Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh, great stimulus

The glittery savior of the universe and the messiah of America are contemplating a second stimulus under his watch, which makes it the fourth or so during the last couple of years. The warmongering hairless chimp before him also had a couple of tries of Keynesian madness. However, now this black knight in shining armor is off to save the unemployed with wonderful schemes like possible extensions of unemployment and health benefits

The great orator Obama said Saturday he is exploring "additional options to promote job creation."

Oh why? Oh why, didn’t the first trillions help as much as his holiness had predicted? How can it be? Remember how the stimulus package was necessary to keep unemployment below nine percent?


When are they going to get it?

There is no way out of this mess; there isn’t any money to left! They have already robbed everyone, emptied the treasury and borrowed the country into oblivion. The currency is already printed beyond salvation and the wolves are gathering outside the gates. There is only one way to continue, do the right thing, but, they can always try to borrow more at the same time as they double taxation. And we already know which way these enemies of the people will turn.

And Europe is just a couple of steps behind, well, UK is keeping up with the decline. Maybe some of our elected frauds will take notes and learn something, but that’s as probable as the sun being made out of cheese.

Nothing less of a head on a spike will have a learning effect on these people.

We, the sheople…

So, the Leprechauns got to vote, hurray.

As the only country, out of the EU's 27, to hold a popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty, a text that is largely the same as Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters four years ago. And let’s remind ourselves that the Irish voters first rejected the EU Treaty 18 months ago by a margin of 53.4% to 46.6% but they have been asked to think it through again, to contemplate on the issue at hand, and to make a conscious decision and vote correctly this time.

This is, of course, followed by the pressure from other 26 European countries, which all denied popular votes to their citizens.

This has always been an option hasn’t it? Why waste time with Democracy, it’s unpredictable. People can be mistaken.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the voting process, the very thought of casting a ballot that, in reality, is only about what to do about my neighbor and his life, is not only unseemly, it’s immoral. However, in a choice between letting the people vote and decide in oppose to a from-on-high-suggestion only discussed and decided by bureaucrats and fraudulent tricksters, I do prefer having the average man making the decisions.

In either case, the entire spectacle is hilarious, and has made even the lowest amebas of the populace aware of the feeling of distained our elected criminals have towards their respective constituency. We also now know that democracy does not count when decisions directly affecting people’s lives are "too complex" for them to understand.

Our enemies have never contemplated to make treaties or constitutions less complex, on the contrary, the more integrate the better. If something is "too complex" that normally means that politicians have hidden their intentions in endless piles of legalese and bureaucratic paper, trying to please as many interest groups as possible. Clearly the stupid people should not have a say in these things. Only the genius EU politicians and their benefactors have the insight to understand these incredible complexities.

The whole thing stinks, and I don’t only refer to the Irish voting until they get it right or the revulsion elected criminals have towards the common man, no, I’m talking about the whole process. It’s so filled with political trickery, so many underhanded deals and it’s absolutely lousing with future gains for certain people and certain groups. There is nothing about this process that will ever benefit the people.

The European Union is faced with many problems, and the future isn’t secured by the Irish voting Jawohl to this unifying Reich-idea.

Firstly, the Irish have been bribed. Their mouths have been stuffed with promises of gold and less financial calamities, just as pretty much every country joining up with this überstate have been. I do have a bit of a problem seeing those bribes getting fulfilled, at least not to the degree I think the Irish is expecting.

Secondly, for the EU and its proponents to say that "the issue is too complex for the ordinary people" makes a mockery of democracy, and says more about politicians contempt for the voters and taxpayers than anything else. Even inbred sheople, normally believing everything media is lying about; are feeling a bit angry over being treated this way.

Thirdly, the EU officials and EU 'nomenclature' have their own self serving, and self aggrandizing, agenda. That is quite clear."By their actions shall ye know them". Anyone that’s ever been involved in politics knows that that class of people are filled with individuals that would sell Granma to a religious rapist-sect in exchange for a seat of power. But the number of seats do not equal the number of four-winged soul killers wanting it. In older times the most common way of handling this problem was by poison, starting a war or similar actions. Nowadays, they have a much more sinister way of dealing with “underrepresentation” – they just create more seats, and the European Union is the very essence of this scheme.

Fourthly, the corruption. Even if we cast aside MPs manic personal spending sprees, courtesy of the tax payer, there are so many different EU-accounts, so many schemes to help him or her, to support either this or that. Often enough, the EU-body even support both sides, like with tobacco where billions goes to warning-labels and education campaigns at the same time even more billions goes to tobacco farmers. We have mountains of food getting destroyed while third world countries have starving populations. And who is really in power? The EU parliament? The commission? The lobbyists? The European central bank? And the constant struggle for seats, as mentioned above, goes on more and more in the open. People, no matter how dumb, are starting to notice.

In essence the non-accountability of the EU contains dangerous seeds of the EU's own destruction.

I believe that anti-EU elements may one day take to the gun, with some legitimacy: because that is the only option left for people. Citizens cannot even get their local representative to listen, and that’s their neighbor. Having some distant ruling elitists building huge palaces for themselves in other countries, is very hard to swallow in it-self, combined with all the rest of the problems and the very fact that the agenda and the end result isn’t really clear, makes the whole thing a recipe for disaster. The EU "Project" cannot be rammed down unwilling nations' taxpayers and voters throats.

To survive, any political construct has to have at least a semblance of legitimacy. Where can you find this when it comes to the European Union? The pillars? Please, that bit is overplayed years ago. Peace? Pfff… European countries are, right now, involved in conflicts all over the world, fighting in endless very questionable wars. And the ever increasing internet-regulations, the need for even “more seats” and a very shaky economic future holds some cards that wrongly played may very well end up with lots of bloody stains.

Reality has a habit of catching up with grandiose political theories.

Lisbon extends EU 'incompetence’ across defence, energy, immigration and Foreign affairs, and is self amending which gives the EU and the European political elite power to extend 'incompetence’ over anything else it chooses. All in all it represents a centralization of power.

If the EU wants legitimacy it should draw up a proper constitution which can be understood by the whole electorate, and then put it to the electorate in all EU states in a referendum. With any country saying NO allowed to leave the project. Of course this will never happen, not because they really think you’re dumb, but because they want that power of our future for themselves.

When did the people get so clueless?

Have people always been so lazy and dumbed down?

I’ll haft to say no; people have revolted over 0.5% tax increases, over things like overzealous crossing guards or too much involvement in their lives. Farmers with pitchforks have fought armed knights, knowing they would lose, because it was the right thing to do. We, today’s man, sits and watch the tele to see who gets voted out this week from some stupid island, we read papers that openly lies to us, we are getting taxed to death and we can hardly lift our fat arses to collect the drop-off pizza at the door. Our ancestors would be ashamed, outraged and would probably have laid down to die if they saw that nothing they did mattered, we, their children, end up being bitches and lap-dogs.

Where will this line of empowered elitists ruling us end; with edgy suppositories we have paid for, getting pushed inside our rectums sideways by a uniformed thugs we financially compensate for their efforts?

There is probably only two ways this can end, either by armed and bloody rebellion, or by us ending up like “batteries” in that matrix movie, Rigor mortis is a long slow process, but it will eventually kick in. Well, you could get informed, start advocating freedom and supporting a real change, but I’m not holding my breath.