Monday, November 30, 2009

The final days of democracy

Today the cables for total surveillance of the Swedish populace are being put into use. The FRA-monitoring law has reduced all e-mails, phone calls and web-activity to nothing more than government read and controlled communication.

You cannot claim this to be the final nail in the coffin, it’s not. We can still decide what to have for breakfast, how to cut our hair and how much breathing we do. But those and a few other exceptions aside, not much remains. The only two victories we can still claim is that we can still vote and there’s no war going on. Oh, wait; aren’t we involved in some Afghan thingy? And this current financial crisis that will soon to turn into a full out depression may have some hostilities cometh with. Before in history, great economic upheavals have lead to armed conflicts, no reason to say that won’t happen this time. And voting? Please. To cast a vote is nothing else but having your say in what to do with your own and the neighbor’s money. And does it really change anything? Is there any difference between the political parties? You know, they could vote in Stalin’s Soviet as well as they can still vote in North Korea today. And funny figures like Adolf “the painter” Hitler have been voted into office. Not really an assurance of peace and democracy that ballot eh?

I want you to look around you, wherever you are. Can you mention one single thing that is not taxed, controlled, monitored and regulated by the state? I can’t. Not a damn thing.

They say they want to catch terrorists and pedophiles. Really? How many of you think that’s the main reason? And even if it is, is there a single person out there that thinks they will catch more of those with all these new laws? Maybe they will create more because of these laws, but catch more?

But the main concern we should have, and something most of you out there don’t understand, is that this is only the beginning. They cannot impose a couple of laws and be content. It doesn’t work that way. Technology develops, exceptions will be created, and terrorists find new ways. More laws will come, more rules will be imposed, more regulations and more control functions will pop up. That’s the way of the game. And herein lay the real problem. FRA, ACTA, IPRED and the rest isn’t the final nails, but they are some of the biggest ones making way for the future final ones.

When our grandchildren, if existing in the future, look back at us, they will conclude that our time was the final days of democracy and they will condemn us all for letting it happen.

the twilight zone

While climategate grows and awakens more sheople to the truth, our bellowed leaders are trying to come to agreements how to cut emissions and reduce global warming. As usual the elitists ignore how we are in a cooling period, that no data supports their claims and that millions may die from the additional taxes and regulations.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, there is no proof of the manmade global warming scare. Actually there’s not even any proof of manmade global warming existing at all. Not one. I know some of you don’t believe me, but check for yourself. Take any claim the fear mongering types has; check it against facts, historic data and actual measurements. I have done so on many occasions, and so has many others, not a single statement from the environment-scary doomsayers holds. Not a single one.

On many occasions I’ve presented this to and asked prominent politicians and scientists what they say about there’s not being any proof. I never have gotten any answer other than avoiding political mumbo jumbo, which actually tells you all you need to know. It’s all a mixture of self-contained fantasy, science fiction, and suspense with a macabre twist that has much more to do with the twilight zone than with any real science or fact.

Only two arguments always comes back to you, “arguments” that is meant to play on your emotions and awaken feelings. Those two are; natural phenomenon and dying animals.

Any form of weather can be used to blame cars, factories and humans. It’s raining? Oh, it’s the cars. A hurricane? That’s Microsoft’s fault. Floodings? That’s never happen before; it must be the light-bulbs. Wild-fires in Australia? That’s another thing that’s never happened before, let’s blame that on airplanes. The connection to older time’s ignorance is obvious. Back then we blamed everything we didn’t understand on whims of the Gods, today when we actually have the facts, we do the same thing, but now we blame some elusive manmade thingy.

And animals dying are an even more devious madness. If we only stop going on vacations, then cute teddybear-like creatures with tears in their eyes would be happier and smile again. So let’s ignore that 99.99% of all animals ever existed on this planet is extinct, not here anymore, poff, gone. Despite whatever we do, or regardless if people existed at all, several species would disappear each day. Mother Nature is a cruel bitch; she knocks off furry cuties each day, despite any human interventions.

It’s like they want to tell us that if mankind disappeared, and if we just gave nature time to heal itself, all would be well in the world. If cars went away there would be no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no flooding, no animals would die, and deserts would turn into lush forests and unicorns would roam the plains. If we destroyed all factories; then Ice-sheets would never fall, Antarctica would always stay icy and never needed to worry about the ozone layer ever again. If we stop using washing machines then Polar Bears could expand in numbers and kill more humans.

Man bad, nature good. Man having food and living in houses bad, man living in huts and starving is good.

If you want to know how completely absurd the climate-change madness has become, take a look at this UN-report. If you check the map at pages 8-9 (2-3) most of you will laugh uncontrollably. It’s so ridiculous, so out there that even tribesmen thousands of years ago blaming bad weather on the Gods stands out as a shining beacons of enlightenment.

So why? What’s the reason behind this? How come they are trying to convince us we are horrible beings? Why do try to they sell their insanity to us? It’s all about money, control and power.

Is it a coincidence that Goldman Sachs owns billions of stakes in release-rights and such? Is it a fluke that the elitists don’t expand taxation on salaries, but instead raise them on cars and industry? Is it an accident that government dependent scientists argue the case of the alarmists when they get billions of tax money just to come to that very conclusion? Is it a twist of fate that the global-warming scare increases power for certain entities?

Our climate has always and will always change. We will see another tropical age; we will see another ice-age, that’s inevitable. Animals have always and will always die out. The rich and powerful have always and will always try to get even wealthier and more powerful. The ones that rule us have always and will always try to find new ways to control, monitor and tax us. All of this is the natural order of things, and it will never change. The only question is how far we will let the enemy class take things - that’s the thing we can control and change.

I know most of you good little sheople out there follow the rules, obey the law and pay your taxes. You let them rule us with impunity for some shadowy reason, but this global-warming hoax take things to a completely new level. There’s no proof of it, no science, no rational reason for it whatsoever, and all they sell it with are useless marketing tricks in order to gain money, power and control over us, and almost all of you eat it up. If you ever needed a verification of human stupidity, this is it. This is the true intelligence test. Forget MENSA and university degrees, if you really want to know how smart anyone is, ask them about manmade global warming. If a person buy into it and believe what the alarmists are saying, that individual is an idiot.

No shit Sherlock

Swedish papers are today writing about the revelation that several so called ‘scientists’ and prominent members of WHO are pocketed by the pharmaceutical industry. Apparently this is “news”. Journalists at work ladies and gentlemen, revealing what anyone half awake already knows.

I’ve written about this several times, and so have a lot of other folks. It’s no secret that WHO panel-members get money and support from big business, just as it’s no secret that WHO get much (all) of its information about how effective and safe the Swine Flu vaccine is from the same sources that benefits greatly from selling inoculations.

The (A)H1N1 strain is extremely harmless, one of the least deadly flues in human history. Yes, it does spread pretty quickly, but both symptoms and the death-rate are minuscule. If you’ve never injected yourself before, there’s certainly no basis for doing it now, but somehow we are bombarded with reasons for doing so. How can so many of you idiots be so clueless?

And journalists, Pfffff… first they scare us with people in moon-suits walking in under plastic sheets and apocalyptic scenarios. Then they reveal that the flu isn’t that bad, but then its killing us again before getting harmless and so on in a constant loop of selling papers. And now this surprise. This has never been about saving lives or giving us information, it’s all about the money, well mostly anyway.
I wonder if our bellowed reporters are going to “reveal” how the vaccine kill and cause harm to some people soon? Or maybe papers will write about the secret agreements governments made with pharmaceutical companies? Or maybe we’ll be handed news how doctors are paid to promote the vaccine? Oh, such secrets they can reveal in the future.

But the real truth will never be told by mainstream media - the truth that most of you out there are complete and utter morons. They can sell you anything, as long as they can scare you or hand you false information enough times you’ll buy anything they have to offer. And I’m not only talking vaccine here. Our enemies created our current economic dilemma, but for some magical reason you, the idiots, turn to the very same people to get us out of it. And so they can sell you notions of handing over hundreds of billions to banks and the rich while normal people suffer. And the manmade global warming scam? By Beelzebub’s honest face how they have fooled you with that one. When it’s reveled how scientists fake the numbers and lie, journalists hardly even mention it. Better to sell you stories about the end of the world rather than the truth.

Sheople indeed.

