Sunday, November 29, 2009

A time to rejoice or cry?

So, Swiss voters have voted yes to a referendum proposal to ban the building of minarets. Some complain over this as a hinder of religious freedom, and it is, but supporters of the ban claimed that allowing minarets would represent the growth of an ideology and a legal system - Sharia law - which are incompatible with Swiss democracy, they too are right. So how do one stand on this issue?

Well, for anyone with any sense of decency and liberty, one needs to condemn this result. It is also a sort of rejection of the Muslim community, religion or culture.
Still I cannot help myself, I’m sort of happy for this idiocy.

There are two reasons for my general happiness in this case. Neither of which will have any enemies of humanity call me a friend. Firstly it shows, yet again, how democracy can make the most stupid stuff seem attractive for the sheople of this world. Secondly this is a dent in the growing Muslimification of the western world and the righteous will, yet again, scream about hatred, fascism and racism. And you gotto love that.

And I have to admit, I belong in that fold that doesn’t really like the growing voices of radical Islam. Not that I would ever argue for or celebrate any intrusion into personal choice comes to religion or any other basic freedom.

In a way I think many out there share this sentiment. Most of the people I know would never ban or outlaw any people from their religious rights; however, most are also sort of suspicious of Islam. We need to blame movies, American warmongering presidents and a few radical terrorist for this, but there’s also the non-PC reason – namely that there’s a degree of truth to such notions. There are elements within Islam, and not only radical ones, that are incompatible with democracy and freedom, not that any other religion is different, it’s just as things are. And have you ever seen those Muslim nutcases roaming British (or any other) street? You can gain anti-Islam feelings for less.

But if one of the most vicious killing-machines of all time, Christianity, was able to conform into some form of decency, Islam can do it as well. So we probably need a couple of wars, some rebellions, several terrorist attacks, and some decades of uncertainty before the vast majority of peaceful Muslims adapt to a more western way of thinking. And yes, our way is better, how’s that for pc?

Too bad then that our economic calamity will destroy the world before Muslims can prove that they aren’t vicious terrorists. That will probably make things worse before (or rather “if”) it gets better.