Monday, April 20, 2009

The madness continues II

So now Sweden has a “zero”-sum interest rate. The errand boys of the political class and all that is wrong in this world have taken my birth-nation closer to the edge. I wonder if it’s the depression or the Swedish government who will be the ones pushing you over?

For those who don’t really understand lowering rates means that people might borrow and spend more. In addition there is also more money in the system so prices might go up. During normal circumstances this, in it self, is a bad idea. These things should be decided on the market and not by a socialist zombie-group at some central bank. And buying things should come with production, not fictive rates and increasing money flowing in the economy. Basically everything the central bank is doing is the complete opposite of what they ought to do. And this is not normal circumstances. We are in the middle of a world wide crisis with governments everywhere printing money and borrowing like crazies which means that inflation will grow and financial bubbles will be created. So with the economy falling, unemployment growing and no end in sight; the central bank wants people to spend their last savings and that prices should increase. Don’t do it! Even if you are loosing money saving them, do not spend a dime. If you are going to buy something, buy gold, antiquities or guns. Stay away from the stock market if you are not completely sure what you are doing.

And I need to quote some bitch-monster with no clue whatsoever about economics. She is mumbling complete gibberish in one of Sweden’s newspapers today. Apparently she is the chief economist at Swedbank which is the bank that is doing worst at the moment and is probably going to be taken over by the state. This to no surprise at all with this mad woman running the show. When asked for the risk with lowering the rate she answers:

“There is no risk today. The risks appear in the future when the recovery is coming and the central bank is going to increase rates again.”

So higher inflation (prices) than normally, people spending their last savings and building in more bubbles in the economy isn’t a “risk”? Okay. How about if the “recovery” isn’t anytime soon?
Apparently this cornflake-economist doesn’t see any inflation risk either because she says:

“In the short perspective I don’t see any risk with the ‘krona’ getting weaker and that this is going to lead to increased inflation.”

Despite contradicting herself, which she apparently doesn’t realize, what the blazing fierily pits of hell does she mean by: “in the short perspective”!? Next week? When this depression hits us in a couple of months from now and people start walking around with empty eyes trying to find jobs, remind me to unearth this woman and give her a banana.

There are also some economists that are telling people to keep their rates adjustable, because it might pay off. This is of course complete madness. If you haven't had your loans put on a fixed rate before, do it now!

As I have said before the volatility of the stock market means it fluctuates up and down without any real focus. If you want to know why you can read some earlier rambling. This will continue a couple of months more, maybe even seemingly showing some improvements and climbing a bit upwards. All along with politicians, bought journalist and other criminals claiming the crisis is over. Do not let this illusion and madness fool you. The depression is coming and this time it will really be “great” in opposite the much smaller one in the 30’s and the Swedish Central Bank is enhancing it.

The madness continues

Apparently the Swedish central bank is planning of lowering its interest rates. This just in case there are some savings left that need to be squandered before the depression hits us. No need for savings, only spend spend and spend. And with these low interest rates and more money in the system the prices on real-estate is going up, when they should be going down and this is a huge warning signal, which of course very few picks up on. Are these incompetent central bank zombies wilfully trying to destroy the economy or are they just stupid?

They should of course increase the rates with at least a couple of percent to keep spending and borrowing down and saving up. But this is probably an indirect way of helping the bank- and financial system going, which is also highly idiotic. If those “economists” that never should have got an education, doesn’t know how to do their jobs, that’s their problem. If some bank fails, let them. If some stupid investors and capitalists invest wrongly, that’s their problem. Let them go bankrupt.

There should be a minimum IQ-level equivalent to people’s shoe-size for working at a bank, but apparently that’s too much to ask. Aren’t there any people in this world that is actually thinking?

social plagiarism

"Social plagiarism is not a bad thing, as long as it is not too obvious who you stole it from. Everybody does it."

Revolution comrade!

Despite some amateurish, I kind of like this one. I just wished we hadn’t outlawed guns in Europe and so many of you were so pussyfied. We need a real revolution in the world, bringing in capitalism and freedom instead of the socialist crap we live with today.

A racist hilarious Muslim smurf

The little Muslim smurf did as expected and made a fool of himself and his country. Sadly some democracies had decided to attend, which is asinine in itself. What did they think was going to happen? That the Ahmadinejad fellow and the other racists in the auditorium were going to play nice? The UN is a ridiculous very costly idiocy that should have been put to rest even before it got started. Nothing good has never and will never come out from anything with the UN name on it.

And UN’s pressecretary, Marie Heuzé, said she was upset. Over what? She knew this was coming; she and the other socialist a-holes let the little smurf speak. And the other Muslim idiots let him parade around when they should have shown the world that there is some intellect also within their ranks.

But we shouldn’t blame Muslim idiots, Jewish idiots or some Christian fools for this spectacle. It is the UN that really should be blamed. They did fully well know what was going to happen but as usual the complete madness of this insane institution lights up the world. When are people going to get it and end their membership?

But on the other hand this is what I call entertainment! I haft to admit I love that tiny little not-shaving goat fornicating Ahmadinejad. We have too few really nasty regimes in the world. Lots of potential ones and some half and half, but this warmonger is the beacon of comedy. While his regime is stoning women, executing people for no reason what so ever and throwing money to terrorist groups, he, the camel-fellating Islamo-nut denies the holocaust, built nukes and hate Jews with a fierily passion at the same time as he calls Israel a racist state. I mean come on, hard to top that at any comedy show.

The witch hunt is on

With well armed soldiers and an ominous looking Führer the Anti-pirate agency is now, supported by procecuting idiots, going to work hunting down innocent people. I’m just waiting for their variation of the floating test and that oh so funny suction device. CIA have some pointers in this regard if it is hard to get information or good education in Sweden. But I do not really get the smallish punishments. Shouldn’t there be more years? We can always let murderers like Quick and Flink out if there is hard to find rooms to hold everyone. And if there is little time for the police to help out they can always stop searching for rapists, those girls have themselves to blame anyways. And think of the possibilities of building new prisons and hiring more guards and officers! Maybe we can stop the unemployment from going up?

Actually this kind of brings back nostalgic memories for me. Growing up having fun things like KGB and STASI running around the world things like this makes one feel young again. People are helpless against these mercenaries but I hope someone stands up for their human rights and fight back. The killing of a youngster with the latest Brittney Spears album on the computer might be a law changing event.

Age have very little impact

Some youthful mugger wannabes is trying to cry a bit in one of Sweden’s biggest papers today. Claiming that youthfulness matter in regard to the coming EU election. The Swedish electoral system with political parties lists means, in reality, also regarding EU, that it’s the party that decides who is going to end up on the lists the voters can vote on (you vote for the entire package). This also means that those who ends up on the lists needs to be suck-ups, politically correct and for the most part they need to follow orders. If not, they will get stricken from the list next time or end up with some “scandal” that suddenly hits the papers. In other words age have very little impact other then maybe getting some younger votes. Sure there might be some difference in perspective and in the long run the younger candidates might change some minor detail, but that’s hardly even semantics.

And doesn’t it seem a bit convenient that this article suddenly pops up in the papers at the same time as the Pirates are growing in numbers with mainly young voters?

For me however the notion of a “right” party member writing an article and getting it published together with some communist, is very strange. During my time in politics that was hardly ever seen, at least not before the Berlin Wall came down. Apparently getting young people to vote for something else than the Pirate Party is more important then taking a stand against the anti-democrat forces. Good job by these young thugs though. They will probably make good little state cronies robbing people of their money and following orders.