Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Banks continue to laugh all the way to the bank

Both in the US and Sweden there rages a bonus-debate at the moment. Banks, that first robbed people and made bad investments, and then got more stolen money in form of bail-outs and so cheap money from the central banks they even got paid to accept. These fraudulent institutions that either should be bankrupt or be burned to the ground are having a payout-frenzy to executives and other employees that have been so good at stealing and taking lots of tax money can get their bonuses.

One deceitful bank in Sweden (SEB) even seems to have been handing out bigger bonuses then the actual profit during 2009. So cute, don’t you think?

Kudos to some of you that seem to be kind of upset over this. But as I’ve said before and I say it again, if you people out there really knew how our banking and monetary system works, you’d be out doing the dance of revolution within minutes. What we’re seeing with these bonuses is only the tip of a very dirty ice-berg and in the center of all these scams, lying, thievery and contempt for the common man is the central bank. Whenever a crisis emerges, they themselves have created; you can always count on the banksters to fill their own pockets and the central bank to make things even worse.

Hilarious quake

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. Already battered by storms, socialism, military coups and gang violence, much of Haiti is a mixture of slums, poor construction and people living on the edge.
And since the idiots of this miserable island cannot build properly, have no real infrastructure and constantly refuse to embrace capitalism, an earthquake with, oh let’s say, a magnitude of 7.0, pretty strong but not really disastrous in itself, will leave hundreds (thousands) dead and desolate the morons and their island even further.

So, of course, that happened. Like icing on the cake and yet another nail in the leftie coffin.

The pick-pocket in chief Oduma pledged to help the crippled country with some money he’s stolen from Americans. Probably others will follow, pouring lots of money over a Haitians that don’t deserve it and rather need help learning how to build houses and how to string up totalitarians in lamp-posts.

According to some reports thousands of people are dead and ambassadors are saying it’s catastrophe of major proportions that will make the already suffering nation into a horrible place.

And I cannot stop laughing.

This is hilarious stuff.

This is what happens when you refuse to be rational, refuse to comply with basic human rights and instead live by the code of authoritarian madness. What the world should be doing is to tell these sad people to fuck off. Until they start maximizing individual liberty and minimizing the state we should ignore their cry for help. If they never learn, how can they ever avert things like this and start helping themselves? If they’d done that, the death toll would be far less, and they wouldn’t need any help.

But, of course, our western media as true advocates of the same policies that rendered Haiti into a poor nation, urges us to send money. Don’t do it. If you really want to help these people, send them instructions manuals on how to build stuff and a copy of Atlas Shrugged. After that ignore the idiots.

Some funnies from Africa

A tropical cyclone will “probably” hit Madagascar on 14 January. The already bankrupt state of Madagascar with hundreds of thousands bordering on starvation really needs something like this, don’t ya think?

Over 30,000 people in Kenya are in urgent need of shelter, water, food and healthcare after heavy rainfall caused massive flooding, forcing thousands to leave their homes, according to the Kenya Red Cross Society. The already bankrupt state of Kenya with hundreds of thousands bordering on starvation really needs something like this, don’t ya think?

Yes! And now let’s start WW III

A powerful bomb blast allegedly killed one of Iran's leading nuclear scientists Tuesday morning (2010-01-12). Iranian officials immediately, to no surprise, blamed Israel and the West for the assassination. Others say he was murdered by the Iranian government because of his support for the student movement. Either way, this isn’t really the sort of thing that will calm things down now is it?

And mind you me that this isn’t the first little "Iranian nuclear scientist" that has gone up in smoke. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this guy, and others, is benefiting Iran and it seems unlikely that such guys would be assassinated by bomb. If anything the regime would probably lock them up or in other ways force them to work if necessary, not kill them. So what does that leave us with? Yeah… a fine mess this is...

At the same time the Yemen situation seem to be escalating and the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan rages on with millions of refugees as one of several problems.

So… those US troops with back-up military forces from NATO that completely surrounds Iran will soon go away? Right? And Israel has noooooo intention whatsoever to bomb some facilities (fly over through Saudi Air-space already approved by the Saudi’s by the way) and has never said anything threatening? Oh, and the Saudi’s are the ones wanting Gorgon Brownie and Oduma to fight “terrorist camps” in Yemen, apparently the recent would-be bomber of the underwear-model kind had been “trained” there. You see were this is going? Are you getting the picture?

Let’s make something abundantly clear, if they attack Iran, they will destroy the revolutionary movement fighting for democracy because the people of Iran will bound together against a common enemy, they will also have a much harder fight on their hands than underdeveloped and poor Afghanis or a Iraqi people tired of Saddam. Such an event would also sky-rocket oil-prices and more than likely spin our economies into new depts. But funniest of all is that this would happen when people around the world are already mighty tired of the US war machine and the lies being told. And how will Muslims around the globe react when western forces yet again attack Islam?

I’m stocking up on popcorn and vodka; this is going to be hilarious.

Just when I started to like Fox…

…they go and hire Sarah Palin.

I also heard the demon bitch from hell is going to attend and speak at a Tea-party conference. What the fuck has this succubus done to merit this? She should be trialed with the rest of the elitists that has ruined America. People most really starting to be desperate to fall back on her.

When will we see death-camps?

Dictator Hugo Chavez has cut the exchange rate of the bolivar against the dollar by half. Devaluing the currency with about 17%.

Last year, the nation's inflation rate reached 25%, Latin America's highest; anyone thinks this cutting down the currency will help? Anyone?

At the same time, the greasy despot warned merchants during his weekly TV address that raising prices too much could result in the seizure of their businesses. And in true totalitarian fashion he declared 24-hour closures of two big retailers, Exito and Makro, for alleged "irregularities."

And, of course, the pranksters of Wall Street thought this was a good idea. Venezuelan bond prices rose and the Standard & Poor's debt-rating agency upgraded its outlook on Venezuela's creditworthiness, saying the country will now be better able to balance its budget and pay down its $58 billion in foreign and domestic debt.
They stick together as usual…

What hasn’t been reported in western media is that Venezuela has been weighed down by power and water shortage. Isn’t that special? One of the most oil-producing countries in the world with an abundant of fresh-water is having a shortage. The dictator, that is getting fattier by the minute, blames a drought and has announced rationing to reduce power demands by 20% for the rest of the year, and ordered that government offices close at 1 p.m. on weekdays and that electricity exports to Brazil be cut 70%.

The pattern should be recognized, this isn’t something new, it happens all the time when a dictator and his cronies try to micro-manage a country. If he follows the pattern next up is to blame some elusive foreign power (more of it that is), hoist his hands against far away governments and say that greedy interests have foiled his plans. After that there will be a crack down on “crime” and even more socialist solutions because those are never wrong. After that comes hyperinflation, and/or murders, and/or war, and/or death-camps.

And since we have a combined spiraling crime and housing shortages in all major cities and the economy continues to fall, we’re about to see what happens next (above) pretty soon.