Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I do think that congratulations to the Swedish Democrats (SD) are in order. They haven’t yet arrived at parliament and are already gaining so much free and great publicity I hardly see the sky as the limit anymore.

A short recap.

The government seems to think that lowering the number of seats in committees will keep SD out of the decision-making process. Ping! Another 1% voters gained!

Newspapers are finding “revealing” stuff each day such as a couple of SD’s having Nazi ties. Nooo, really? And apparently some of these new parliamentarians have a shady past. Ping! Another 0,2% votes gained!

Demonstrations against racism and SD go on everywhere. In other words demonstrations against the 5,5-6% of the voters that voted for SD, which is how it will be perceived. Ping! The determination of SD voters strengthens!

Since the “Jury’s” of Sweden’s courts are politically appointed (yeah… that’s right…) certain voices are being heard that people will lose their respect in the justice system now with lots of SD sitting there deciding the faith of criminals. Ping! Undecided voters are beginning to wonder if SD can be their choice coming elections.

Stories meant to scare are run every day. So called “experts” give their view on SD and their shady past. Ping! Free publicity money can’t buy!

And, probably most humorous of all, those that voted SD are apparently disillusioned young men protesting against the establishment. The conclusion is that this was a protest and people only voted wrong because they felt like they are outside the normal fold, not really thinking, only acting on a whim. Protesting. Only. They didn’t know anything about SD and were fooled into voting “racist” because they are unemployed or didn’t know better. PING!! Another 1% voters gained and the ones that did vote SD are more determined than ever!

Seeing how youngsters in schools across the country voted (SD were much bigger than among the adult population) I hardly see the Swedish Democrats going down in the polls. They are doubling their numbers already. All thanks to the idiot left, the corporate media, bought and paid for journalists and an elitist sphere that don’t know how to react when some outsiders steal their seats of power.

There’s no reflection on what they could have done, said or changed comes to immigration or comes to the elderly or the justice system to prevent SD to gain momentum. Not a single soul has contemplated on why a country hell-bent on collectivism and why after a century of We-Against-Them thinking could let anti-immigration collectivists into parliament. Well, I am shocked… not…

There’s no thinking or discussions on how to relate to this situation. Only disgust, revulsion and a unified response of continued bullying.

Of course stone throwing hooded anarchists, window crashing communists and moronic socialists crying the word “racist” over and over again will hand over another 1% of voters.

So congratulations SD. You have made it and you will continue to grow. Say thankya to your adversaries, they are doing the entire job for you.