Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vote Pirate! – because the power elite don’t want ya to

Today a clear minority will decide who to send to the Mecca of bureaucracy. And just like the city of Mecca - or any other stupidity in religion(s) - the European parliament is a heaven, a nirvana for those within the power elite. Not only can they earn a lot of money and fraternize with other bandits from all over Europe, they also get more power. But this power that constituents are highly suspicious of needs to be reaffirmed. The power elite need a clear signal to use it. In order to wield their power hungry tentacles and decide things way over our heads a green light is needed.

Most of these elitists and their cronies will tell you they have automatic power since people - some of them at least - have once (or several times until they got it “right”) voted for being members hence already approved every little piece of legislation and madness MEP’s can conjure up. But deep within their black hearts they still know that even passive pussies like us Swedes will rebel if they take it too far so they need confirmation and the way to get this confirmation is to get you to vote. This is why it is so important for those in power and for those wanting power to have you go through the pointless exercise with ballots. This is why the entire band of blatant liars looking for supremacy need a “go ahead”. Without it they will still use their authority but with some carefulness while they use spineless journalists and bought chimpanzees to overhaul citizens with contradictory phrases like “he who do not vote, should not complain” in a scheme to increase our collective shame over not voting. “It do not matter who you vote for, just vote” is another nutty phrase designed to get you to reaffirm that those in charge can control, monitor and destroy your life as they please.

This mendacity behind authorities is nothing new, but at least our national parliaments are closer to home, we know them, we might even live next door to them, we know who to blame. The European parliament however is a fantastic maze of intrigues that get even the plotting elite confused.

Don’t do it! Do not give them the verification they so desperately need and want. Stay at home, watch TV or eat a pizza. Those in power need you to voluntary give them your life and money. If you don’t confirm this power and the elitists “right” to rule you maybe you - strangely enough -want to keep making your own decisions and that is not doable. The entire structure from brainless journalists to the highest governmental authorities needs the voting as a drug addict needs the fix; they cannot properly function without it.

If you despite my ramblings really need to put that note in the box, at least do it with some thought.

This and the coming generation of citizen are in serious trouble, not only from a looming depression and maddening elitists, but also from the increasing totalitarianism of the surveillance state. This pure fascism is meant to control everything in our lives. In Sweden this is only opposed by one political party, the Pirates. No matter what the others tell you, they are in cahoots and have no problem whatsoever imposing more restrictions, more law and more control over the internet and your life. I do not vote, I refuse to comply with a sick system, but the Pirate Party is scaring the shit out the power elite because Pirates (as the name implies) ignore the basic rules of the game.

So if you gonna vote – vote Pirate! Because the power elite don’t want you to.

National pride… or something…

Apparently today is Sweden’s national day and I am taking notes on my I-do-not-give-a-fuck pad. Why does anyone care about one certain day out of 365 that apparently have some kind of significance to a particular country? In Sweden this day is “celebrated” to commemorate a dictator climbing to power in the 16th century and to remember a day 1809 when a couple of papers were signed said to be some kind of democratic institutional thingies, which they of course aren’t. I have nothing against national pride and I believe that a limited amount of nationalism can be healthy, but why wave flags one day and listen to some fairytale figures that should have been placed on history’s scrapheap a long time ago? Well maybe not as long as HM Prinsessan Madeleine is alive, wow! That woman should be in porn…

I told you so

Again my fantastic ability of predicting the future is evident. In countless entries I have mentioned how politicians in countries all over the world want to ban libertarian and communist bloggers. This is nothing new, but now the first signs of the pure fascist surveillance society is getting into the light. In France a blogger wrote that a MP - Nadine “the liar” Morano - is a liar, which is the truth. The blogger is getting charged for this “crime”... So congratulations to all you totalitarian pro-IPRED and ACTA-loving moronic as-holes, your dreamy pink and fluffy fascism is creeping closer and closer. A couple of pseudo-scientist and “thinkers” is saying that the same thing can happen in other countries and those citizen using their brain are going; duh!

Living in the UK I normally don’t complain too much about the Labour government and the fatty in charge of that crazy apparatus, mostly because I’m a guest in this country. Sweden and her politicians I can trash all the time, but let’s make this easy and very simple: Every politician is lying! They kill people every day, not always intentionally, but does it matter? Every single one of them from the fascist Obama to the Iranian smurf Ahmadinejad, from the tiny wee Putin to the current socialist government in Sweden, they are all evil and do things on a daily basis that normal people would go to jail for. They steal, cheat, kill, rob, lie, scheme and plot to gain power and to stay in power, this goes for all of them, no matter what color or side of politics.


On a related note someone have change the name of the bugger in charge of the anti-piracy stupidity. Apparently someone went to the Swedish IRS and changed his forename to “Pirate”. I think this is very funny and kudos to whoever is responsible. The new name is consequently: Pirate Pontén.
Come on, keep the name, makes you sound much much cooler...

Cornflake-economist does it again

The crisis and some stupid Baltic States might make interest rates go up in Sweden? No way… And a couple of mainstream cornflake-economists in Swedish are today saying that sometimes interest rate goes up! Wow… really?

I wonder how many of you chimps out there followed my advice and avoided taking a first or another loan in order to buy things you cannot afford? Since prices have gone up a lot on real-estate and the spending on everyday gods haven’t really gone down during the crisis, I’m guessing there is a lot of you now sitting with new huge mortgages and loans wondering where all the money went. And when the interest rates goes up - I’m not talking minuscule 1-2% no it will go way higher - how will you fools repay your debts? If you did as I have suggested since long before this crisis started and saved your money or put in something safe like in Gold you are still okay, but you haven’t, have you?

The inflationary house prices in Sweden together with all those loans, the governments increasing debt-policy and the continuation of the recession is a small disaster, ad to this the unemployment plus the still dropping trade numbers and my home country is in some serious dodo. When the depression hits the world with full force during the coming years Sweden will be among the biggest losers despite doing quite well at the moment. The inflexibility of the Swedish labor- and financial markets will make things even worse but the unwillingness of doing what is correct will lead straight to the abyss. Not even the center-“right” government is doing the proper thing; they are instead increasing debts, encouraging borrowing/spending in addition to not doing a damn thing about all those stupid laws that is hindering peoples freedom.

If you really were so stupid that you went out and borrowed a lot during todays fictive 0% interest rates and even more foolishly spent it on real-estate, you are an idiot and should pay the consequences of this, but the rest of the country will fall because of this. When all you chimps cannot afford to repay and the defaulting reaching certain levels during the worst crisis in human history, it will be horrifyingly bad. Families forced out in the cold, beggars everywhere, riots in the streets, alcoholism skyrocketing and so forth. You think I’m exaggeration don’t you? Yeah, keep scratching that belly of yours and ignore those that have been correct about everything so far and keep listen to the enemy class, let’s see who is right in the end.