I’m really starting to hope that this Hog Flu mutate and knock of billions of people, you don’t deserve anything less. You’d been handed a fantastic brain, but all it’s ever used for is to think about who’ll be the next to be voted off the island.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A time to rejoice or cry?

So, Swiss voters have voted yes to a referendum proposal to ban the building of minarets. Some complain over this as a hinder of religious freedom, and it is, but supporters of the ban claimed that allowing minarets would represent the growth of an ideology and a legal system - Sharia law - which are incompatible with Swiss democracy, they too are right. So how do one stand on this issue?

Well, for anyone with any sense of decency and liberty, one needs to condemn this result. It is also a sort of rejection of the Muslim community, religion or culture.
Still I cannot help myself, I’m sort of happy for this idiocy.

There are two reasons for my general happiness in this case. Neither of which will have any enemies of humanity call me a friend. Firstly it shows, yet again, how democracy can make the most stupid stuff seem attractive for the sheople of this world. Secondly this is a dent in the growing Muslimification of the western world and the righteous will, yet again, scream about hatred, fascism and racism. And you gotto love that.

And I have to admit, I belong in that fold that doesn’t really like the growing voices of radical Islam. Not that I would ever argue for or celebrate any intrusion into personal choice comes to religion or any other basic freedom.

In a way I think many out there share this sentiment. Most of the people I know would never ban or outlaw any people from their religious rights; however, most are also sort of suspicious of Islam. We need to blame movies, American warmongering presidents and a few radical terrorist for this, but there’s also the non-PC reason – namely that there’s a degree of truth to such notions. There are elements within Islam, and not only radical ones, that are incompatible with democracy and freedom, not that any other religion is different, it’s just as things are. And have you ever seen those Muslim nutcases roaming British (or any other) street? You can gain anti-Islam feelings for less.

But if one of the most vicious killing-machines of all time, Christianity, was able to conform into some form of decency, Islam can do it as well. So we probably need a couple of wars, some rebellions, several terrorist attacks, and some decades of uncertainty before the vast majority of peaceful Muslims adapt to a more western way of thinking. And yes, our way is better, how’s that for pc?

Too bad then that our economic calamity will destroy the world before Muslims can prove that they aren’t vicious terrorists. That will probably make things worse before (or rather “if”) it gets better.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reality is amusing

We all know that Muslims aren’t really fans of pork. Swine’s are not really on any Islamic menu. However, it seems far fewer Muslims than normal are undertaking pilgrimage. Many authorities in the Middle East have urged Muslims to avoid the 'Hajj’, and since some people apparently died recently, the scare continues.
Iran even banned all its citizens from making the 'Umrah' pilgrimage earlier this year and cancelled all flights to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, which ended around 19 September.

All because of Swine Flu. How hilarious isn’t that? No wonder they tried to sell the H1N1-name instead. It was probably racist to name it as Swine flu. I wonder what Hindus’ thought about mad-cow disease?

So while I eat some bacon, ignore everything that has to do with the vaccine and drink myself silly midday on a Wednesday, the Muslims are having problems with Swine flu during their religious walkabouts.

This is a fun world; all you need to do is to find the comical side of things.

The ape and his wife

Sadly the hairless W chimpanzee with no working synapses got replaced by a darker version, both figuratively and literally. Whatever the warmongering ex-alcoholic primate did, the current occupant at the white (<-- racist remark?) house have decided to top it. Chimpanzee Bush imposed more restrictions, created more laws, and managed to throw more money at the military and create more of a fascist governance then anyone before. But the banana munching Ape with his wife, seen below, do take everything yet another step. With the exception for world wars, no president has spent more on the military than Michelle Obama’s husband. He has reinforced and expanded every little fascism his predecessor created, including snatching up people and torturing them without any form of legality.

But worst of all, the economic mistakes created during many years by several governments and worsened by Bush, have now gone into overdrive. The mother of all depressions, the biggest tsunami wave of financial calamity ever seen on this planet has been inflated by a black man in a suit, in addition to being toughened and worsened by all the rest of the baboons around the globe.

This is true monkey-business of the highest standard

As you probably realized by now this is the none-pc version sprung out because of the recent “racism”-claims comes to the picture you can see below. And I do need to apologize, to monkeys and apes that is. No animal is so vile and evil as this bunch of malevolent misfits.

Polar Bears and Gorillas aside, the ones that really need to go extinct are politicians, banksters and other tricksters that fool, dupe, steal, con, and murder.

Anyone else that thinks that the Obama camp actually created this picture themselves to “prove” how horribly racist everyone opposing their fascism is?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

“V” and the flu shoot

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of “V”, you should. Really hilarious stuff.

-- spoiler alert ---

In this episode the Aliens hand out super-vitamin thingies that governments’ all over, in some state of suspicion, check and investigate. At the same time the lizard-people (“V’s”) have sneaked in a toxin into the flu vaccine. Look at the right hand while the left does some tricky stuff behind the back, so to say...

This show is turning out to be a regular conspiracy regulator. The similarities between Obama’s electoral campaign and how the V’s are selling their oppression is forebodingly similar, and anyone familiar with conspiracy theories can find lots of stuff in this show.

It leaves you wondering, is this a way of saying anyone complaining about the flu shoot or Obama is a nut just watching too much TV or is it a way of telling some kind of truth? Probably neither, only writers making the best use of scary contemporary stuff thrown about in the ether. Why not use existing thingies instead of coming up with your own?

Still, fun stuff and I’m guessing one or two more starts to question the flu shot, seeing and hearing it can kill or transform you will have its effect, no matter if its TV-based or not. This is a good thing, something the Canadian government seems to have understood recently.

The fantastic Morena Baccarin from the Show:

The leftie government use leftie tactics

What left governments do better than anyone else is to be in opposition to themselves. If their policies have failed in some regard, they rally against it. If unemployment goes up they demonstrate against unemployment, if the economy falters, they complain about the economy. For some reason this tactic seems to be quite effective, votes in general elections prove it. Now the current Swedish government does the same.

Unemployment among youngsters is sky-high, so what to do? Of course argue that this problem needs to be solved. The center party - one out of four parties of the government - now wants to make this issue a main topic during next year’s election.
To a certain degree these problems cannot merely be blamed on the current administration, they inherent a country with many faults and the financial crisis didn’t arise from their mistake. However, during three years lots could have been done to solve problems, to change legislation and get things going. Instead of mortgaging our future with huge loans they could have cut expenditures, instead of giving hundreds of billions to banks and the rich they could have changed the rules and laws comes to the labor market.

But worst of all is that the government has given the central bank free range to destroy the economy. If you think the unemployment rate is bad today, what do you think will happen when the next crashes cometh from the gigantic bubbles being created right now?

We’re heading for huge abyss, and it’s just up the road. If nothing is soon done to prepare and change what needs to be changed, there will be no future to talk about.

Government expenditures should be cut in half, or more. Interest rates need to go up to 6%, or more. The fascist internet laws need to be scraped immediately, and while we’re at it, we should eliminate another thousand laws. If this is done now, it would plunge the country deep into recession for a year or so, and then we would come out on the other side richer, more productive and better than any country on earth. If not, well… goodbye prosperity, and hello poverty and despair.

Let the stupid thing die already

One of the most misskept and horrible companies of the world, SAAB automobiles, seem to be going down. The current owner, General Motors, have no real interest in reviving it, and the supposed take-over was, as I’ve said before, more or less a scam.

Good. Let the stupid thing fail, wither and die.

The Swedish government is unwilling to buy or support the scrapheap, and they shouldn’t. A company that hasn’t even heard of the word ‘profit’ in decades is a failed institution, it has no place whatsoever. Too bad that the government didn’t apply the same logic comes to the big insolvent zombie banks. For some reason we apparently need to give hundreds of billions to banks, affectingly transferring money from the poor to the uselessly rich. If there would be a choice between SAAB and the banks, the money should of course go to the manufacturing car company; at least they do produce stuff, stuff no one wants, but still. The banks are just in the way.

If you cannot fail and our tax money always comes to the rescue, there’s neither any incentive to do good or actually be a productive company. Many people has a misconception that capitalism is a friend of the big corporations, it’s not. In a true market economy you need to be good at what you do, showing profits, otherwise you have no place in it. Only in a fascist or socialist economy can the rich and powerful fail but still make money, curtsey of the state, or, in actuality, curtsey of the taxpayer. In this sense capitalism is and always will be the best friend workers and the poor can ever have.

