Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to the asylum

baa! baa! Politics you say? what is that?

Mitt Romney!? A spineless flipflopping cretin backed by the very same banksters showering the Obamination with cash is leading the polls in the U.S. Not that anyone can be surprised that Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) is the main contributor to Mittama as well as to ObRomney. Let´s put the DemoPublican party head boy number 1 against the DemoPublican party head boy 2! Jey! How exiting. Apparently these two, both with virtually exactly the same political agenda and both bought and paid for by the same money masters, will face up in a very none-epic battle.

The hi-jacked Tea Party movement have seemingly thrown in the towel. A disillusioned majority of the people are still too busy counting calories while watching the latest soap to actually care what is going on. The wars, fought on money borrowed from the Chinese, seem to never end - Iran and/or Syria seem to be next. And the banking cartels pretty much dictate every policy made in the land of the Serfs and home of the foreclosed.

What the fuck happen America?

In Europe the EuroBastards will keep pinching our money/our grandchildren’s money to keep their Reich afloat. Europhiles come up with new wonderful schemes on a daily basis. Salt is bad for you, tobacco is bad for you, light bulbs are horrible foes of us all, bus doors need to close with a certain level of power, and apparently travelling circuses is needed to tell us how wonderful it is with unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

We need more bail-outs, we need Euros to be pumped out in an endless and ever increasing stream, and of course we need more authority and influence in the hands of central powers because how else would a snorkel, a donkey, 5 metres of hosepipe, 5 choirboys and a bathtub full of whipped cream manage to save us from doom?

The entire system of farce-like fascism probably gets Markel’s loins quiver in anticipation of becoming the very first female Römisch-Deutscher Kaiser, but regular folk are far more likely to start riots or outright rebellions then follow another decree from the Great Leaders of the Euronightmare.

What the hell happen to the peace and economic prosperity we were promised?

In Sweden the Prime Mentalist, a “man” that should be kidnapped by a polka band, taunted by evil clowns, and force-fed tainted Vienna sausages, is together with his cronies selling out the little advantage my home country has. Our ponytail Finance Mentalist, who actually warned about our impending financial catastrophe, is not doing a crappy thing to lower taxes and take away hindering rules and regulations. Yeah, that the bunch of criminals with their smug semi-fascist agenda currently ruling my birth nation also will rule during THE GREATEST DEPRESSION should send shivers down the spines of the not yet born. The only thing worse would be if the opposition ruled...

The loathsome Swedish central bank have lowered interest rates again, and its malevolent cornflake-economist wants to lowering them even further, like the housing bubble isn´t enough of a problem...

Why the hell are so many Swedes such idiots?

China is living the bubble dream and will come crashing down. Japan is drowning in debt. Pretty much every country on the planet find itself in the deepest smelliest pile of manure while the banking cartels are either making things worse through derivatives (and other crap) or hording wealth stolen from the people. Nationalism is on the rise, totalitarian leftie ideas are becoming the main “way out” and the blame-game have just started with protectionism, currency wars and new holocaust ideas spreading. War with Iran is just months away and with that another oil crisis, and hyperinflation is now assured in many countries.

There is no light. Not anywhere. Perhaps with this guy as only exception, but even if the money masters and the military industrial complex allows him to win the presidency and he´s not assassinated, it will only save the U.S. and then only in the long run. The Greatest Depression will happen anyway; nothing can stop the greatest shit-storm humanity has ever faced.

The world won’t end on the winter solstice 2012 but we’ll probably wish it had. 2012 will be a horrific year in every sense of the word - and things will only get worse as time passes.

We´re living in the asylum and our crazy doctors, having preformed mad experiments on us (their sickly patients), are about to lose control over the inmates and all hell is about to break lose. Probably leading to a scary hunted globe with millions of ferocious, unemployed, disillusioned and helplessly starving infected people erratically walking an unforgiving earth for years to come.

Get a shotgun and have fun!!