Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The horrifying idiot is in my radio!

I usually listen to some American 24/7 radio station without any commercial breaks. Depending which time of day it is, my mood and so on, the channel changes. This morning I was listening to Electric FM and some techno-dance thingies, but suddenly I froze. Instinctively I reach for a gun (which I don’t have) and covered a bit down by my desk. On this horrifying radio station they are playing some Obama-trance piece. This guy is creepy beyond all believe. Not only are we seeing superhero comics with this idiot as the hero, now we need to listen to his speeches in music.

The cult-worship of this socialist gives away very eerie feelings especially when camps are being built all across America that is going to contain a civilian army as large and as well founded as the regular army. And this goes on at the same time as this creepy rascist is making friends with dictators and other socialists. Really frightening stuff.

The (Fp)ascism party

In Sweden it is now being suggested that children who have committed a crime needs more and stronger forceable actions. Families will be forced to the local social office within 48hrs and liability will be decided at the courthouse even for the very young. One of the fascists making this suggestion, Johan “sieg“ Pehrsson is quoted saying:

“We acknowledge that this means that parents’ power reduces and the states possibilities to use force and cohesive action increases.”

You do not really need to be a conspiracy theorist to see the writings on this shadowy wall. First they outlaw pretty much everything about surfing the net. They then conjure up a political trial and let some gangsters hunt down youngsters all over the country. And now they are eyeing all adolescence looking at porn or the latest Heroes’ episode and God help them if they have downloaded the latest Lady Gaga single. Having this power to frighten parents and families to do as they are told is the very essence of governmental abuse of us citizens. When are you people going to tell them that it is enough? This is your children! Are you people not even going to protect your young?

Please get a gun and if this Pehrsson fascist idiotic a-hole comes to your door, shot him in the knee-cap and ask him, politely, if he would like to listen to some soothing and newly downloaded music.

Obamanism = Fascism

Cannot those american elect Ron Paul as president next time?

Great news from around the world

Unemployment in California shot to 11.2% in March, the highest level since the state began keeping records. What's more, the number of people out of work for almost a year rose by 9.4%, and has now doubled in the last 12 months.

U.S. venture capital investments sank 61 percent in the first quarter, dropping to the lowest level in 12 years as financiers became even warier about sinking funds into startups during a deepening recession.

Florida's unemployment rate for March 2009 rose to 9.7 percent, edging above the revised February level of 9.6 percent.

US conglomerate General Electric, which is viewed as a barometer for the health of the US economy, has reported a 35% fall in quarterly profit.

The Japanese government said on Tuesday it would issue bonds worth Y10,820bn ($110bn) to fund its planned stimulus package to try to rescue Japan from its deepest recession since the second world war. Can someone please count the number of stimulus coming from these sake-drinking idiots? Why don’t they get it!? Idiots.

Online brokerage TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. said Tuesday its second-quarter profit dropped 29 percent