Friday, August 19, 2011

NASA want you scared of Aliens

NASA fear me!!

Well, well, who would have ever thought that the elitist sphere would pull this rabbit out of their hat? Apocalypse nowish did of course.

So after people started to see through the total maddening scam of Manmade Global Warming, of which there´s no scientific proof, they drum this one out.

I actually thought it was a joke first but of course reality, as usual, surpasses fiction.

I´ve several times pointed out how absolutely cartoonish our world have become. Banksters created fictitious and totally bogus schemes and then government approved it (even in hindsight!) and when it crashed, government handed THE VERY SAME BANKSTERS trillions of borrowed and freshly printed cash that normal people paid and will pay for – this so those zombie institutions could go out and buy stocks, bonds and competitors. This is worse than anything ever thought up by any supervillain. It was the biggest robbery in the history of mankind, and hardly anyone complained.

We live in a world wherein government oppression is the norm and that fact is celebrated by everyone from communists to so called conservatives. A world wherein Orwell’s 1984 is coming true.

And so letting NASA (Nationalized appropriation and Sponge Administration) tell us that if we don´t recycle and protect ferocious man-eating white beers that are actually growing in numbers, well then Aliens will surely invade and murder us all.

And here I thought Krugman took the loony price.

Been a lot of these “Alien invasion” stories in the news for a couple of years. Almost impossible to turn on the discovery channel without faced with alien invasion as a potential threat, and who can forget everyone’s favourite freaky computer voice warning us about ET´s invasion force.

As I wrote in this post from a year ago there was a lot of buzzing online about how MaoBama was about to reveal they´ve made contact with extraterrestrials. To be honest something like that wouldn´t surprise me at all. The Powers That Be have painted themselves into a corner and have no means of getting out of it, and so desperate measures will be taken. I suspect that hyperinflation and war and such funnies are the main courses, but ET as a side-dish when all else has fail? Sure, why not?

With today’s technology and the general stupidity of the sheople lead me to believe that they probably could pull it off to. Why not a story about an alternate dimension from where a scientifically developed human-sheep emerged? Or a Duck-looking fellow? Or a cockroach? Probably loaded with scary stories of how those other guys soon will invade us to steal our potatoes.

As said, wouldn´t surprise me at all.

In the meanwhile you can search the net, read books and ask around in order to try to find any evidence that Manmade Global Warming is real. I have never found anything, and believe me I´ve tried.

If you do find any such evidence my offer is still viable. I offer $200 (yea, am poor, otherwise I would offer millions) to anyone that can post just ONE single scientific proof of this manmade global warming hoax. So far no one has won that money, and as you soon will find out if you actually do some research; no one ever will.