Saturday, March 15, 2014

conspiracies - fun, crazy, or reality?

Oh no! A pyramid! 

Conspiracy theories are fun and often contain a bit of truth. Conspiracy theorists are often people that question everything and this is a good thing because it will open up for alternative views and lead to a better end result. However there are also real crazies out there – and worse still, their crazy notions help out covering up what is really going on because the actual conspiracies that do exist will be overshadowed by lunacy.

For example we have the chem-trail theory. Supposedly airlines across the world are in cahoots with governments and shadowy cabals and they are trying to make us more stupid, give us cancer or other diseases. As proof of this the conspiracist theorist show us a few weird looking airplane trails in the sky...
Even if we ignore how all of those thousands of ground personnel, crews, businessmen, politicians, and suppliers who, apparently, are able to keep this quiet – we still end up with the question; why would evil folk make themselves stupid and give themselves the same diseases? Are they somehow immune? Do they have an alien antidote? It doesn't make sense, it has no practical use and there is no way a thing like this would not be on every news channel, no matter how much media and journalists are bought and paid for.

Another story circling is that of HAARP. More than 200 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, is the Pentagon's High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, officially an enormous experiment to heat the ionosphere with radio waves. But conspiracy theorists believe the project is a weapon to bring down aircraft and missiles by lifting sections of the atmosphere, cause earthquakes or even a huge weather modification machine. Although this is theoretically actually possible, Nicola Tesla proved that over 100 years ago, it is still not a very likely theory. At least not yet. Although I would not dismiss the idea completely we certainly lack any form of indication of HAARP being used as conspiracists theorists claim and I do not give government enough credit to be able to build, maintain and use such a apparatus without destroying the planet or, at the very least, give us evidence of its usage. The believers point to recent earthquake, certain tropical storms or whatnot as “evidence”. Like hurricanes and earthquakes never happen before. That is not evidence, its nonsense.
Feminism is so stupid and idiotic it do not even 
belong among the craziest of conspiracy theories...

Another weird one without any hint of proof is the theory about fluoride. Fluoride is commonly added to drinking water as a way to reduce tooth decay. However there has been some evidence that there could be some harmful side effects from fluoride and conspiracy theorists believe that this information is known and recognized by those responsible for adding the fluoride, but that they continue the practice regardless. Drug companies have been targeted as possible beneficiaries, as they will profit from a population with ill-health. Another motive is that fluoride lowers mental abilities thereby "dumbing down" the entire population. Although I have no problem seeing drug companies looking for alternative ways of increasing their profits, and there are of course governments that do not mind a dumber population, but again I see neither any direct evidence for it nor any indication of this being implemented. And again I have very hard time thinking that all of the thousands of involved would be able to keep it a secret. Perhaps this is a bad idea, just as with asbestos, smoking and DDT, and I would definitely agree that it is better with clean water without fluoride, but a conspiracy? Not very likely.

The same goes for the 9/11 theories floating around. There is simply no way the U.S. government was behind the attack. An inapt lack of proper response, the military drills, and the stupidity of FBI etc I simply see as normal government failure. Perhaps there was one or two partly or fully knowing and that such a person let it happen to get something out of it, but the idea that the U.S. government directly was behind the attacks is ludicrous. A few claim that Mossad could have something to do with it, but why would the Israelis so blatantly risk their relationship with their most important ally? With that said however there are a few inconsistencies and several questions not yet answered like why did the U.S. not attack the only nation that can be said to have anything to do with the attacks? Instead they attacked several that clearly and obviously did not have anything to do with it – and they still use it, today, as an excuse for murdering Muslims. I see 9/11 not as a conspiracy in itself, rather an excuse for the high and mighty to push their agenda of the police state and continuous wars. They definitely wanted something like that to happen, they are happy with it, and I would be surprised if they did not want more of the same. Going from that to planning and executing it is however a completely other story.

There are of course other theories that are way, way out there. The most idiotic one filled with complete lunacy revolves around Lizard people living beneath the earth living of our negative energy – apparently several royal families are lizards. The only so called proof of this hilarious theory is a few photos taken showing a weird glow in the eyes of certain monarchs and leaders. I too have a few photos of myself with glowing red or yellow eyes and I have never felt an itch to eat flies or whatnot...