Let’s kill ‘em all!

This is one of funniest things I’ve ever seen. Hilarious really. And I cannot be alone feeling the urge to knock off some murderess Polar Bears. They are increasing in numbers, they are in the way and they do actively hunt people. Let’s kill ‘em all! The real way that is, not the fictions environmental crap.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The ‘Na na na na na’ approach to a conflict

There are so many wrongs that have been done, are being done and will be done in the near future in the Afghanistan conflict. We could talk about oil, pipe-lines, opium trade blossoming, civilians dying, children suffering and so on, but let’s ignore that for a moment and focus on the winning versus the not winning of the so called war.
Basically the US, and its partners in crime haven’t really decided whether or not they want to win, probably because they don’t want to do anything so prosaic. I don’t really know what the real agenda is, but if I were to make a guess it’s about three things; distraction, money and strategy.

When our economies, US especially, is going down the drain it is good to have peoples focus elsewhere. Even if a vast majority has a negative opinion, it’s still better than having people realizing that the biggest robbery in human history has just taken place. Also, since the only positive number in the American economy at the moment is military spending, to cut that would decrease GDP, and the enemy class cannot have that, people might find out how they have been fooled. And people in general want to win conflicts, even those that didn’t want to go there in the first place wants to win, it’s that us against them feeling. So there’s a distraction argument for being in Afghanistan.

Money, of course, is also a reason. The protection of valuable oil findings and pipe-lines has its place as well as the drug trade. Arms-dealers, certain banks and some shadowy groups have earned a lot of money from this conflict, and they have no incentive to stop the killing.

The strategy can involve several things, but certainly not to win, as mentioned the US has no intention of winning. Instead one can see the encircling of Iran as a reason for staying, or any of the other already mentioned. So I would argue that the strategy is to not have a strategy to win. How can I say that? Because this isn’t really a war, it’s a conflict at best, a skirmish. If this really was a war and the US really wanted to win, they would destroy any opposition in a matter of weeks.

There is only one way to fight a war. You commit your nation's resources - material and the most precious of all, human - to the complete obliteration of your enemy. You mass those resources against each objective in turn, without reservation, without holding back, without care for collateral damage or world opinion. You do so until your adversary sues for peace, not because it is the political thing to do, not for expedience, but for one and only one reason: they're tired of dying. There is no "armistice" or "cease fire" in a war. There is only victory or defeat. There is only death or life. Collateral damage, including the loss of innocent life, is a known price that will be paid, although the toll is not of concern in that regard - only the certainty that it will occur.

So if America really committed millions of troops, flew in all their support or started to throw tactical nukes around, they would eliminate every single cave, all Taliban’, all terrorists and Bin Laden would be found in bits and pieces, and they would do so in a very short amount of time. Of course tens of thousands of innocent would die and the world opinion would hate America, but they would win the war and they would really show what happens when you attack the US. I’ve not done the math, but I believe that a month or two of serious waring would mean less innocent dead, less of a cost and would be a much more effective way of making both a point and sending a message. As it stands now, 7 years and counting as many as a million plus people may have died, even more so if counting Iraq and the economic cost is staggering, and there’s no end in sight.

The US and its buddies need to decide, either end it, or leave. But they don’t want to, you see. For the reasons already mentioned and other motives, instead they take what can only be described as the ‘Na na na na na’ approach and kill some, but leave others. They bomb some mountains, but not others, effectively only pissing people off, creating more enemies than they had to start with. And the Afghan people are used to fighting an overwhelming enemy, so there’s really no end here. There are also the soon to be terrorist attacks that will hit one or several targets, such events will probably coincide with worsened public polls or the next economic crash, so another reason for this little conflict to not end.

What the rest of the countries are doing there? Hell if I know, wasting tax money and showing how much they care about one village while the town next to it is destroyed maybe? And since the conflict in itself is highly questionable to start with, we should leave and at the same time tell the Americans to either fight the war or get the hell out.

Gestapo does house-calls

In Sweden, just as in many other non-democratic countries, we have speed cameras alongside many roads. The effect of mentioned cameras is that people drive slow-fast-slow-fast, and even if you do so in some concert with the radio, it’s still sort of annoying and makes the traffic move strangely. Another effect is the high costs, the costs are so high that many camera-booths are empty; the surveillance people move the actual camera around, which makes the whole thing into a sort of game, ‘guessing when or if any flashes cometh’.

And as with any law there are ways to go around it. In this case the Sieg Heil people, wanting to send out lots of bills, need both the driver and the car registration-plate on the same picture; otherwise you can refuse to pay. Consequently inventive Swedes pull down the sunscreen, put up a newspaper in front of the face or simply use a mask, and so they can go how fast they want. Me, I usually put up the middle finger if I’m in a hurry, otherwise I try to follow the example seen below.

However, the high and mighty and their prison guards have no intention of letting us off that easy. As a result the police are now doing house-calls, apparently make use of some sort of facial-recognition device or, hilarious enough, use their own judgment depending on things like noose-form, the shape of a ear, or how the beard looks and so on.

In other words, you are guilty, no matter if you were driving or not.

There have also been arguments for that the liability lays with the car-owner no matter what. If this becomes the case I reckon that many cars suddenly will be owned by babies, cats and dead people, something that again will be rectified by yet another law.

To you people out there that haven’t a dying relative in the car or a wife about to give birth, to you I would like to urge to do as been done in this movie or make do with similar solutions. Bring a shoot-gun, a steel-saw or something of the sort and make any post and camera into scrap. I’ve been thinking to collect all of these I can find and drop them off outside the home of some politician. Maybe torch his car while I’m at it, but you’ll find your own way. Since Gestapo will get you for breaking the law no matter what, what’s the diff?

Self-imposed stupidity and the deceitful bastards

I’ve always been interested in what’s going on in the world. Reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on, always checking several angles and multiple sources, more out of interest than to expose lies. But there is a problem with this sort of thinking, because you sooner or later realize how deep the rabbit-hole really goes. It’s like an iceberg floating at sea. An iceberg has a large portion of its body beneath the surface, only the top can be seen. All of us can see what’s above the surface, just as all of us can see some of the lies exposed. We think we know how much lies and BS our enemies spread around, we have a healthy mistrust of those in charge and now and again we can read about some scandal. However, just as with the iceberg, what we see is only a small fraction of the whole picture.

I’m utterly convinced that this is why the righteous elitists don’t want the internet to run amok. With internet you can not only check the facts, you can also find new facts, contradictory facts. Only by comparing one newspaper with another questions will arise, checking a third, a fourth, and then reading about another viewpoint at some information-site, watching the bloggers go to work and listening to independent radio, more clues pop up. A comparison between how different countries delivers news also gives additional perspectives. But the real revelation doesn’t come until you have followed the news for a while. If you do, slowly, but surely, things start to unravel.

Generally it goes something like this.

A story becomes newsworthy for some reason; commonly the story has an element of ‘emotion’ attached to it such as indignation, anger or sexuality, but the most common sentiment is fear. It can be fear of war, fear of some disease, fear of losing one’s job and so on. Without us being afraid, much fewer papers would be sold.

An example is how journalists write about the environment. Any pseudo-scientists can get his 15min of fame if he conjures up a fear-argument regarding a certain issue. Hair-spray can cause the ozone layer to expand, refrigerators can be dangerous items, and cars may destroy some animals’ habitats. There isn’t any limit for such cons other than the imagination.

And it doesn’t even need to be very believable or very likely. If there’s a chance that it could maybe be a 0.0001% increase of risk of getting cancer by eating 194 apples each day, you can bet your life on a headline that states “apples causes cancer”. And both the “scientists” and the news reporter conveniently forget to include how many of the investigated that likes to smoke fifteen packs a day, lives near Chernobyl or work with dangerous chemicals. But the fun doesn’t really start until the next scientist argues to have found a correlation between a decrease in apple production and an increase in car emissions. Hence global warming has claimed more victims - farmers growing apples are having a hard time, in addition to fewer apples for the populace to eat. Since these stories often enough can be read in the same paper, sometimes even on the same day, it seems to imply that if we want our poor defenseless children to be able to attract cancer; we need to stop driving cars.

