Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something little way too late

Read this article (only Swedish) in one of the Swedish newspapers today how the central bank is feeding the big lending institutes with lots and lots and lots and lots of free money. Of course this was obvious from the start, so to come dragging with some piece of half-ass journalism now is sort of passé. However, they at least write and print it, so some kudos their way, no one else is doing it, at least not whithin the mainstream media.

The main problems with these little schemes are nevertheless not really mentioned. Well, they sort of implies in the article that this have to do with increasing housing prices, and that this may cause a bubble, but in a nice sort of a way.
It is very important that all of you out there understand what is really going on because of 3 main reasons

1) A similar plot was one of the main reasons for our current financial debacle to emerge in the first place. In other words, they are trying to fix one, in comparison to what’s to come, small fire with gasoline. And what happens when you pour gasoline on a small fire?

2) Since the banks that are literally getting paid to accept hundreds of billions takes this money and save it in government bonds or in other ways makes them available to investments, it means that they inflate not only the housing bubble, that some idiots are starting to realize is happening, but the money also end up at stock markets. And what is the main “green shoot” we are seeing and getting reports about?

3) This also means higher taxation and it means that the poor are giving money to the rich. If you have no idea what inflation is, which most economists, journalists and politicians don’t, then this is sort of hard to explain to you. Basically they print money, flood the system with this newly printed cash and since the rich and powerful financial institutes get it first, they win. The ones that get it last, you normal folks out there, lose. And then, because this transference of wealth isn’t enough, each and every krona, dollar or pound or whatever, looses in value, there are more money hence less value for each note and coin. This means you actually pay higher taxes then you did before. After that comes inflation…

I know most of you out there either don’t care or don’t understand, but I’m telling you, if you all knew how sinister and blatant evil this scheme is, you would be out stringing up banksters in lamp-posts right now. That’s how bad this really is.
Even if this plot isn’t as bad in Sweden as in the US where the biggest heist of all time has just taken place, it’s still bad enough.


Ever wondered why your grandfather, despite living in a time when less was available, still could afford the same or even more then you can today? This is why.

They are fooling you! Tricking you! Stealing from you! This is a fraud and it’s done to you right now. Stefan Ingves and the others at the central bank should be in Jail, they should be prosecuted and trialed for high treason and crimes against humanity.

Why the hell do you stand for this? Can you people at least acknowledge that one Swedish big bank, Handelsbanken, is not accepting your stolen money and change to that one? I would argue to stay away from banks completely, but if you need to: CHANGE TO HANDELSBANKEN NOW!

And why journalists are missing to write about this trickery is a riddle in itself. Sure, some of the media are owned by the same thieves that are stealing from you, or they control them by advertising etc. But there should be enough actual reporters wanting to investigate and tell people wants going on, but there isn’t. I think they have become as lazy as the rest of us.

But hang on to your hats and condoms ladies and gentlemen, because it can and will get worse.

How can it be worse than getting robbed in broad daylight and having the poor feeding the rich money? How can it be worse than inflation and higher debt ratio with impending bubbles created?

Here come the next three things you should know:

1) Because this means lower production; we produce less. Instead of making cars, building bridges, producing tools and whatnot, we borrow money to buy housing or just for the fun of shopping. This happened because it’s easier, and very cheap to borrow, but it also happens because people in actual terms earn less. Wealth is created, and it’s produced. Wealth cannot be required by buying stuff. They want you think so, but it’s wrong.

2) The higher debt-to-GDP ratio means that our options diminish. Only interest rates will cut into hospitals, schools or the justice system. They say we can pay it back; sure we could, if we actually produced wealth, which we do less and less.

3) When interest rates go up and when inflation kicks off, which will happen about the same time. Defaulting levels will rise, foreclosures will rain down, banks will be in trouble again and unemployment that’s already high will go through the roof.

And here’s the kicker. Put all these things together. Think of it like a big plate of badness. Sprinkle over some increased protectionism, crashes in other countries, and then pour over that vile smelling black substance that is the actual problem. What do you then have on your plate?


This isn’t some minor stock crash or deflation crisis that we can fix during a couple of years. This isn’t a depression of miniscule impact like that in the 30s, this is much much worse.

America and the UK along with many countries in Eastern Europe and others around the world are so deep imbedded in manure that they are sinking down with bubbly sounds right now. There are so many things going on at the same time. It’s not just one country or one bubble; it’s the motherload, the greatest bubble that has ever been inflated by mankind. It’s a depressional tsunami wave heading for the shoreline with unstoppable power.

And what has man, countries, rulers, always done when all else have failed, when their people are starving and starting to lose it? What has always been the favorite out for elitists all throughout history when faced with a similar situation? WAR!

And do you know what we have today that they didn’t have back in ancient times or even during WW II? WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

The sooner you realize how bad our situation really is, the sooner you can start preparing for it. Get guns and lots of amo, move to the country side and start growing your own crops, stock-pile canned gods, get freeze-dry food packages. Get a big canister with oil, get lots of extra gasoline, buy batteries and a short-wave radio.

I could be wrong, I could be a nut, I could be overdoing it, but just as during the cold-war when they urged us to have some extras, it never hurts to have some now either. And if you live in America, start praying. Only a miracle can save you poor folks now.