Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweden need a new referendum

The “former” Maoist and spokesperson of the elite, José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission, and his acolytes has decided that the EUSSR bureaucracy should steal much more cash from Europeans the coming years. Presumably they need to appoint more unelected soul-sucking thugs to rule over the masses.

To reach this goal any country exception will be partly or fully withdrawn and the country-tax being paid to the EUSSR will increase.

For my birth nation of Sweden this means that the 5.5. billion SEK discount will decrease (or be withdrawn) and the current fee (tax) of 30 billion SEK will increase to around 40 billion. That’s a massive surge of EUSSR confiscation from the Swedish people. Great Britain, Denmark and Germany are other countries facing similar increases in costs without getting any benefits back other than the joy of obeying even more commissars.

It’s almost as if they want riots isn´t it?

Personally I see the partly socialist and partly fascist union of Europe as the biggest threat towards Sweden and the Swedish people certainly since the funny Austrian painter had his storm troops run amok across Europe – and quite possibly the biggest threat ever.

The Swedish Democrats (the supposed “racists” party of Sweden) gets another free buffet of voters and I guess even a few leftie parties, although they should be rejoicing, will gain supporters. And personally I will vote for any party or a politician looking to leave the horrible growing totalitarian nightmare of the EUSSR-union.

No other issue can compete with the importance of opposing and fighting the authoritarian and oppressive super state of the European Union. Level of taxation, equality, labor codes, political color or whatever it may be is totally secondary.

And IF all you power-hungry Europhiles will cry so much over losing cushy comfortable jobs, fight for something that might work; like a unified Scandinavia - which is an idea even I may support. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland forming a new country with one currency would work since our history, economies, culture and language is so similar, and the power of a unified Scandinavia would give us seats in international bodies and a voice in the world far exceeding that of all of our voices inside a corrupt EUSSR.

A new referendum now!