With all of above, and many others, you may assume I am dissing all such theories, but then you would be wrong. There are conspiracy theories that do make sense and do come with reasonable proof.
For example the Manmade Global Warming madness - which is a proven scam! This stupidity has been scientifically proven wrong over and over again and, even more importantly; there is no proof of man having any form of significant impact on weather or the cooling/warming of the planet. The only reason, that I can see, for certain entities of government and “scientists” to promote this idea is for monetary gains. This is a new way of taxing us and it is a new way for government scientists to receive founding. Not sure if this constitutes as a conspiracy theory, rather a scientific scam, but I am certainly a firm believer that manmade global warming is one of the biggest hoaxes of all time.

Another conspiracy I hold for truth since there is plenty of evidence for it, is the way the U.S. was tricked to join both world wars. Before joining WW I Germans issued several warnings in U.S. papers about U-boats and shipping lanes, there were corporate interested in having the U.S. join up, and the British surely did everything they could to drag their American friends into the conflict. Before joining WW II President Franklin Roosevelt certainly provoked the Japanese to a degree that there was no way they would let it go. There are so many letters and communiques sent by so many different countries warning about the Japanese attack that it was impossible not see it coming. And again both the British and certain corporations had very “good” reasons to bring the U.S. into the fight against the Nazis.

Another theory I believe to be partly true is the idea of a North American Union. As with the EU there are strong forces looking to incorporate Mexico and Canada and the U.S. in one single entity. This certainly also goes for similar areas across the globe. There are plenty of officials, “thinkers” and the like that promote such entities and I believe that, long-term, such unification is the goal of many politicians. Not sure I would call this, in itself, a conspiracy theory. It is more the normal extension of normal affairs among the high and mighty. In earlier times this was achieved by royal marriages to avoid wars, nowadays it is promoted by bureaucrats and politicians looking to extend their power and importance. Bigger entities mean more power and more seats to hand out to relatives and friends – can you name one politician not interested?

Perhaps the grandest and most persistent theory is that of the New World Order (NWO). This theory is linked to sects, sometimes to Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg group etc etc. The basic idea is that most (if not all) of the other theories mentioned are promoted by and controlled by a certain clique of individuals looking to install a world controlling government. Although, as I alluded to above, I certainly see this as a goal for many (especially politicians) I do not see any real evidence for it as a conspiracy in the sense theorists claim. More importantly though is that the supposed financiers and shadowy figures behind the curtain probably wouldn´t have any interest in a worldwide all-powerful government entity. Why would they? The reason the big banks and their owners can continuously rob us and, more or less, control the world is due to differences and different countries animosity towards each other. They can control the board in part because they have the funds and power to do so and in part because governments need this external help to win over or topple another government/people/whatnot. With one single government and us having one single currency and one single interest rate and one single army, it is very doubtful banksters and shadowy figures would be able to continue. Of course this depends on how this single government entity will look like and how we will elect our representatives to it. But even if Blackrock, Vanguard and the other groups (that do exist!) would be able to take over and control a world government, their power to extract funds would be diminished and they would not rule from the shadows anymore, which is what they actually want.
Have you ever heard of Vanguard before? If not, I suggest you go look for them, you´ll be surprised over their reach and power. They exist in the shadows for a reason and I hardly see the benefit for them within the theoretic idea of NWO. Also, which cannot be ignored, politicians with that much power will rule and they will not let any other entity tell them what to do. Basically if we get to the point of a single world government the very first groups the politicians will get rid of will be their previous “friends” and financial backers. The people behind the scene are not stupid, they know this, they know how to best benefit and that is definitely not through any NWO-idea.
However, with that said, I still do believe that we´re heading in that direction. I believe that we in a not too distant future will start seeing more and more embryos of a single world government. Unified interest rates and a world police under the flag of the UN is already being discussed together with all of those trade- and political unions already mentioned. The path is clear, and we´ll probably end up there eventually, so in that sense I am in agreement with the New world order conspiracy theorists and I am likewise a stark opponent of such plans.
I would also like to point out that if there are any shadowy cabals out there I do not believe they are conjointly always working together. I rather see them as fierce opponents to each other, at least on and off, and many (all) of the important groups rather want more war, more conflicts and a more divided world then the opposite. In essence, in the future, we may have to pick a side; either with the NWO-politicians/bureaucrats that have no problem killing millions for their amusement and power, or with the people that have no problem killing millions to earn more money and more power. Not an easy choice.

The most interesting “conspiracy theory”, or rather alternative view of world history, is the one which have had plenty of proponents throughout the years; The theory that we do not know what happen in the past and that there are plenty of, albeit circumstantial, evidence for pre-dawn civilizations. You may call such a civilization Atlantis or Lemuria or put other names to it, but this persistent idea has plenty of backers and in several ways I am one of them.