Contradictions of terms are very common within the media, especially comes to the scam of manmade global warming. The papers are warning us about the doomsayers and conspiracists that claim that global taxation and more restrictions will give more power to a small elitist group, at the same time the papers argue that if we don’t cut emissions we will all die. Journalists say that we shouldn’t buy the 2012-hype, but in the very next breath Polar Bears will go extinct, polar caps will melt away and lowlands everywhere will end up under water, killing millions. Its okay for journalists to warn about the impending end of the world, but damn anyone who argues any such notion outside the mainstream.

And while the world cools down, the politicians and those scientists who should be warning us about it are insisting it's warming up. Even as the polar bears multiply, they insist the Arctic is turning into the Mediterranean. And just so you know, there are no polar bears anyway. They went extinct a thousand years ago. It was warmer than today during the Middle Ages, therefore the ice must have melted then, therefore the polar bears cannot now go extinct because they already did that back then. So with the logic of the insane, there are no Polar Bears, not anymore, if ever, they are made up creatures like Batman, Hillary Clinton and Bart Simpson.

They also let the main culprits go free. The sun has an impact on our climate by a factor of 99%, still they never blame the sun for draught - it’s the factories you know... Volcanoes, cosmic rays, rainforests and oceans make up the last percentage, but have you ever seen or heard any journalists blame distant stars or Vesuvius for Polar Bears dying?

And when some hacker reveal internal discussions among the scientists were we can clearly see some of the scams being built, what do they do? They report about it like “University computer hacked” or “Stolen material on the loose”. It’s all rather dull you know - nothing to see, just a computer crime. The most interesting with that story is that scientists are allowed to come forward to “explain themselves”, covering up their deceit with journalists consent. And again they get an argument to shut down internet for mere mortals. A hacker? Stolen material? University computer intrusion? Huhu… that’s horrible, we need another government agency monitoring this situation.

And they still claim that there’s a consensus among scientists, which is far, far away from any reality. With all the billions going to researches and universities to investigate manmade global warming, I’m surprised there’s not a bigger consensus. It’s all about the money, tax money that is. Apply for founds to research man’s impact on the environment, and you get lots of money and possibly fame. Claim it’s all a hoax, and you get ostracized, lose your job and get laughed at by media. In such an anti-scientific era you need to be surprised that 33 000 scientists sues Al Gore for fraud.

Manmade global warming is a contemporarily transcending religion. And just as with any rigid religious belief, heretics get thrown into the fire while the butt kissers get wealthy.

But the dogmatic views comes to manmade global warming isn’t the only scam being packaged and sold to unbelievers. There’s plenty of stuff each day. As mentioned earlier, you can see through some of them, but only when you gain the perspective of both time and overview you understand that pretty much everything we’re told is fictional. The problem is that once you understand what’s beneath the surface and you know the depth of the hole, you’ll not be happier for it, on the contrary. When you understand and get enlightened, you’ll get frustrated, angry and apathetic. This is probably one reason why so many of you are avoiding using your intellect. In a deep rooted indirect way most of you understand that knowing isn’t pleasurable, instead ignorance is bliss.

So in a way, you all chose to be idiots. Internet is (or rather was) about to change that, so is it then surprising that our bellowed leaders want to regulate, control and tax our online activities?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The hoaxes and the starving

As I’ve reported before on many occasions, famine stalks Africa again. Millions of people in the Horn of Africa are facing malnutrition and starvation in the worst food shortages since 1984. The United Nations warned in June that as many as 6.2 million people in Ethiopia will need some kind of food aid in the next few months. But the true figure of those with insecure food supplies could be as high as 13.7 million. Twelve million Ethiopians received food from donor countries last year.
In the driest regions in southern Madagascar, 1.5 million people have inadequate food because of prolonged drought -- 250,000 of them children younger than 5.

Similar stories can be found about Kenya and other countries in Africa. But starving people can be found elsewhere and their numbers are growing, and according to some, even if we count in percent of the populace, something that hasn’t happened in over 50 years. Despite the anti-globalist movements and socialists groups, poor people in the world have decreased each year, until now at least.

There are many reasons for this appending disaster, our current financial dilemma for one, but I can see three other main reasons why tens of millions soon will die. Firstly many of those countries with vast amounts of starving and suffering have corrupt fascist or socialist regimes. As a consequence wars exist, civil unrests have good breathing ground, any wealth gets confiscated by the high and mighty, and it’s making any form of aid inefficient. Secondly there are trade-barriers, exploitation and invisible oppressive rules being imposed by the UN, EU, and the US or the World Bank. Basically we buy their cheap stuff but they need to pay us to buy it. Thirdly we have the scam of manmade global warming and other environmental hoaxes. In a scheme to confiscate more taxes from easily duped voters our enemies are also perpetrating and imposing the same lunacy in third-world countries. Not only directly, which actually is seldom done, most countries are usually exempted from any environment agreement as example, but more indirectly because as we buy bio-cars or try to stop using oil it actually have an impact on the poor of the world.

In essence our great leaders fool us with their conjured up economic crisis, they trick us into believing in something like manmade global warming, that doesn’t exist, they impose tariffs aimed at the poor and then they lie to us so we feel guilty for the starving.

It’s not your car that changes the environment, our globes climate has always changed, and always will. It’s not the average Joe’s fault that there are starving in Africa, and it’s not consumers fault we have an economic crisis. It’s our enemies that are at fault, but as usual most of you morons believe the crap they are saying. You are still voting for the same political parties, still believing that buying products with some panda on it will change things. In this sense you’re to blame, but only for being stupid, not for the actual actions taken.

When this depression rages on, which it will no matter what any cornflake economists or malevolent politician says, millions, quite possibly tens of millions of people will die, and that’s only from starvation and famine. During a depression and within the political aftermath there will be conflicts following hence more millions will die.

And what is our benevolent übermench doing to stop things from escalating? They have meetings to in-debt us further and they get together in order to impose more restrictions and more environment taxation. The very things that got us into this mess are supposed to save us from it. How funny isn’t that?

There will be no economic recovery, that’s a lie.

Manmade global warming is a hoax, and you’re the one paying for it.

But the funniest thing of all, the very essence of humor and what makes me laugh every day is the fact that we have the means to save everyone. If we were to change policies, end political involvement and stop all the things that are wrong with the world, there would be no starving, no wars, and no conflicts. But doing so would, among other things, eliminate all founding’s to scientists researching the manmade global warming fraud – something that will never happen. There is so much prestige, so much money within the madness of tunneling money from producing people to squashing production environment-movement style that they rather see millions die from starvation than admit defeat.

And eliminating tariffs? Please. That’s political suicide in many countries.

And stop creating financial dilemmas? Why would they? Nothing is more lucrative. They make billions on the way up, and when the crisis sets in, the taxpayers come to the rescue. They can’t lose.

In other words, millions of people will very soon die. As I’ve said before, we are only months away from famine catastrophes. They will blame you for it; they want you to feel ashamed and pay up for useless aid-campaigns. And they will blame manmade global warming for some of it. Mostly you idiots out there will eat it up, which in turn will create even worse problems.

Ah, the world is a funny place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once upon a time in Mexico

Again media is reporting about new fatalities courtesy of the Mexican government. As usual journalists are not putting the blame where it belongs; instead they refer to the “drug-war” as if it wasn’t politicians fault. Authorities all over the world continues to murder its citizens, both directly through so called “drug-wars” and by executions, but also indirectly since the illegality means worse drugs and an open invitation to mafia organizations.

If we legalized drugs less people would die, our prisons wouldn’t be overcrowded and the total cost for societies would go way down. Not to mention that most criminal groups would disappear. In addition we would also be masters of ourselves again. Deciding what we eat, drink, inject or snort should be each mans absolute right, but it isn’t today.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from overdoses, drug-wars and from mafia thugs, all of which have been created and are fueled by government.

Don’t blame any kingpin, blame those that should be blamed; politicians.

A glimpse into America’s future

Although it’s a well-known fact that guns and ammo in the US has sold out pretty much everywhere, you cannot really contribute that to any real upheaval situation, sadly. However, when we also add the growing succession movements that exists in several states things start to look up. Moreover we have the tea-party thingies in addition to a growing number of people demanding an audit of the fed.

