Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swine flu parties!

The headline says it all. Apparently some people both have the humour and good sense of trying to infect themselves at social gatherings with several infected in the room.

‘Swine flu parties’ or, as a poster in Central London called it: “H1N1 party” are gatherings where people come into contact with someone(s) who has H1N1 flu to get infected with it on purpose.The idea is an extension of chicken pox and measles parties that were once a popular way of exposing children to those diseases so that they might acquire resistance to subsequent infections.

The expectation is the flu episode will be mild and the body will develop a natural immunity to the virus and, perhaps, down the line, have a natural immunity if the virus develop and mutate into something worse. Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. David Butler-Jones, have warned against H1N1 ‘flu parties’ in a published report and authorities in several countries is now advising against these events. Me, I’m wondering why. It is a fantastic idea!! I’m thinking of starting one or several of these events myself and I’m beating myself for not thinking about before. Of course one should throw such a party.

Flu epidemics often come in waves and there are some fears that a more virulent form of H1N1 may strike in the fall. That happened with the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. Researchers at George Washington University in Washington DC have studied the 1918 pandemic and have found that in areas where there were more cases during the first wave of Spanish flu, there were fewer deaths during its second wave, in the fall of that year. So, I must ask, why are not more people throwing Swine Flu parties?

In an interview with BBC news the public health expert Dr Richard Jarvis is admitting that the Swine flu is a mild variation but it still holds risks. He is clearly against such parties (probably need to get laid) but speaking in his BMA capacity at the union's conference in Liverpool, admitted getting the virus now was likely to give people immunity even if it mutated slightly to become more virulent. So my question is, again, why is he or any authority against it? It makes no sense to be against something that clearly is a great idea. Instead of waiting for some stupid anti-virus that may or may not help and in the end will create a resistance, this is a much better solution and I will make damn sure to either visit or create one of these parties myself.

And to all you people out there, do the same! It is a fantastic way for students to get to know each other and families to form new bounds with neighbors and such. Although it is never fun getting sick and if you have some problems with other illnesses, this might not be the very best idea, but to all the rest of you, go get it! Yeah!

A defining moment

If you want to know if your politicians truly believe in and support democracy, now is the chance to find out. Ask him/her about the situation in Honduras and ask which side he/she supports. Does the politician in question support the legal current constitutional government that follows the law and democratic policies or does he/she support a warmongering criminal that wants to be left-wing dictator?

I do not ask you to take my word for it, check it for yourself. Don’t trust me, the media or anyone else, roam the net, read what you can find and draw your own conclusions. This is a perfect example for what the internet and the free airwaves can be used for. Find the necessary information, and then send an email to your politician, call your local newspaper. Take action. A people are suffering, completely unnecessary, because our western politicians do not understand, take the time or want to know the truth.

In Iran many people are fighting for democracy against a relentless dictatorial regime. In Honduras, for people finally have got a government that believes in and supports democracy, this can change rapidly if we do not support them.

This is a defining moment, don’t you wanna know if the ones representing you really believe in and support democracy? Time to find out. At the same time you can also find out which side journalists and people in power are on. Now is a good chance to know who your enemies are and who your friends are.

Amo Honduras!

Socialism again

The liberal party in Sweden wants to waste taxpayer’s money and throw them at badly kept local councils. Apparently this masterful move is meant to save some useless political projects that, of course, should be eliminated completely. This is, of course, a way of attracting attention and picking up some votes from the center-left mass of people. But it is also the complete opposite of what the Swedish government should be doing. They should cut back completely, not sending anything out locally and let them handle their own mess. This would make people be aware of who are the ones that mismanage their money and it would mean less wastefulness since this depression will continue for many years yet. Jan Björklund is the name of the socialist making this suggestion and he is the leader of this party. Jan can now be added to the list of our enemies.