Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for regular mail to be confiscated

As we all know by now email, internet traffic, online communities, our isp’s and pretty much everything else that has to do with our computers and what we do online is monitored, controlled, read, watched and acted upon by authorities. Even before we implement ACTA and the new all-out EU control-grid, we’re under surveillance 24/7.

Bloggers, Pirate Parties, technology geeks, libertarians, advocates of free speech and youngsters have been arguing against this Orwellian madness for a long time.

One of the arguments used has been to say that normal snail mail going via the postal office aren’t opened and checked in the same manor. Stupid as we were we sort of thought that our masters could be persuaded to think and stop their monitoring or maybe we thought that the common man would wake up if they realized how scrutinized and checked we really are.

But the British government has now taken action to see to it that any letter or parcel also can be opened and checked. Well, they’ve always had that option, but only under suspicions and with approval from higher authorities. Not anymore.

Maybe they thought that since they are closing down internet options and hindering the growth of technology, people would resort back to older ways of communicating. Maybe they realized that terrorists and pedophiles can use regular mail for communication. Maybe this is yet another way of controlling us.

In any case, another control-grid is now getting into place in Britain and it is just a matter of time before everyone else has it too.

I have an extra pitchfork, if you we’re looking for one…

Time for the torture

In Sweden a strange story is unfolding about some poor 14y old girl that got raped. Apparently the entire community where she lived turned against her and celebrated the admitted and convicted rapists. A rapist that later raped another girl and got convicted for that crime as well.

I’m not going to get into that story too much. Instead I feel it is time for the government to move in with their torture units. Surely drugs were involved here, and the two girls probably have been behaving a bit strangely afterwards. The entire community and, more to the point, their kids need to be investigated.

In accordance to the Justice Minister and her cronies any adolescent below the age of 15 can be picked up, forced down and be tapped for blood, urine and be made to suffer through different cohesive action against their and their parents will. All under the suspicion that drugs might be involved.

Surely drugs are a big part of this mess? Maybe the whole community is doing GHB?

The law in question hasn’t really been passed yet, but I would recommend they do so soon. We cannot have raped girls behaving strange, boys raping while classmate’s is cheering on. Very strange activities that need forcible investigation, so time for the torture.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

The Fatty about to lose it

Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez has seemingly stepped up his paranoia and oppressive behavior. He seems to take it one step further for each month that passes. Not really surprising since the economy is destroyed, his socialist experiments are failing one after the other and his power hold over Central America and South America states has greatly diminished.

Sure his carelessly thrown about bribe money and directly controlled, by him, news networks are still working. Even western media are still picking up the dictators well planted stories.

But as is always the case with any leftie tyrant time is running out, and along with his growing weight he feels that burden.

It is just a matter of time before a) he starts a war. OR b) he starts death camps and knocking of his own people.

Right now the “b” alternative seems to be the most likely next step.
Former Zulia state Gov. Oswaldo Alvarez Paz said in a television program that Venezuela has become a drug-trafficking hub. Which is true, the number of Venezuelan boats getting caught with drugs is way up and an increase in detection of suspected drug flights from clandestine airstrips inside Venezuela, seem to support these claims that is also argued by many countries and independent sources.

The obese dictator however wants nothing of that uttered. Consequently Oswaldo Alvarez Paz has been arrested and locked up, seemingly indefinitely.

And we also learn that authorities have arrested the owner of the Globovision TV channel, one of the few remaining broadcasters critical of President Hugo Chavez. All the rest of such media has been closed down or threatened to silence. Among other Chavez has closed 33 independent radio stations.

And, as most government is doing nowadays, Chavez has said he would talk to the attorney general about regulating the Internet, which he said is "poisoning the minds of many people."

Thankfully for the Venezuelan people their kids aren’t getting tortured and forced into containment yet, as they soon will be in Sweden if our Justice Minister gets her way. But the guilty before found innocent policy is about the same. Maybe our government can look for more pointers from this dictator? They seem to be heading down the same path.

Anyway I’ve not seem so many salutes from lefties about the plump despot of Venezuela lately. This means that once he starts with the organized killings or goes to war, socialists will claim Chavez to either be doing the correct thing against imperialist Americans or that he has lost it and become a capitalist and fascist.