But the real picture isn’t forming before we start looking at economic figures. As usual media is reporting “green shoots” were there are none. In reality we haven’t seen a single figure of the positive kind, well, with the exception for military founding. The Obamination is the worst military spending president US ever had, if not counting world war times. Nobel Peace Prize my newly shaved ass.

Official unemployment numbers have now reached double digits, and are still climbing. The real statistic is horrifying read. According to census counts (again official figures) unemployment, if counting people who have left the unemployment line without getting a job, the number is close to 17%. But it is actually much worse than that. Not only is the real unemployment-rate close to 20%, but working hours in relation to salary is going up i.e. people are working more for less pay. But the real scare comes when we are looking at industry output that is dropping like a stone.

Nevertheless, unemployment of depression levels isn’t really the problem. Media and elitists are trying to get you to focus on those, probably so they can launch some useless government stupidity and hire a couple of million people and so show adjusted numbers in the near future. They have already indicated this, more stimuli are coming soon. However, they will not have time to commence that scam to any larger degree before the real mayhem starts.

The real problems for the US, as well as the world, are the looming disasters they have built up within the banking system, within stock-markets and the soon to be crashing and burning USD. You see, unemployment as a lone problem (only one remaining according to several pundits) would be fixable. If production took off, the government hires people to dig holes in the ground or if all welfare checks disappear unemployment would go away. But all possible solution is dependent on the existence of wealth to use for such endeavors, wealth that doesn’t exist. You see, the stock market is living on newly printed money and bail-out founds tunneled through banks. It’s all air. Equities haven’t really reached the heights of before this depression yet, and according to the enemy class this is bad, but what they don’t say is that even this lower level means overvalue by 40-50%.

I could go on, but I’ve already covered all the scams and debunked most of the reports they are feeding us in other posts. Needless to say the financial future of America is so bleak that it overshadows the, in comparison, minor slump we had in the 30’s. And the US is by no means alone in this madness; pretty much every country in the world is helping out building the mother of all bubbles. What looks beforehand as being the worst disaster in human history is not far from hitting us and few countries is in worse shape than the US. Not that it really matters, the world will never be the same and the shock-waves will be felt in every cabin across the globe.

And now we are now getting reports that militia groups have increased their numbers in such a pace that over 100 new groups have formed only since the current pick-pocket in Chief got seated in office.

My hope is that it will be the American government that strikes first, so the sympathies end up where they belong. We don’t need another Oklahoma bombing, we need another Waco. We don’t need another sniper terrorizing normal folks, we need more demonstrations. The government, already heavily under fire, will sooner or later make that crucial mistake of shooting some kids, sending in the military to clean up law-abiding citizens or something of the sorts and that will be the starting of the second American Revolution.

So to my American friends I urge you to sit down and wait for a while, prepare, of course, stock up, train and be ready, but please refrain from hostilities before the general public has had enough. It may take a year or two, but it’s necessary for success.

I know that trigger finger is itching and I would love to see some senators and federal bureaucrats dangling from lamp-posts, but please hold on to your hats a little while longer.

As you probably figured out from my ramblings I see a bloody outcome in the near future, and I’m not warning about it, no, I’ll welcome it and if possible I will help out as much as I can. I believe it to be necessary for several reasons, but the main idea is for the US to once again show the rest of us the way. Maybe as a divided country, it’s very possible we’ll see two or three new countries form out of the current US.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The überlords agenda of madness

An unholy coalition of elite interests has promoted the manmade global warming theory; scientists have needed funds, the media a story, and governments a worthy cause. But why argue the case of a none-existing threat? They benefit from it. Instill fear in the populace and they buy newspapers, they are more willing to accept more taxes and scientists get more founding.

Remember when the hole in the ozone layer was going to melt Antarctica? But don't worry, we're safe now, that was the eighties. I can still remember how they showed statistics that cancer cases was exponentially increasing and how no one would be able to live in Australia. Hundreds of millions would be dying in the street by now. Pseudo scientists argued that mankind would be doomed within decades, and then the story sort of died out. The consensus among the elitists on this issue melted away at the same rate as the ice in our poles increased.

Before that we had an insane opinion among many scientists, fueled by media and scaremongering politicians that we were heading for a new ice-age.
Oh, and Y2K, remember that one?

Repent, the end is near!

I sort of get it, politicians’ need a windmill to fight and they need to show us an enemy, fictitious or real. If our country, our society and mankind has a common foe, it’s easier to sell arguments of higher taxation, more regulations and more disburse of power from the common man to obscure malevolent bureaucrats. And many scientists biggest source of income is today allocated founds to research this scam.

Journalists need their stories and many companies benefit from selling certain “environment friendly” products. And the UN, useless as always, has an inherent interest in gaining both power and influence.

Conveniently the powers that be all forget 32000+ scientists suing Al Gore for fraud and how 650 of the world's top climatologists stood up and said man-made global warming is a media generated myth without basis at the 2008 December's U.N. Global Warming conference in Poznan, Poland. And they totally ignore how we since 1998 have had a cooling period were temperatures actually are dropping. However, this last part isn’t really something to rely on, one way or the other; because any real scientists will tell ya that any measurement needs to come from thousands of years, not decades.

With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on us. This fraudulent theory, which has no facts whatsoever backing it up, is on the same level as the moon is made out of cheese or the earth is flat.

And have you noticed how anything can be blamed on global warming? Fires in California, landslides in Greece, typhoons in China, Hurricanes in the Atlantic, and starving in Africa, all of which, apparently, can be contributed to us driving cars. And there you have another reason for our bellowed leaders to impose this hoax on us – to cover up their inapt reactions. If the government don’t react in time or with the right measures to save and help people, the populace might get a bit annoyed, but blame it on global warming and it’s a faceless power no one can do anything about, other than tax us more that is. “It’s not our fault, it’s the cars!”

But maybe the funniest bit of this malicious puzzle is the “wont someone please think of the children”-argument. While their taxation and restrictions is murdering people all over the world, they use the future of our children as a selling point, just as they do when it comes to the fascist internet-control. Oh, there are pedophiles out there? What a surprise. We need to restrict everyone and impose so many laws that the internet becomes an elitist’s plaything.

This cannot be said enough times. Do you know how much scientific evidence there is for manmade global warming? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

In some years from now this little doomsday scenario will be overplayed, and they will have moved on to the next scare. Maybe it will be solar-flares, cosmic rays, alien invasion or back to the ice-age lunacy. No one will come out to repent, no media will admit how wrong they been, and pseudo-scientists will still get their founding, but now for researching the next threat to humankind. All along you, the large masses of idiots are the ones paying for the scams.

The human genome

On a small little blue dot in the corner of one out of billions of galaxies, mankind evolved. According to the theory of evolution the first life came into existence about 5 billion years ago as a result of billions of years of accidental, random atomic collisions. Scientists call this development of the first living organisms from nonliving matter abiogenesis, a sort of virgin-birth. Despite, or maybe because off, meteorites, volcanoes, and cosmic radiation life begun and flourished.

Throughout the ages several apocalypses have destroyed much of life on this planet, just to see it emerge again, victorious. One out of the species transformed into an upstanding primate capable of imagining fantastic things like tools, how to control fire and even contemplate its self-existence.

I don’t know the mathematical equation capable of handling such turn of events, but the chance of life evolving into something intelligent on a planet just right for living condition is staggering. Although, mathematically speaking, we can be sure that it has happen before and/or is happening right now, that many stars, galaxies and planets exists, so aliens do exists, we can be certain of that. Still with our knowledge we cannot regard life as anything else but a fluke, damn luck really.
By evolutionary standards and taking the distant look at our lives, we exist very shortly, insignificantly short. Not a single one of us, no scientist, no athlete, no politician, not a single one will have any impact whatsoever on the universe. Maybe some chaos-theorist can give us the comforting thought that we may cause an earthquake or tornado thousands of years from now if we fart in bed today, but mainly we are irrelevant, a nonsense ant-species that happens to be able to grasp how tiny we really are.

But despite all that one needs to stand in awe for what people are capable of, if they put their mind to it, if they are able to grow and use the intellect that is so unique. We exist, we have essence and we can understand it. Mankind is a fantastic race and in our future it’s hard to imagine we have any limits. We will continue to evolve, go forward, invent and grow. When I see a science fiction movie or read about paranormal things, I don’t see such things as unbelievable, I see it as a matter of time. Sooner or later we will figure out how to travel faster than light, invent anti-gravity and teleportation devices. I’m absolutely sure of it. That is if we allow ourselves to do it.

