could already see were some journalist had missed something or how a certain news story already had developed far beyond that in the paper addition.

If you have nothing to do, turn on your twitter and follow BBC, Fox news or whatever and you can find the very latest news hours, maybe even days before they reach your local media. You can also find good bloggers online. Bloggers comes by the tens of thousands and it is hard to find those gems, but if you do you will have better, funnier and more investigating journalists at your fingertips than all the newspapers combined. To me it is very strange that any of the old news desks doesn’t just deploy journalists here and there and then more or less turn off the lights at most/all offices and fire all the excess personal. Maybe it can be the news variation of Piratebay? But that’s right, those things need to be under control so the old dinosaurs with their inapt thinking and governmental contributions can live on. Darn, didn't think of that. And since email, phone calls and every other piece of material that passes boarders are being monitored and saved by government’s surveillance this with sources and direct links aren’t really the way to go anyways. Maybe long wave radio? Or how about sending post by throwing a bottle in the ocean?

Lately the old media have proven themselves again trying to scare up an entire world for an almost completely harmless virus. With a couple of clicks and some logical thinking anyone wanting to know the truth about this swine thingy could, but journalists they still need their fix, making the story, not finding it or digging for it. Countless are the tales about how the old media have tried to scare us into believing in the boogeyman, often enough politicians picks up the tread and impose a new law or two just to be on the safe side. Pick up a paper, any of them, any time of the week and they are filled with things that can kill you and/or make you fat. War, starvation and economic crisis is reported as the news comes in from other papers, but some famous rock-star they have several journalists on digging thru trash and finding distant relatives. Of course we as readers have a big fault in this, we keep buying those rags. Again, I need to ask, why? If you have a computer and internet you will never need a TV, a radio or ever buy a newspaper again. You can find everything you want direct, share it with others and make it into something new and send it all around the globe in the same time it takes for journalists to even read the news.

Now why do you think governments dislike this and why do you think journalists thrown upon the blogosphere? The old media should be dead already, but unlike dinosaurs they have governments to protect them and their own self-perseverance is much more important than thinking outside the box. My generation was the last one really reading and listening to the old media, hopefully Internet will make them all go bankrupt at the same time as we save the free world and stop governments from restricting our freedom and our future. Now that it something journalists should be writing about.

More how journalists work here