Friday, October 8, 2010


You are all screwed! Mwa ha ha!

The Federal Reserve needs to pump at least $6 trillion to $7 trillion more into the U.S. economy to have any meaningful impact on sluggish growth, former Bush economic adviser Marc Sumerlin told CNBC.

Of course Timmothy Gaitner agrees, although he’s arguing that only $1 trillion is needed. His goal is to pump up U.S. stocks, which he will do in the short run (now), in the long run however we know where this path leads. The Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe have walked that road before alongside other failures from history.


Nobelist Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, and Harvard's Martin Feldstein, the former chairman of President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers, achieved an unnerving degree of consensus about the future during an economic forum in Washington. Their views were shared by a third economist, Jan Hatzius of Goldman Sachs, who said the only economic scenarios he could visualize were either "pretty bad" or "very bad."

The consensus? Another war could save the economy…



As I mentioned in another post the U.S. economy lost at least 95,000 jobs last month. (The real number is of course a lot higher.) But do you know what happened? The stock market went UP because "it will prompt the Federal Reserve to spur economic growth."



I am dying today. This is so hilarious. Millions of people will die, and practically the entire globe will suffer greatly for decades to come, and all these idiots want to do is to make matters worse.

Please remember the names above. I have pointed out others before and the hit list should be pretty long by now. Maybe you don’t believe you’ll need it today, but I promise you when you’re roaming the countryside in the future scavenging for food and trying to find a job, you’ll be happy you have that list… someone to blame, someone to string up…

Keep your eyes peeled for a mass exodus of dolphins

We’re getting the hell out!

The Greatest Depression seems to be more and more obvious to even mainstream circles. Sadly the awakening is going too slow and comes too late. And even sadder is that the answer to this financial mega-tsunami from hell is still the same bullshit that got us into the mess in the first place.

Print more money, keep interest rates low, expand government, impose more regulations, and most importantly; lie, lie and LIE!

They are lying about the statistics, they are lying about how much money they have printed, they are lying about the economic fundaments, they are lying about foreclosures, they are lying about stock prices, almost every single part of the economy in almost every country out there is a lie, partly or fully.

One such example is how they continuously report about U.S. unemployment. They lie. Openly. Normally they adjust the figures afterwards when no-one is watching, and the revisions are upward, against common practice and consequently a part of the scam. And then I haven’t even mentioned how they calculate unemployment in America which, if you take a look at it, makes you think of a third world country with a dictator at the helm.

So it isn’t strange that when the statistics they show today (strangely enough on a Friday – what a surprise!) were bad, but not so horrific. Worse then expected, but we can all relax. Right?

Wrong. They are lying.

And you don’t need to know anything about economics or even math, just read the damn thing. Find it here.

Among other things media, useless as ever, point out that private sector jobs increased and since public sector jobs decreased so we’ll probably hear one or two right-winged nuts saying it was a good thing. Of course this is all a lie, a convenient open lie.

The Market Ticker has this down if you don’t have the stomach or time to read the entire report.

Only the fact that 1,047,000 people became discouraged during the last month i.e. they stopped looking for jobs and/or got off the unemployment data, is enough to get cockroaches looking into the possibility to move to another country.

And speaking of cockroaches, Alan Greenspan had a statement to make today. The former Federal Reserve Chairman said the U.S. fiscal deficit is “scary” and the federal government needs to cut spending on entitlements. This stupid little ugly monkey that is largely responsible for blowing up the housing bubble and is the man that put the printing machine on ‘extra speed’ should be shot, not be allowed to throw out useless pointers. This is one of the orchestrators of Greatest Depression and if this elderly roach doesn’t die from a mysterious heart disease you should put him on the top of your hit list.

I don’t think there are so many out there that actually comprehend what trouble we’re in. You all need to understand that it’s not just the tens of trillions of dollars ‘worth’ of Derivatives out there waiting for the crash, it’s not only the debt mountains climbing to heights never seen before, it’s not only the “let’s see who can print the most money” –game, it’s not only terrible housing sectors across the board, it’s not only banks covering up trillions of bad assets, it’s not only the regulations and the unemployment. IT’S ALL OF IT!!! And much, much more...

WHEN (not if) the first big country defaults or any other event knocks over the first domino, things are going to go to hell fairly quickly and from there it can only get worse. We are talking the Great Depression times twenty and, in all likelihood, for a much longer period of time than back then.

Please remember that the depression back then (soon to be named ‘The miniscule Depression’) gave birth to funny gentlemen like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin; we got a World War and people suffered immensely for a couple of decades.

You think that was bad?

Just wait…