Mankind’s worse enemy, from the very start, has been himself. The very same intellect capable of inventing marvelous things is also capable of conjuring up our own destruction. And throughout the notion of ‘collective’ have been the main culprit. Not collective as in helping each other’s or being a part of a whole, but rather the notion of group-thinking, us against them, red against black, white against yellow, team against team, nation against nation. This is what’s really behind all the religious wars, the confiscation of one group’s property to give to another and all the rest that comes with. This very malicious idea is the foundation of communism as well as National Socialism.

And humans that come to be by what has to be regarded as an accident, what have we become today? A lazy complacent ass-sucking sycophant that rather watches reality shows rather than experience the amazing life that has been given to him during a very short amount of time.

We have become the victims of our own success. We have come so far that we today have the means to feed, clothe and take care of every single person on this planet, but this accomplishment also means we are relaxing, not taking proper actions to evolve further and in doing nothing, or hardly nothing, we have also become followers of those in charge. It’s easier to put the head back and nibble on processed food than to take charge of ourselves and really question our surroundings. There is always someone else that can collect our garbage, make our food, and sew our coats. This laziness that historically speaking have worked in our favor, making us invent things to save us time, is now in our way. The apathy is hanging over humankind like a damp quilt.

And so today we stand on this minuscule rock facing not only our arch-nemesis of collectivism, but also our own I-don’t-care outlook of things. Although we are more educated today and more suspicious against totalitarian ideas, we have it much easier to accept a slowly growing autocracy, as long as those in charge give us stuff. Give people free gifts and they accept pretty much anything. And under the disguise of democracy, seemingly a good force, the elitists are doing just this, tricking us with nice words. Want equality? The government can fix that; just put your name on the dotted line saying you accept higher taxes. Want freedom? Sure, you can have that, but first you need to give up your rights of privacy and recognize politics power over your life.

The entire elitist’s spectra with journalists, big business, politicians and all the rest are openly lying to us, but mostly we don’t care because they hand us stuff so we don’t need to think or act ourselves.

Humankind’s absolute best century - that of the 19th - was the foundation we still, today, live on. During a period of 100-150 years, we went from agricultural and feudal societies were pretty much everyone starved to the era of industrialization. And even today, with growing numbers of starving, we are still able to feed the vast majority, something unheard of earlier in history. During the same time as we industrialized, we also learned what makes humans really great. When we let people, to a larger degree than before and since, use their brains, let people be freer, they produced and outcompeted any other civilization before. No other country symbolizes this more than America. A bunch of farmers, religious outcasts, fleeing criminals and hopeful immigrants came together under the writings of the declaration of independence and became the riches most producing country ever seen on this planet.

A large portion of the biggest companies today was founded during or just after this period. Inventions poured out from peoples’ minds and democracy and other principles of fairness come to be. But as usual we let ourselves go into decline. Socialist solutions, fascist dogma and statism once again grabbed hold, and has not really let go since.

If it weren’t for the dark ages we would probably be colonization space right now, and if it weren’t for the 20th century, the era of collectivism, we would have taken another step towards the future. And if it weren’t for today’s statism, that is growing exponentially, we wouldn’t have starving people or wars. Maybe older time’s citizens could blame the high and mighty or a lack of knowledge for their obedient following, but can we really claim the same today? In reality, if you really want someone to blame for your unemployment, famine or murdering hostilities, you only need to look in a mirror.

Billions of years of evolution, a fantastic brain and a lush planet have brought us to a point of stupidity. Rationality has gone out the window, individuality and strives to better ourselves have come to a halt. We are still moving forward, but very slowly. Two exceptions are weaponry (always need those to kill other humans) and internet. And since the powers that be are doing their very best to hinder the internet revolution, soon the inventiveness can only be found in ways to slaughter ourselves. There are some few other exceptions, but mostly we are at a standstill.
While our politicians fight over who’s the best totalitarian more and more of the important parts of our lives becomes something that the elitists control and rule over. During the 19th century most people never come into contact with the state other than during an occasional war, and taxation was limited. Today, you cannot do, see or think anything without having intrusive thugs monitor you with forms, rules, laws and endless departments.

Just think about that for a moment. Can you name one single thing in your life that isn’t scrutinized, controlled, taxed and regulated by government? I can’t.

Some people call this socialism, and to a certain degree it is, but since our beloved leaders want a sort of free market (they do know what produces value) and since we still have a so so free social existence, we need to call it light-fascism or statism instead. For every year that passes more laws, more regulations and more controlled is imposed, even by so called “right” political parties. Soon, very soon, this will turn ugly, precisely as it did during the beginning of the 20th century.

When the mayhem ensues, when all those crashes cometh and you’ve lost pretty much everything, don’t blame the elitists. Sure, we should string ‘em all up in lamp-posts, they have earned that, but the one you should be angry at is yourself. You let it happen, you voted for it, you wanted it, suck it up.

And if, by chance, you start to use that intellect again somewhere down the line, please remember how tiny and insignificant we humans really are and do the very best you can for you. It’s your life, and your body, never let anyone tell you different. Only then can we really fulfill both our potential and our destiny.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I come and I go

Have been very busy lately. I’m fighting the Swedish government on a couple of issues and working pretty hard. I’ve also been offered another position in yet another country, an offer I’ll probably accept. Finally getting to that island where I can grow my own crops far away from the madness that is about to ensue.

As a consequence my postings will be a bit scarce for a while. This works out pretty well actually since I’ve been waiting for the economic figures to deteriorate further so I can, again, say ‘I told you so.’

So don’t expect more than one post a day or something.

And please people; keep a close eye on the USD and other things earlier mentioned. There will be more crashes coming and if you’re not prepared for them, tough.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The indignation and fear is tangible

Again a survey has revealed that the “racists” are gaining momentum in Sweden. The party SverigeDemokraterna (SD) or Swedish Democrats in English have now gone past a couple of the fascist parties in our current government according to the latest poll. A shaking experience for current MPs now risking to lose their seat.

And again mainstream media and the established parties are scratching themselves pondering how a party they drum out to be ‘racists’ can gain voters. A party that to a large extent is frozen out from general debates, has very little money and has a hard time finding office space shouldn’t be able to attract sympathizes. Oh, and the righteous elitists have done and continue to do everything they can to label these horrid foes with the most vile epithets imaginable. Still SD keeps climbing the polls and the established parties seems to have no countermeasure other than continue the bashing.

Why don’t they get it? I’ve figured this out a long time ago. It doesn’t matter if you take the marketing aspect of being the underdog, bullied and oppressed or if you apply the SD “racists” arguments that actually do have some valid points in the life of ordinary citizens, the outcome is the same. SD will gain voters.

The elitists have done nothing to tackle the problems that, today, come with immigration and refugees. So if someone offers a different approach and solution, why shouldn’t people be interested? And when you talk to people that exists in our time and space which is far, far away from the world of politics, you soon realize that most citizens are bloody tired of the political correctness that oozes out from parliament. When did it become “racist” to wave the flag? When was the vote on banning church on graduation? Why can’t we be proud of being Swedish, English, American or whatever? Why can’t we celebrate our old traditions or sing the songs of our ancestors?

And people are also evil, all of us are. Maybe with the exception for a black, unemployed handicapped single woman with 3 children, but otherwise, all of us.

The evildoers are everywhere. They drink too much or drink stuff that is illegal. They do drugs, drive too fast, they drive without a seatbelt and they are horrible enough to lit a cigarette now and again. The evil people are also display adequate sinfulness when they ride bikes without a helmet, download a movie or utter stupidities like “equality” or “justice”. The evil people take jobs at pre-schools despite having reached adulthood and consequently being pedophiles. They are everywhere these evil ones. They don’t pay enough taxes and sometimes they even complain over too many regulations. They spit on the street, they walk against red light, they are having barbeques without permission, and they paint their houses in the wrong color or build too close to the water. Malevolence citizens may watch the wrong shows, listen to the wrong message or just be pigheaded enough to not listen to reason. But the evilness doesn’t stop with just evil, people also don’t understand how evil they are and so consequently the government needs to tell them this by labels, laws and information campaigns.