That’s how it works. When he was throwing stolen money around to the poor he was a good guy and a socialist hero, when he’s now locking up dissidents and starts murdering people he’s a right-wing nut. Funny how the leftie brain works, don’t you think?

Some wakeup calls – too late

I’ve noticed a couple of things lately, not only in British media, but in Swedish as well. For some reason journalists are starting to wake up to our distressful and very ominous situation.

Lately there have been several articles questioning the reasoning behind the manmade global warming scam. They have even let a couple of professors and real scientists come forward and say it is a hoax, something that was hardly possible only a year ago. Thank Beelzebub for hackers and bloggers I would say.

In Sweden more and more voices are heard about the gigantean housing bubble forming. Although most within mainstream media still are hiding behind so called “experts” claiming any bubble-talk is nonsense, we do have seen a slight change the latest couple of months.

But maybe the biggest turn-around is when looking at the financial debacle forming. Suddenly you can hardly pick up the paper anymore without reading about oily Greeks in trouble, how Japan is throwing their 75 (or so) stimulus into the fire, and that there are still worrisome signs in the world economy.

Today we learn that Italy, Bulgaria and Spain are having problems and that Portugal gave the markets a slight hick-up the other day with their new rating.

Nothing of the things mentioned here is news for anyone following this blog. I knew about the economic crisis forming already 8 years ago and just as others with an understanding of 4th grade math, nothing of this is a surprise.

Actually, looking at the economy, it is very easy to understand why we have ended up here and why it can only get worse.

Today Sweden has the highest housing prices in the country’s history. In fact, during last year which (according to mainstream pundits) was the peak of the economic crisis, prices continued up.

Think about that for a moment. We’ve just gone through the worst crisis since the Great Depression (in reality still in it), unemployment is still very high, companies in general are showing bad numbers, the repo-man has never had so much to do and the big banks are in big trouble. Financial markets are shaky and we have a Justice Minister that wants to torture kids. In the mist of all this housing prices are rising and have reached an all time high.

Doesn’t seem right now does it?

And if that isn’t enough for you, take a look at renting versus buying a home. Now, this measurement is a bit messed up in Sweden because of all the regulations, the central planning and so on, but generally speaking housing prices should reflect on the renting market and vice versa. Even today with today’s ridiculously low interest rates and very cheap money available on the market, it is often cheaper to rent then to buy. If you count your mortgage costs, taxes, and include a buffer in case something goes wrong with your home you will come to the same cost or (in many cases) much higher cost of living if you’re the owner of your home rather than renting it.

What this tells us is that housing and real-estate prices are way overvalued. Extremely overpriced. If it isn’t cheaper to buy, why do it? Because people, idiots as they are, think that prices will continue up, and the central bank does everything it can to shuffle people into buying stuff. The more stuff you buy, the better.

And to all this we need to add the fact that we have loose lending practices. Not as horrid as in the US or Spain, but many have bought their homes with very little down. Some have been able to borrow a 100% (or even more!).

This cannot last, it is a mathematical impossibility. If it doesn’t crash by itself, it will do so when the countries in much deeper danger go under and brings us down with them.

And looking at Europe and the sickness of fiscal irresponsibility, it is also very easy to understand were this is going.

During last year all of them, every single one, borrowed and printed money to pay for their stimulus scams. Now, all of a sudden (yeah, big surprise…) they are all in need of cleaning house, save money and get their economies going at the same time as they need to cope with extremely high deficits.

I wrote a year ago that the worst thing they could do is to throw billions upon billions to keep their sandcastles standing. Because all that would do is increase deficits and fix nothing of the problems. They could, temporarily, scam markets or the public with cash-for-clunkers programs or ‘investments’ in “Green Technology”, but when that money runs out I said they would be standing there with the same problems as before but now with even more debt and a deeper hole to dig themselves out of.

Well, guess what, most of those programs and scams are now out of money or about to reach their end of the line. The deficits are massive and higher then before and nothing has changed.

Unt now desperation is starting to creep into our masters.

Just look at Greece. They haven’t even started doing what is necessary and have hardly saved a penny yet; they need to do ten, twenty times more to reach reasonable numbers. And what happened with their minor effort? Riots, massive demonstrations, strikes all over and even bloodshed. Just imagine what will happen when they, as well as Spain, Italy and all the rest really, actually, and factually start to do what is absolutely necessary to do.

