Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Malevolent journalists – the swine’s of the story

Journalists (most of them) are the laziest people you will ever meet. To my knowledge it’s hard to even find public employees doing less.

How do journalists “work”? For the most part – at least when it comes to news from other countries – it goes something like this: One journalist somewhere in the world finds a story, writes something from his/her perspective and then sells the story to Routers, some newspaper or similar institutions. Those institutions then have agreements and collaborations with other journalists, TV-stations and so on, consequently selling the story further along. Maybe some reporter will be send out if the story is worth it, otherwise they print and say pretty much the same thing as their counterparts. The same flow can be found travelling from the “sources” of governments and big businesses wanting their story to be told. Very seldom (often only locally) journalists goes out in public and search, dig and “get” the story for themselves. In other words most stories you get to read, hear or see have been passed down through several stages and often been translated in the process.

The other way journalists “work” is to play with words in order to enhance the story. And this they are actually very good at. Let me give you a couple of examples: A hurricane becomes a “Killer Hurricane!” massacring everything in sight and the worst force ever seen. In reality however 2 fishermen foolishly going out in a dingy drowned and an old man has died from a falling tree that should have been cut down years ago. But maybe my favourite is “cancer” and everything you can attract this disease from. Chips, crips, tomatoes, alcohol, the sun, solariums, fatty food, the TV, your computer, your cell-phone, electrical and magnetic fields, tobacco, several different building materials, fabric softener and many many many other things have been said to cause cancer. Often a newspaper quotes some pseudo-scientist that wouldn’t get a job in the real world, but thanks to governmental founding he/she can deliver some study that shows that people eating 30 000 tomatoes more than is normal have a 15% higher risk of attracting cancer. Of course the study leaves out whether or not these people with higher risks are chain-smokers and/or live near Chernobyl. But newspapers grasp things like this in a heart-beat, throwing up headlines like “Tomatoes causes Cancer!” Inside the paper you can read how many tomatoes you can eat before it becomes a problem and an extra interview with some frighten mum claiming she will never feed her young tomatoes again. Building on this story for a couple of days people – baboons as most of them/you are – starts to wonder if tomatoes really are dangerous and sells will drop for a couple of months.

This Swine flu is consequently pure gold! Ignoring pretty much every fact and only showing people walking around in gas-masks and only interviewing frighten hypochondriac’s journalists can deliver news that sounds like the seventh seal have been broken and the end is near. Adding to these stupidities are governmental officials rushing to “save us” and international organs that need to justify their existence. Increasingly louder voices for boarder patrols and warnings issued by different governmental institutes further enhance this madness. For each day that passes the scariness increase and more and more people ask if they can eat pig-meat.

Again I need to ask you all; how stupid are you? IF the death toll goes up towards tens o thousands we are starting to get close to a pandemic one might worry about but even then this is nothing. There are millions of things that you should worry about if you feel the need to. You own home for instance. Did you know you are far more likely from dying or ending up in a serious accident in your home than anywhere else? It is true. If you really need something to be afraid of, be very afraid of living at home!

Thanks to some independent media and the bloggosphere you can at least learn the truth if you want to. And try to ask yourself, in this case and in others: why are governments trying to control the Internet? Yeah, that’s right…

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