Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The ape and his wife

Sadly the hairless W chimpanzee with no working synapses got replaced by a darker version, both figuratively and literally. Whatever the warmongering ex-alcoholic primate did, the current occupant at the white (<-- racist remark?) house have decided to top it. Chimpanzee Bush imposed more restrictions, created more laws, and managed to throw more money at the military and create more of a fascist governance then anyone before. But the banana munching Ape with his wife, seen below, do take everything yet another step. With the exception for world wars, no president has spent more on the military than Michelle Obama’s husband. He has reinforced and expanded every little fascism his predecessor created, including snatching up people and torturing them without any form of legality.

But worst of all, the economic mistakes created during many years by several governments and worsened by Bush, have now gone into overdrive. The mother of all depressions, the biggest tsunami wave of financial calamity ever seen on this planet has been inflated by a black man in a suit, in addition to being toughened and worsened by all the rest of the baboons around the globe.

This is true monkey-business of the highest standard

As you probably realized by now this is the none-pc version sprung out because of the recent “racism”-claims comes to the picture you can see below. And I do need to apologize, to monkeys and apes that is. No animal is so vile and evil as this bunch of malevolent misfits.

Polar Bears and Gorillas aside, the ones that really need to go extinct are politicians, banksters and other tricksters that fool, dupe, steal, con, and murder.

Anyone else that thinks that the Obama camp actually created this picture themselves to “prove” how horribly racist everyone opposing their fascism is?


  1. The world we live in and the humanbeings are not always PERFECT. Some born to HATE and distroy and others are born to LOVE and build.

  2. People are NOT equal. But it's not the color of their skin that defines each humans value but their actions. Judging a human JUST by his/her color is just rasist crap.


  3. Where do stereotypes come from?


  4. Thanks for nothing Euro Trash. Go back to your caves honkey.