Friday, April 3, 2009

rape is hilarious

If you ever have been raped or if you have been really close to someone that have been raped, ”fun” isn’t really the word you are looking for to describe it. But there is also something liberated in joking about things that freighted and upset us. A way to handle. Also you should never advocate that talking about something and making jokes about it never can be can funny and then try to outlaw or ban it. This is not only a question of free speech, it is also a way to shutting up discussion which in turn means you make the subject shakier around the edges and consequently making it taboo to talk about. In a way you can even make victims feel more ashamed and more hurt because you are telling them that their pain is so severe that you cannot joke about it. Now go out and buy a gun and if someone ever tries to force themselves on you, shot the bastard. When you get out of jail years later for protecting yourselves, watch these clips and enjoy it.

I’m going to get myself member of that funny facebook site that is probably getting banned for making jokes. You all have fun now.

Give the woman a polar bear

A part of the Swedish government thinks that it is too expensive to build and own skyscrapers. Consequently they are pondering on subsidize it with a “skyscrapers bonus”. In other words they are saying to construction companies: Build some stuff you cannot afford to build - because we have made it too expensive - and we give you money! And then we send the bill to the taxpayers that cannot afford to live in these new buildings… unless… we give the taxpayers extra incentive to borrow and/or we subsidize it! Yeah! And the taxpayers can pay for that too! God, we are so smart. Wonder why the Americans didn’t think of this, it’s brilliant. But of course we need to impose some restrictions and make sure that these things are built were we want them to be and of course we need to carefully choice the “right” builders to increase competition because we believe in capitalism.

The spokesperson for the Moderat party, Kristina Alvendal, is quoted saying:
“Something needs to be done to make construction companies to really start thinking vertically and build accordingly.”

This is like a really bad joke, but it happens to be true. Apparently the main decision is the governments to make. Maybe they say no, but to even consider this idiocy, and at a time like this, is both frightening and funny. This Alvedal person should be forced to live at a homeless shelter eating rats; I could actually give some pennies for that kind of housing if she ended up there. And let’s give her a nice carnivorous and very hungry polar bear as pet.

Buying a wheelbarrow

Some purchases are not that easy. Wheelbarrows for example. A wheelbarrow is a handy tool well designed to distribute weight of the load between the wheel and the operator so it enables you to carry more weight than you could do alone. The capacity is variable of course, but somewhere around 170 liters is an average. And with that capacity you should be able to carry with you projectile hardware or large bundles of papers much easier. But how do you know which one to choice? If one wheel breaks you might need a repairman available not too far away since you are short one barrow it will take a lot of effort getting the compensation in place. Should I go for that small hand propelled machine especially designed to be pushed and guided by single person? Or do I want something more rugged and hardy that can manage all kinds of weather?

When shopping for a wheelbarrow, it feels necessary to first determine your intended purpose of the wheelbarrow. Gardeners for example generally prefer the garden smaller wheelbarrow because it offers plenty of room for gardening tools, potting soil, and plants but is still very maneuverable. Construction workers however need something tougher to cope with the harder environment they are working in. My thinking however is that I need something in-between. I would like to have something big enough so I don’t need to go several times back and from the soup-kitchen getting a meal, but also it should be easy to handle and small enough to fit in my shelter.

Furthermore should I buy with one wheel or two? I mean the two-wheel type is a bit more stable so you don’t knock over that big pile of bundles or whatever you carry and, if used for your sleeping arrangement, it will be more stable. The more universal one-wheel type however is easier to maneuver and if you want to unload, for instance in a bank or in a shop, the one-wheel type is easier to handle and trouble-free turning around those empty shelves.

And then you have the material it is made of. Should I go for the plastic type or something in steel? Both commodities might be scarce in the future and you do not want the wheelbarrow to be tempting to other squatters. Maybe I can find one in wood? But wait, wood could be used in fires, might not be such a good idea. I did find one wheel-barrow nicknamed ‘The Big Bertha’ and that has a nice bombastic Germanic sound to it and it was apparently equipped with flat-free tires and that would minimize my problem with trying to find a new wheel if the old one were to roll over some barbwire. But the Chinese seem to have a lot of nice ones being sold so this is a hard decision.

Just in case anyone missed my innuendo:

Hard to formulate thoughts

I must admit I’m having very hard time writing something since all my predictions have come true and we now only can wait for this spectacle to move into the next phase. Instead I have been talking to my parents and told them to try to sell the house as quickly as possible. Don’t know if they will listen, but I will try to convince them. Have also talked to some friends to at least tell them what is going on. Most people don’t really understand the severity of our situation. To be honest I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it, despite predicting this would happen. It is hard to realize that people not only are complete morons but also that they willingly walk toward the cliff, again. History has apparently not taught us anything. If history keeps repeating itself the next phase will include the next Hitler or the next Stalin, probably several of them. And most likely people will gladly jump of the edge, just as before.

And just so you all know: United States have, during the last six months, more than doubled the amount of bills and coins, but in reality it is actually much more. And the printer is just getting warm...

Just a little reminder:
At the end of WWI the Reichmark was trading at 9:1 against the US dollar. By January of 1922 the ratio of marks to dollar was 192:1. By the time the Rentenmark was introduced in November 1923 the exchange rate was 4 four trillion marks to the dollar.

In essence; get stronger kids

Get used to it

Another nutcase have gone berserk and started shooting people. This is horrifying but I do believe you should all get used to it. If you thought it was a lot of that going on before, watch the madness increase the further down the path of inflation and socialism we go. I’m just amazed it’s not been a rise in those kinds of events already. When your possessions aren’t worth anything anymore and it is impossible to get a job your intellect will subside a bit. If you are used to the finer things in life, but suddenly find yourself starving, your government promises to fix everything for the thousand time, your car get repossessed and you are angry at everything and everyone, then this will happen for those who snap. And there is going to be a lot of snapping going on the world in the near future.

In America these kinds of events will make legislators and anti-gun people demand for more and more restrictions and argue for abolishment of gun rights. Governments don’t want armed citizen, not a good idea when everything goes down the drain, people might actually start shooting at officials and politicians and we cannot have that…

The ghost of Weimar

Is it only me, or are we hearing the pitter patter of huge combat boots?

If you didn’t get it, she is burning money instead of wood. Money was cheaper to burn.