Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The safest places

In several American states it is legal to carry firearms at public schools and universities. Now seemingly Texas is following this shining example and is going to permit the same. This is great news for those living in Texas. If any of those madmen going on a rampage shooting at people tries it at any of those schools, he won’t last very long. This is of course the best way to scare off and stop potential criminals. Most governments however won’t allow this kind of protection since it always needs to be the government that comes to the rescue. If people can defend themselves, what do we need government for? So self-defence is a huge nuisance in the eyes of politicians and if some idiot with a machine gun massacre defenceless people it's a good thing because scared people turns towards the state to get help and protection.

I hope more American states takes after those shining examples and that we in the future do the same all over Europe. Not only criminals should carry guns, law-abiding citizen and students should do to.

Please pick right targets

This summer might be a bit fun. There are some demonstrations and such already planned and I’m hoping for some more and as said before I do believe we will start seeing some real violence quite soon. However this is only going to be the prelude to the real mayhem that will come in a year or so. Most of you out there haven’t really figured out how deep in shit we are and right now journalists and politicians are doing their very very best to convince us about better times and that they are halting the crisis. This is of course just another stupidity from the enemy class.

Have you noticed how they are saying the crisis is slowing down and the turn-around is in sight? What’s not being said is that things are still going down, the numbers keep getting worse, granted at a slower speed and some numbers (mainly the stock-markets) are even going “well”. But what you need to keep in mind is that unemployment would be even higher if it wasn’t for government’s nonsense jobs that in reality are increasing the crisis and if it wasn’t for stock-markets showing improvements. The later is thanks to low –fictive- interest rates and massive new amounts of money being printed and thrown out to financial institutes. So yes it is true that all those massive loans together with colossal piles of newly pressed monopoly money and together with enormous governmental stimulus have “halted” the crisis temporally. Things are still getting worse which will make politicians and economist all over the globe do the same things a couple of more times. The real crash will come when either the dollar collapse or another couple of bubbles (being inflated beyond help now) bursts. It doesn’t matter if my prediction that the real crash will happen in the beginning of 2010 is correct or if it takes a couple of more years, it will happen. There is no stopping that anymore.

When you finally decide to get out and make good use of that rope and nouse please remember who the real enemy is. It is not the police or the military, even if they are going to shoot at you and maybe kill you. Sure as any useful idiots they need to be dealt with, but remember they are being used and duped too. There will also be a lot of supporting troops trying to save their “benefactors” and asking you to calm down. It might be a good thing to ignore those morons even if I would argue for the abolishment of them as well.

The real objective is of course politicians (governments). Most of them have been and will be responsible for this horror-show. No matter if we are talking right or left it is the same idiotic policy. Journalist’s that only report what others tell them is of course among the main culprits. They have fooled you for a long time; don’t let them keep that up. The group I would blame the most however is mainstream economists. Lots of banking people, central bank idiots and advisors to politicians should get what is coming to them. Not only because they are highly responsible for the crisis and the coming depression, but also because these people should know better and worst of all; some of them actually knows the truth but is still doing, saying and advocating the opposite. Some business leaders might also be included in this pile of enemies, but you shouldn’t blame the market or directors/entrepreneurs as a collective. Most of them are hard working people and we are going to need them if we ever going to rebuild. And please don’t blame immigrants or refugees. Sure some of them are living on welfare or committing crimes, but that’s mainly because of governmental policies. Most of these people are also hard working that actually wants to contribute.

1. Politicians –Nouse and a lamp-posts
2. Mainstream economists - What one usually does with undesirable kittens
3. Journalists - aerodynamic experiments from tall buildings
4. Supporting troops - close down the institutions (welfare offices, social services and other stupidities) and if they complain; roll the dice and choice from the numbers above.

I wish you all good luck; most of you are going to need it…