You understand this, all of you do, that you’re evil. So along comes an evil party the elitists don’t want us to vote for… oh, such a surprise that people do it anyway… Don’t you think?

Most people don’t care what color or religion their neighbor has, but they do care if that person has a job or not, and they do care whether or not a newcomer display willingness to adjust to laws and the surroundings.

The elitists have made sure that immigrants and refugees have a very hard time finding jobs, and politicians try their very best in pushing such individuals out to rundown projects and trashy suburbs. The elitists also make sure that there are exceptions in the law or that any poor defenseless newcomer get all the welfare he want and then some. The politically correct righteous elitists have also made sure that it’s mostly us evil ones that needs to adjust to new religions, new cultures and whatnot. And damn anyone evil enough to point out that a faceless woman covered in some Klu Klux Klan sheet sitting behind the cash-register is a bad thing.
The powers that be have created this mess, in affect invited racists ideas and parties in. They would have done less for SD’s cause if they paid for SD neon-signs and big ads in the paper. And since there is very little difference between any of the parties, including SD, why not?

There is not a chance in hell for me voting for SD, they are too racist, too socialist, too much as all the rest. But for the rest of you evildoers out there, why not?

Creating criminals the righteous way

I was checking around for some good porn and as usual I started to roam my favorite sites. All of a sudden I stumbled upon a site blocked by my isp and/or the police claiming it contains kiddy porn. That site wasn’t blocked before and it didn’t take me more than seconds to encounter a couple of more sites blocked for the same reason. The censorship kind of bugs me, not because I like naked preteens but rather that someone else have decided what I can and cannot watch. Maybe those sites did contain some questionable stuff, but I doubt it.

How do they decide what is kiddy porn or not? Does it take one single picture of a girl with a shaved cunt and small breasts to render such a blockage? Someone may argue that it’s mostly self-evidentiary, and maybe it is to some degree, but to keep track of all the millions of porno sites is an impossible task so they haft to act on suspicion rather than take the time to investigate a picture or vid before issuing a filter. Consequently sites will be blocked without being guilty or getting to defend themselves.

Even I with my limited computer knowledge know how to avoid filters or look behind the curtain if needed and if one site gets blocked, two new ones pop up. So such filters or blockage are only temporally at best. In other words the whole thing is highly stupid. In a way our great leaders knows this and consequently they feel the need to be able to penetrate into everything searching for key-words, certain names and so on in feeble attempts to catch one or two casual collectors of dubious stuff.
Anyone with the slightest inkling also understands that real pedophiles avoid public domains as much as possible. They have their own little hard to get into clubs. And so the only ones getting tracked or caught are the occasional watcher or the one that happens to download something that may contain something suspect. With the emerging of the latest legislations the righteous seemingly are saying that pretty much everyone are pedophiles, and so they do have created a perfect excuse for surveillance.

In essence; the more laws, the more criminals. More laws render more people getting caught so, in the eyes of our enemies; the more a law seem to be working i.e. more getting busted - more laws automatically becomes a “good” thing. In the meanwhile the initial offenders, the rapists, can continue at the same rate as before but now actually more protected since police spend more of their time catching made-up criminals that may or may not have a couple of pictures of a naked girl that may or may not be underage. Yes, they can get hold on one or two really horrible people, but mostly the monitoring will only catch more people if they impose more laws. And since police as well as the justice system needs to show results, and since politicians need to prove how valuable their conjured up laws are it all leads to an escalating situation.

This is what most people out there don’t realize; that some child porn laws that do come with good intentions in reality leads to more resources being diverted from the real criminals to the occasional, and mostly unintentional, offender of questionable material. It also leads to even more hidden societies of shady characters that get even harder to get to. All the while new sites pop up faster than anyone can close them down so the lawmaker is always at least two steps behind.

Again, this cannot be said enough times, the monitoring will only catch more people if they impose more laws.

So the thing I want you to understand here is that a new law means we get more criminals and the government will, but only temporarily, catch more “criminals”. It takes a certain time for people to see, understand and circle around a law, but eventually it happens so the number of “criminals” getting caught goes down and that does not look good for the police. You might argue that the police would regard that as a good thing, but then you don’t understand. The number of “criminals” is still the same, but less gets caught because they have learned how to avoid the law. Consequently we need additional legislation and maybe even a new department handling certain issues. How often don’t we hear that we need more laws to protect the young, animals or whatnot?

Another example of the same phenomenon is how the police handle speeding and traffic violations. Is there anyone out there that has ever seen a regular police control in the centre of town? I haven’t, not in any country. Ever seen one by a school? A majority of all accidents happens in highly populated areas, but where do we find police control stations? Highways. If you are driving on a 3-lane highway on a beautiful summer’s day you can find a police control after a stretch of downhill.
Most people actually obey the speeding limit when driving by a school, but almost no one follow the same when going downhill on a highway on a perfect road on a summer’s day. The police know this and consequently they fill their quota fastest on a highway. Instead of going after the really insane idiots driving as crazies the police spend their time catching soccer mums going 2mph too fast.

And the number of laws in regards to traffic comes in unlimited supplies. Seatbelts while driving, you cannot talk on the phone while driving, you need lights on even during the day, you need insurance papers, driving license. Any markings need to be correct, the cargo secured in a certain way, your vehicle cannot weigh more than a certain weight, you can only have a certain amount of passengers, and God help you if the license-plate isn’t visible enough for the controllers to see. Eating liqueur-candy or having a light beer to dinner isn’t even an option because they may get you for drunk driving.

The only limit for how many and how intrusive laws can be is our own imagination or, as in the eyes of the righteous, how evil people are. And for those that rule us and for the police it is, as said, important to show result. If they imposed a law that didn’t create any criminals, it would be a useless law.

The first reason for any law is to create criminals. The second reason for any law is to show how fantastic the government and the police are. Far down the list comes protection that is the main selling-argument.

Back in town

It's a hard life, but someone needs to have all the fun. And Saturday... time for tha Whiskey.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NWO is a good thing?

In a way you need to agree with the New World Order agenda because people are so moronic, so stupid and so way out of their mind that they should be ruled, controlled and told what to do. To be honest, one of the main mysteries today is how modern day man can manage a toilet visit by himself reading a newspaper in addition to wiping his ass. It seems that most people’s brain activity shouldn’t be able to process such high levels of intellect.

One cannot help to wonder if the power elite have come to the same conclusion and consequently feel it prudent to impose fascist regulations. Although I sort of agree with such a notion, I still believe in people’s rights to be ass-holes. Citizens should be able to be as idiotic as they want, that’s a human right. Besides the next Hitler or Stalin will make the idiots pay, to bad those of us with working synapses are going to suffer as well.

All in all it’s a freak show and you better start developing those laughing muscles, you’re going to need ‘em.

Monday, November 9, 2009

When will tears fall again?

Those of you that are not old enough cannot really grasp the feeling we whom experienced the cold war had and how it felt when the wall fell down. I can count the number of times I’ve cried since reaching adulthood on one hand, the Berlin wall crumbling down is one of those occasion.

The totalitarian society of the Soviet Union is one of the worst in human history. It’s hard to say how many tens of millions that died in the Gulag, from shots in the back of the head or simply disappeared during the cold war. What we can be sure of is that the number is staggeringly high and that the communist experiment failed miserably, just as it always has and always will.

Sadly enough, people never learn.

Throughout history mankind have almost always lived under totalitarian rule. Monarchy, socialism, fascism, oligarchy and so forth have come and gone. And they keep coming. Mostly such authoritarian governments have born and died through warlike conditions; so lately the elitists have chosen another path, that of democracy. Through the scam of voting, from the lying of spin-doctors and righteousness bordering to religiosity we can see the same structures being built also today. Some countries, like Venezuela, have gone ahead in a faster paste, others take their time. The end result, however, is the same.

You don’t need to look at the escalating fascism comes to internet or our current financial dilemma to understand how far down the road we really are. Look at the apathy, the lazy journalists, the controlled science community, the utter madness of Manmade Global Warming or any other lunacy. And take a look at the people attending the 20 years celebration of the Berlin wall coming down. Most of the dignitaries attending are cheering for the demise of the very same politics themselves stand for today.

