Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pathological liars and true evil

In all my life, having seen a lot and experienced even more, and throughout the years meeting tons of strange and weird people, I´ve – so far – only meet one person that was truly and deliberately evil. One out of thousands.

I´ve meet lots of criminals - bear in mind; I´ve been in politics - so I´ve seen the belly of the beast. But only one person so far I can honestly and without a doubt conclude was and sadly still is evil.

My conclusion is that actual malevolent evilness is a scarce commodity. Even though I usually refer to banksters, journalists and politicos and their wicked ways, I don´t think so many of them are malicious. Not really and not planning to be, it’s just the result. Many of them may even think or act out of what they believe to be good or a positive. The road to hell is paved with good intentions… and all that…

Let’s take an historical example; was Hitler really evil?

From one viewpoint yes, burning Jews and trying to exterminate the Slavic peoples is hard to see as anything but evil. However Nazi Germanys claims on German speaking territories historically belonging to the Holy Roman Empire was not really wrong, and how can you blame Germans for wanting to get back at the France and British?

War has also been a main occupation for most countries throughout the ages, and so also extermination tactics - the Germans wasn´t first, and neither the last ones applying that idea. And at least Germany attacked Countries able to defend themselves – which is not something that can be said about the aggressive policies of today’s America, or about the colonial power of Great Britain.

Although most people would claim Hitler to be one of the most evil persons of all time, I don´t really see it that way - Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others where more a prolonged conclusion of several millennia of similar antics.

Antics that, by the way, continues to this very day.

It’s common, very common, for a politician to blame someone else for a failing economy. It’s also very common for those in power to start wars when all else has failed.

The only trait more frequent then above is when elitists create a problem, wait for people´s reaction to it, and then act as if only the elitists themselves can fix the problem. Problem-Reaction-Solution is a variation on the classic Machiavellian fabricated external-enemy strategy for manipulation of public opinion and society, usually by the government. The general theory is based on the Hegelian Dialectic method thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

This method together with a made up enemy and fictitious animosity between people make a perfect foundation to rule.

Basically if the elitist sphere has set this up in a, for them, good way, they cannot lose unless either an outside power take over and change the name of the game or if the economy/country implodes on itself and consequently a revolution (peaceful or violent) take place.

You may see different faces, a few variations of color, perhaps even one or two females at times, but the status quo will remain. Once setup as a vital part of the power structure, this way to rule will never go away. Political parties or right-left paradigms do not matter anymore – all that matters is power; to get it and to keep it.

Think about it; however enormously huge 1-2% up or down in taxation or government intrusion is claimed to be by the powers and their spin doctors, ask yourself; how big difference is there really?

This is also one of the main reasons why a previously good person with an agenda to change things, totally changes MO when residing in office. The system is not only meant to keep the sheople down and oblivious, it’s also put in place to keep henchmen and potential whistleblowers in check. Once you start to fight the system, you´re going to lose. Its automatic, built in and can never change unless one of the two mentioned above occurs.

Even though the status of and the content of politics rarely change, there are other entities that will.

In order to keep the status quo our politicos have a few tricks up their sleeves whenever the economy is faulty or people start to wake up. The most common way of handling such threats to politicians power is to use what once was called “panem et circenses”.

However since used up most resources already, as is the norm, they need to rely on other means and that’s when they turn to banksters. 

Whether such banksters are of the central bank variety or of a more obvious private entity has little meaning. What matters is that they can spread money around and help with the borrowing, printing and lying. Banksters of course have no ethical problem with helping politicians steal, rob and thieve so they can get reelected, no problem whatsoever - as long as the banks also are allowed to steal, rob and thieve from the people.

Of course it happens that banksters seek out politicians with bribes and such, but the point is that this symbiosis of banksters and politicians will be the result regardless.

The same quid-pro-quo story goes for journalists who put half their work into writing about made-belief hostility between political entities. Or, for that matter, other rich and powerful individuals who knows who to grease and knows who to keep a lucrative friendships with.

Evil? Not so much. It´s just the name of the game.

These people - those making up the elitist sphere - will however sooner or later turn evil. That’s also part of the story.

You see the status quo is only kept in place until the economy starts to fail, something out of the norm (war, famine etc.) happens or until people start to sniff the air after the origin of that stench befallen society. Whenever any of this occurs our Great Leaders need to come up with a few new tricks to keep us down while keeping their hired guns in check and roll the scam forward a few more years.

There are several roads taken leading up to the same end result and since those in power either knows this or, at the very least, should know where it ends; this is where the true malice starts.

It happens of course that Great Leaders of men jump over the below points and head directly towards the end with war, starvation, civil war, rebellions, death camps etc. but normally it goes something like this; 

a)      They put their earlier scams and constant robbery into overdrive i.e. they print money like crazy, borrow even more and they throw it around like candy to appease both the general public and their pals within the power structure. 

b)      If “a” does not work (which it never has and never will) they do the very same thing again. Usually repeated a few times, over and over again. If they didn’t know before, those in power, by this stage, knows the game is up, but they still do it and they even come up with new stupidities to keep power. 

c)       When both “a” and “b” has failed (which theyalways do) The Powers That Be either stage a false-flag-attack to band the nation together against a fictitious enemy or they bully/tease/annoy/threaten a neighbor or someone(s) with a different religion with a other skin-color – basically an “enemy” the people do not care so much about and would feel very threatened by if they ever did something like;… a terrorist attack… There are a lot of different variations and combinations here of course, but the result is the same; an outside threat and/or war collectivize the people and when anyone opposing this situation is labeled as anti-patriot and traitor and the entire power structure throw their weight behind the entire situation, the scam can continue for a little while longer. 

d)      War 

e)      Rebuild, back to status quo with new faces and new colors but the system is the same as before, usually with exactly the same bankers/priests now founding to rebuild what they helped destroy. And the circle starts anew.

If you take a look at history this story repeats itself over, and over, and over again. All the empires of older times went through these stages or some variant of them. Why would today be any different?

Thankfully (if that word can be applied here) the countries and empires of earlier civilizations did not have the means to wipe out entire countries or destroy the planet. However today we do possess that power. So IF people like me are correct in assuming that above stages will occur again, and there is no reason to believe otherwise, and IF that leads to major conflicts (perhaps even World War III) life will not only have changed forever, it might even end completely.

Today most countries are somewhere between “b” and “c” above with the only difference from earlier societies being Internet and all the MuslimTerroristPedophiles emerging from that invention. Internet and new technologies is not only a threat towards those in power, it also presents a new opportunity of mass-surveillance and control never seen before. If handled correctly and if the New World Order conspiracy is correct, we may see a break away from above stages and enter the age of Global Fascist Unity. I hardly think so myself, but that’s probably something the elitists cling to as their hope for the future.

My observed conclusion is consequently that evil may be scarce, but it is growing and emerging at the very same time you read this and true evilness will show its ugly face many times the coming years. I wonder if we will survive such encounters this time around..