This will not be pretty.

And they know it. Why do you think they are doing everything they can to convince us about the ‘green shoots’ and why they are filling the news with the “all will be fine” –crap?

Apparently we’re going to see a bail-out of Greece in the near future. It seems that our European puppet masters are about to circumvent their own rules and break treaties just to save the irresponsible and idiotic Greeks.

Once they start down this path, there’s no turning back. They cannot throw billions at Greece but not at Italy, they cannot bail-out one failing Euro-country and not another. This will end the Euro.

Sure they are saying that IMF will step in. Ever wondered who pays for the IMF scams? Both Germany and the UK did throw in some extra billions into IMF last year, seemed unnecessary back then, but maybe they saw this coming eh?

We’re heading for a fall folks, a big one. How long, and how severe it will be is up to you. We cannot stop the depression, it is already here and it will continue many years into the future. Nothing can change that now. But if you start to listen to those saying and arguing the truth, maybe we can recover and maybe we can see to it that it never happens again.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

Why we fight

I was vacuuming just now and when I turned on ‘super-suck’ it struck me that this is what it means to be a libertarian - walking around life trying to suck up the badness hiding in the dark corners of our existence.

And as we all know it doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, sweep, and mop because there’s always another dust pile and another left-over bit of moldy candy. You could wrap your house in plastic, eliminate all furniture and never enter and still dust would form. Cleaning is really an endless Sisyphus task.

The same it is to fight for truth, liberty and justice – this fight never ends.

Actually we can probably never win. There will always be special interests, banksters, unions, and lobbyists fighting for their piece of the cake. And in opposite to us libertarians, socialists know they can “win”. It is easier, much easier, to convince people that they can get free stuff rather than to say they need to work for it.

Socialism, statism, collectivism whatever you want to call it, has several big advantages. They never need to explain anything, all they need to do is to promise a pink shimmering existence and sell that notion with ‘feelings’. Even easier it is for them to thrash any opposition to their ideas because anyone that don’t want the poor, elderly, young and handicapped to get free stuff is per automatic ‘evil’.

People in general are either too stupid or don’t have the time (lazy) to find out the truth so when lefties comes along with an all out solution; let the government think and make choices for you, most tend to listen.

But our uphill struggle is even worse than that. Have you ever consider what the libertarian promise to any voter is? We’re really only saying that if you work hard enough you might get rich, and in our world people would be free to explore their own potential and have free choices. That’s pretty much it.

We don’t promise them happiness, money, food, jobs, love or honor. We’re telling people that if they want those things they need to get it for themselves, work for it, sweat, and really put the effort in.

The leftie says he/she will fix it for us.

How can we compete with that? The sad truth is that we can’t.

So we cannot win, but that’s not why we fight.

This world is a cesspool filled with selfish greedy beasts, and in it we live, we eat, we shit and then we die. It will always be filled with corruption, murders, rapes and dictator wannabees, this no matter what we do.

So why do we fight?

I see the libertarian quest as that of a watchdog. We try to make sure they don’t take it too far.

Occasionally we convince enough people and make a slim difference. Sometimes we manage to wake people up, maybe not convert them fully, but at least make them see the man behind the curtain.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing works so hard for libertarian ideas as the socialists do. Every time they “win” and set up Gulag camps, creates holocausts, start wars and make people suffer for being foolish enough to vote and root for leftie ideas, they show what their ideology is really about. Hopefully, maybe, someday down the road enough people will see this and ponder on what the alternative is.

So we don’t fight to win or to gain enough votes, we fight so people, countries and the world can go in the right direction. We fight because it is the right thing to do. Just as with cleaning. We know we cannot win against dirt and dust, but we still do it because we don’t want to live in filth and sometimes you can avoid getting a disease if you live in a cleaner surrounding.

Is there a way, a road not taken, which would create a win? No.

But there is a small hope. If our technology advance far enough we can sooner or later start colonizing space. That is still a century or more into the future, so I will never live to see it. And it is possible we’ve destroyed ourselves along with this planet before we get a chance to, but if we were to collect all of the hundred thousand or so individuals on this planet that use their brain and go to a new place, start over, then maybe, just maybe we can call that a win…


Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.