Why won’t you people learn? Why do you keep voting for and rooting for the same damn elitists? How can you still be so gullible and stupid?

Communism should have died even in the head of crazy Marx, and if not before at least it should have died with Pol Pot and the Soviet Union, but there are still many strange people buying into it. The same goes with National Socialism or any other –ism that is designed to murder and destroy.

You don’t think the holocaust or the Gulag can happen again? Just give it time, that’s all you idiots out there need; time. Sooner or later you will be stamping around in combat boots and knocking off Jews, Muslims, rich people or farmers at the same time as you are giving us intelligent freedom lovers the epithets you yourself deserve.

Mark my word, more tears will fall, many more. However, those will not come from me. I’ve given up hope for mankind; the general public is so stupid.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The biggest hoax of all time

The scams, the trickery and all the shows put on throughout the ages have been somewhat obvious. Lunatic claims that the earth is flat, snakes are divine beings or socialism can work have all been revealed as false. Today we also understand that the Pharaoh wasn’t a God, Zeus didn’t exist and mankind didn’t spring into being from clay.

You don’t need to have my political view to start thinking how stupid things have been and still are. But do you know what the biggest lie of all time is? The most ridiculous claim ever conjured up by anyone in the entire planets history? There have been a lot of them, and you may find it difficult to pick the biggest one, I don’t have that problem.

I would argue that something that has no basis in science whatsoever and have been thought up recently would be high up on such a list. Mankind have evolved, we go to school and there is no reason for us to believe that earthquakes are signs from any deity. No one would buy mad claims of the Moon being made out of cheese today, still most people believe in something just as ridiculous, and this today when we should know better.

If that same claim also leads to consequences like more starving in the world or less work and lower production, shouldn’t it be at the very top? There is no science to back it up, all the evidence points towards the opposite. There are no facts, no argument that holds, there is nothing tangible whatsoever. Still politicians, journalists and most of the world’s population seem to believe in this, and that today, when we should know better. In fact the real science and actual evidence disproving this bizarre hoax are available, it’s not hidden. Even if the pranksters try to cover it up somewhat and all non-believers are ridiculed, it’s still there. There are books, numbers everywhere and lots of research available to anyone that can read.

Surely such a lunacy should top the list of what is mankind’s biggest lie of all time?

What I’m talking about is manmade global warming. How modern day man can believe in something that has no facts to back it up, no science, no figures, no graphs, nothing, is beyond anything throughout history.

This is the ultimate test. Anyone that believes in this alarming tale of utter madness is a basket-case and a danger to all around. It’s an intelligence test better than any Mensa assessment. You cannot claim to be a thinking life-form at the same time as you believe in manmade global warming.

I have actually tried to get someone to offer me evidence that manmade global warming is real. So far nothing. I have offered money to scientists, not a single one has won it. I have offered my naked body running through the streets while am screaming “I’m mad” until I get locked up. Never needed to fulfil that promise. I have talked to politicians, journalists and lots of ordinary citizens, still no luck. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t exists! There isn’t even one single claim that holds and no evidence for it. Not one!

Manmade global warming is the biggest hoax of all time, and most of you idiots out there have fallen for it. What does that tell you?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something little way too late

Read this article (only Swedish) in one of the Swedish newspapers today how the central bank is feeding the big lending institutes with lots and lots and lots and lots of free money. Of course this was obvious from the start, so to come dragging with some piece of half-ass journalism now is sort of passé. However, they at least write and print it, so some kudos their way, no one else is doing it, at least not whithin the mainstream media.

The main problems with these little schemes are nevertheless not really mentioned. Well, they sort of implies in the article that this have to do with increasing housing prices, and that this may cause a bubble, but in a nice sort of a way.
It is very important that all of you out there understand what is really going on because of 3 main reasons

1) A similar plot was one of the main reasons for our current financial debacle to emerge in the first place. In other words, they are trying to fix one, in comparison to what’s to come, small fire with gasoline. And what happens when you pour gasoline on a small fire?

2) Since the banks that are literally getting paid to accept hundreds of billions takes this money and save it in government bonds or in other ways makes them available to investments, it means that they inflate not only the housing bubble, that some idiots are starting to realize is happening, but the money also end up at stock markets. And what is the main “green shoot” we are seeing and getting reports about?

3) This also means higher taxation and it means that the poor are giving money to the rich. If you have no idea what inflation is, which most economists, journalists and politicians don’t, then this is sort of hard to explain to you. Basically they print money, flood the system with this newly printed cash and since the rich and powerful financial institutes get it first, they win. The ones that get it last, you normal folks out there, lose. And then, because this transference of wealth isn’t enough, each and every krona, dollar or pound or whatever, looses in value, there are more money hence less value for each note and coin. This means you actually pay higher taxes then you did before. After that comes inflation…

I know most of you out there either don’t care or don’t understand, but I’m telling you, if you all knew how sinister and blatant evil this scheme is, you would be out stringing up banksters in lamp-posts right now. That’s how bad this really is.
Even if this plot isn’t as bad in Sweden as in the US where the biggest heist of all time has just taken place, it’s still bad enough.


Ever wondered why your grandfather, despite living in a time when less was available, still could afford the same or even more then you can today? This is why.

They are fooling you! Tricking you! Stealing from you! This is a fraud and it’s done to you right now. Stefan Ingves and the others at the central bank should be in Jail, they should be prosecuted and trialed for high treason and crimes against humanity.

Why the hell do you stand for this? Can you people at least acknowledge that one Swedish big bank, Handelsbanken, is not accepting your stolen money and change to that one? I would argue to stay away from banks completely, but if you need to: CHANGE TO HANDELSBANKEN NOW!

And why journalists are missing to write about this trickery is a riddle in itself. Sure, some of the media are owned by the same thieves that are stealing from you, or they control them by advertising etc. But there should be enough actual reporters wanting to investigate and tell people wants going on, but there isn’t. I think they have become as lazy as the rest of us.

But hang on to your hats and condoms ladies and gentlemen, because it can and will get worse.

How can it be worse than getting robbed in broad daylight and having the poor feeding the rich money? How can it be worse than inflation and higher debt ratio with impending bubbles created?

Here come the next three things you should know:

1) Because this means lower production; we produce less. Instead of making cars, building bridges, producing tools and whatnot, we borrow money to buy housing or just for the fun of shopping. This happened because it’s easier, and very cheap to borrow, but it also happens because people in actual terms earn less. Wealth is created, and it’s produced. Wealth cannot be required by buying stuff. They want you think so, but it’s wrong.

2) The higher debt-to-GDP ratio means that our options diminish. Only interest rates will cut into hospitals, schools or the justice system. They say we can pay it back; sure we could, if we actually produced wealth, which we do less and less.

3) When interest rates go up and when inflation kicks off, which will happen about the same time. Defaulting levels will rise, foreclosures will rain down, banks will be in trouble again and unemployment that’s already high will go through the roof.

And here’s the kicker. Put all these things together. Think of it like a big plate of badness. Sprinkle over some increased protectionism, crashes in other countries, and then pour over that vile smelling black substance that is the actual problem. What do you then have on your plate?


This isn’t some minor stock crash or deflation crisis that we can fix during a couple of years. This isn’t a depression of miniscule impact like that in the 30s, this is much much worse.

America and the UK along with many countries in Eastern Europe and others around the world are so deep imbedded in manure that they are sinking down with bubbly sounds right now. There are so many things going on at the same time. It’s not just one country or one bubble; it’s the motherload, the greatest bubble that has ever been inflated by mankind. It’s a depressional tsunami wave heading for the shoreline with unstoppable power.

And what has man, countries, rulers, always done when all else have failed, when their people are starving and starting to lose it? What has always been the favorite out for elitists all throughout history when faced with a similar situation? WAR!

And do you know what we have today that they didn’t have back in ancient times or even during WW II? WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

The sooner you realize how bad our situation really is, the sooner you can start preparing for it. Get guns and lots of amo, move to the country side and start growing your own crops, stock-pile canned gods, get freeze-dry food packages. Get a big canister with oil, get lots of extra gasoline, buy batteries and a short-wave radio.

I could be wrong, I could be a nut, I could be overdoing it, but just as during the cold-war when they urged us to have some extras, it never hurts to have some now either. And if you live in America, start praying. Only a miracle can save you poor folks now.