I do not believe in the Ancient Alien theorem, although they too, sometimes, put forward interesting ideas. Neither do I have positive things to say about Zecharia Sitchin, and I find people like Graham Hancock to be a bit too much. I do however believe that there is something there. What, I do not know. There are too many coincidences, too many structures, too many relics and too many ancient religious stories to simply ignore it.

Something important has been forgotten about our own history, I am certain of it.

One by one most of the theories can be ridiculed and disproven. If you watch one single episode of Ancient Aliens or listen to a part of Hancocks ramblings, you might simply discard them – and rightly so. But if you look at the whole picture, not only put forward from the people mention, but also others, and they are plentiful, you start to ponder. Theories about the sphinx and the pyramids for example are interesting because there are few (none), real factual evidence in support of the mainstream view. I am of course not advocating that the pyramids were made as alien landing platforms or that the sphinx was built by Atlantians, I am only stating that there are holes in the Pyramids-are-tombs- and the supposed date of construction of the sphinx - theories. They do not add up, and if the mainstream theory is wrong, should we not look for alternative ideas? I am not saying that the mainstream view is wrong; I am stating that it can be wrong. That alone should be enough to prompt new and fresh research, but that is not the case.
Is there a conspiracy here? Perhaps, but I am more thinking that scholars and professors are lazy. It is much easier sitting in a dusty museum collecting government grants then to actually go out there and take risks. It is easier to write what others already pen down then to come up with new material. Also when a person with a decent theory about the sphinx in the very next breath state that the Nazca Lines are landing strips for Alien space ships, you cannot really blame the academic world for sneezing vehemently.

But even weirdoes sometimes get it right...

Telling is also how similar several ancient cultures developed. Here you can show plenty of religious icons, religious stories, and building constructions, mathematical and astronomical similarities and so on. Of course if you want to find something you probably will. And if you want to find a certain number you will definitely find it. Come up with a number, any number, and then look around you to try to find it and I promise you will. Same with religion and construction. Building pyramids for example was probably the only way for ancient people to build high lasting building. And is it very surprising that the sun and reptiles were worshiped across the world? Not really.
With the tools available of that time and with the darkness of the night seeing all those stars there is no real mystery why many ancient cultures have similarities. Nevertheless the entire spectra of “coincidences”, from art to astronomy, from math to boats, from God´s to pyramids, from sacrifices to science, from stories to religious iconography – if you put it all together and weigh in certain artefacts and flood myths and much more, then you will start to contemplate…
It has been proven that no ´great leaps´ of science from either an extra-terrestrial or any Atlantian source has occurred. We have plenty of pyramid buildings before ancient man perfected the art and pottery as well as much of what I´ve mentioned can be followed from one point in time to another. But we also thought that the city of Troy was a myth, and we never thought we would find any form of advanced construction from pre-ancient times, but we have. Also we cannot discard that the events of the end of the last ice-age that may have flooded countless of civilizations throughout the world since a landmass equivalent of Europe disappeared under water. Countless of islands and coastal areas simply vanished.
I also think we need to put ourselves in the shoes of any potential survivor of such a catastrophe. From human behavior we know that many would have seen the events as punishment from God(s), perhaps even abandoning their previous way of life and any technology they might have had.
Others may have committed themselves to a simpler life or merely tried to live with and under the same guidelines as other, less advanced, humans.
The few survivors with a knowledge more advanced than we gave them credit for today may also have been reluctant to share this knowledge. It may have been hubris, but could it not have been that they did not want to stick out and be targets? That it was a safety measure? People with advance knowledge would definitely have been accused of witchcraft, devilry, or whatever else uninformed easily duped ancient man could conjure up as a reason to kill someone for. The only people that would keep such knowledge safe and consequently use it to their advantage would have been religious and political leaders, but it would also have been very shaky business approaching any god-like leader with “magical” remedies and construction guides.

To consider the possibility that ancient knowledge therefore disappeared with the last ice-age is not far-fetched; it is rather a likely scenario. To simply look at pottery and the existing evidence may thus not be enough, you need the full whole picture, and if that picture tells us a story that may very well be much more exciting and interesting then mainstream scholars tell us, should we not pursue it?
Did any Atlantis-like society exist? More than likely not, but I rather have this proven and be ridiculed for thinking it is possible then to have scruffy old scholars stating that I am wrong just because.