Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold is so shiny

Gold futures in New York were trading at nearly $1,043 an ounce at about 8:15 a.m. PDT, up from $1,016 on Monday and topping the previous peak of $1,033.90 set in March 2008.

Oh, who could have ever predicted this?

"Singing, I love rock and roll..."

Oct 6th 2009 NY time 15:16

New World Order

The New World Order is mentioned all the time now. Just a year ago the mere thought of such an idea was solely for the elitists and the conspiracists following the agenda.

Today, however, mainstream media in addition to many pundits are using that very phrase.

As it seems, the people claiming there is a hidden agenda have got it right, again.

From BBC:
The IMF is urgently discussing ways to make itself more representative of the new world order where developing countries make up nearly half of the world economy, but only have about one-third of the votes in the IMF.

We are so screwed...

Merry Christmas

Oh, what a joyful holiday we are going to have this year.

The Market Ticker

The Pterodactyls are circling

In fascist Sweden, thought crimes are prosecutable. Sharing information may very well be a death-sentence, and STASI-like agencies roam the country hunting for youngsters to bleed dry. For about a year now, if not before, Sweden cannot be called a democracy because the government nowadays read our private conversation, they prod into our seemly affairs, they read and save our private information and at any movement government thugs, or, worse, private contractors working for big business that can punish with impunity can show up and hurt you.

Despite being a deeply socialistic country, things have worked pretty well in my home country and the main reason for Sweden being a good place to live is the so so high level of personal and social freedom. You can stand the taxes slowly killing us, the bureaucracy and the politicians lying as long as they don’t put too much restraint on us. With these new laws, however, a large portion of this freedom has been cut. So what’s left? Only fascism.

And most of these laws and the very creepy fascism they have imposed, comes from abroad pressure. So not only are officials destroying our way of life, they do it because they don’t have the balls to say no to some companies and other governments. And even worse still, there is a clear majority in the parliament to stop all of this madness, but the fraudulent minions whom publically claim to have back-bones can hide behind the curtain and suck dick, lick ass and kiss the feet of those above. Selling the blood of the innocent to gain a seat was obviously only the first step in their quest for a power trip, handing out the country and the people they are set to represent was the next. Ever wondered what the step after that is?

To cover-up this sleazy and ominous affair they, as usual, conjure up fictive grounds to apologize for their fascism. Comes to the internet terrorists and pedophiles are the shadowy reasons behind this plot. Of course all those with half a brain have already figured out that this is ridiculous, no such laws will stop any real crimes. Maybe they catch one or two people sharing nude preteens, but the real rapists will hardly get caught. And they won’t catch a single terrorist through this surveillance crap. Once in a while they will parade some nut that has bought 157 kilos of fertilizer online, but other than that, not a single thing. And they know this, we know this, journalists know this, but they still continue with the lying and we continue to listen.

Recently The Pirate Bay (TPB) has stumbled into another little plot since several internet suppliers and search engines are banning them. I know there are people thinking this is a good thing, thinking those TPB boys are criminals and should be prosecuted and banned, but have any of you contemplated what’s next? Do you really think it will stop there?

Internet is filled with torrent-sites, but there is also a vide arrange of similar technologies. Ever used YouTube? Watch football at some game site? How about Facebook or MySpace? Will you get it when those kinds’ of sites are banned, regulated or controlled?

How about blogs? Surely many of those are spreading porn, foul language, and fabricated news, so why shouldn’t blogs be monitored by a government agency that issues licenses? And maybe some of those pesky ones should be closed down? They are a nuisance claiming that the Swine Flu is a hoax, that central banks are doing the wrong thing and that politicians are all frauds, we cannot have that.

And didn’t some communists and fascist write about their hatred? Need to stop that.

Or how about those information sites, spreading facts that hasn’t been approved, they may be wrong, someone might get hurt. How can we allow such annoying things to exist?

If there is one thing that is always true about politics, it is the fact that it never stops. Never. If they come up with one law, no matter how good, no matter how righteous or if everyone supports it, it will be accompanied by exceptions, new inventions force us to change it, new situations makes it harder to maintain, the next government wants to show how better they are by changing it, and so on and so on. That law that might have sounded like a good idea will always, without exceptions, end up being several laws, covering more and more. Have you never wondered why we have thousands of laws? Do you really think those are necessary?

Will this be your words in the future?

First they came for the pedophiles and the terrorists, and I did not speak out—because I was neither a pedophile or terrorist;

Then they came for the torrent sites, and I did not speak out—because I was not using those;

Then they came for bloggers, and I did not speak out—because I was no blogger and I only read mainstream news;

Then they came for online communities, and I did not speak out – because I already had all the friends I need;

Then they came for information sites, and I did not speak out—because I trust the government to give me correct information;

Then I tried to search the net for alternatives, but found none, I tried to look for substitute opinions, but there was none;

Then they came for me, I had been online doing the wrong things—and there was no one left to speak out for me.