Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The worst possible thing that can happen

I’ve been contemplating on the worst case scenario comes to our financial predicament. And the worst possible outcome I can see is that the schemes actually, partly or fully, hold what is promised.

I don’t think this is the case, there’s no way they can hide away a couple of hundreds of trillions in debt, tens of trillions of freshly money printed and all the problems around the globe with real-estate and market disruptions.
Or can they?

As I’ve said before, there are two ways this can happen. The first one (very unlikely) is some kind of Alien intervention. Some benevolent creatures from outside our corner of space stops by and fix everything for us, gives us stuff and so forth and presto the calamities are gone. They may also be less inclined for peaceful talks and enslave us all; again the underlying economic worries are gone, well… sort of.

The second thing that could happen (also unlikely, but not unthinkable) is that some new invention(s) suddenly appear. Cold fusion or the Nicola Tesla ‘free energy’ thought might do it. Maybe some miracle drug that cures all diseases, a way of growing and harvesting crops ten times a year and free abundant water for all may also be the saviors we been waiting for.

Unless something of the sort happens, there’s simply no way out of this mess for many countries on this planet. The Math doesn’t tell lies. The ones in deep, deep trouble are UK, US, Spain, Greece, most of the Eastern European states, Japan, half of South America and most of Africa. And you gotto understand that it only takes some of these countries, not all, to falter and crash and the rest will follow, and so will yours, no matter where you live.

Many within the enemy class know this, of course. They know the game is up, but nevertheless they also know how easily duped the sheople are, so one last scam might be feasible. And that is what they are perpetrating right now. ‘Green shoots’ are everywhere; the slightest elevation of any market is taken as a fantastic sign of better times, and GDP numbers are quoted daily to reassure the common man that all is well. Nothing to see here folks, move along, buy a new house, and spend some, tralalala….

But let’s play for a while with the thought that this Keynesian nightmare and our Orwellian outlook actually plays out as those in charge are only keeping their thumbs for – they don’t actually believe it themselves.

What then?

Oh, this is surely the worst possible scenario.

Because if they ‘succeed’ and things really turn around, not only short-term but in over years to come, they have a perfect excuse to impose more of the same. We doomsday sayers were obviously wrong, government intervention is a good thing, and those deemed better knows their stuff, socialism have won a great victory. And since they have long before this crisis, during it and certainly will afterwards, blame capitalism and free unregulated market for the problems; we’ll see an upswing in leftie policies.

If this scenario becomes reality, I see “People States” popping up everywhere, probably following some Hugo Chavez or Adolf Hitler blueprint. We’re already seeing this comes to internet, but for a slightly different reason. Internet is free with information, people can educate themselves, find out truths and question mainstream media - that will simply not do, how can our masters play their games with such a nuisance available to everyone? So step by step, law by law, regulation after regulation they cut the corners and make Internet less free by the minute. The same will happen with countries if this economic scam ‘works out’.

So it is not only because of the hilarious disaster I see before us and would love to laugh at that is my point, I also believe that the hope of our future can be found within an economic depression.

Because maybe, just maybe, enough people would realize how screwed they’ve been and maybe they also will start to understand who to blame and what to do about it. We need this depression, people need to suffer once more, hopefully also experience the horrors of war and maybe a couple of holocausts. I know it sounds terrible, but it seems nothing else work. You idiots out there are so dumb that you actually believe in government planning, fascist control and the socialist way of life. So that is what you should get. Really get to know the fluffy pink gloriousness that comes with statism and totalitarian societies. You need it.

But if their plan has ‘worked’ and they can continue with the lying and deceit, then it will sneak upon us more slowly, and without most of you knowing it we would suddenly find ourselves in complete servitude getting born and getting to die by the hands of the state (just a step away today really…).
And worse, you will have voted for it, wanting it, screamed for it.

Very busy

In case anyone wonders, I'm highly occupied at the moment. Moving to another country (again) working, stacking up popcorn, hording suger, babysitting, cat-watching, birthdays and, of course, lots of vodka parties that need my attention.

I have however noticed that the scam of economic recovery continues to be told to the general public. I hope you idiots out there don’t fall for this hoax, whether things crashes this year, next year of 2 years from now is not the point, the point is that things will crash and it will make anything you’ve ever experienced before look like a walk in the park. History is in the making people, and you better wake up and smell the manure before the fan gets hit.

The Great Recession continues and just under the surface the biggest Tsunami wave of utter financial despair in the history of mankind lurks, waiting for that trigger that will plunge the world into darkness.