Monday, January 4, 2010

The smell of desperation

Have you seen the almost hilarious statements flourishing lately? The elitists are rushing out to declare that they saved the economy, but things are still bad so they need to carefully plan how to retract all the stimuli. Among others, Ben ‘I completely renounce spandex’ Bernanke said the other day: “forceful responses by policymakers around the world avoided an utter collapse of the global financial system in the fall of 2008”

Really? So trillions of newly printed money and trillions more borrowed that has been thrown at financial institutes and useless government programs “saved us”?
You know, when someone makes it very cheap, even pays you, to borrow money at the same time as the same person/s fling money around to prop up stock markets and companies that should go bankrupt, what do you think will happen?

Any decently thinking adult understands that such action will only temporarily feed speculations and provisionally lap up the holes. If such actions, however, don’t fix the problems, you’ve not only worsen the situation, but to withdraw that “support” will mean another crash. This they know, that’s why they are arguing as they do at the moment.

But the real fun of the story is that they have run out of ways to go. The souring debt in most countries cannot be stacked-up anymore; they have already gone past the ceiling. They cannot print more money because the already freshly conjured up notes is enough for create an inflationary spiral. They cannot lower interest rates anymore because that’s already at zero. People cannot be taxed much more because that may cause upraisings and/or hurt the general pursuing power and hence hurt GDP numbers. So what can they do?

Some countries still have the possibility to borrow and print more, but they know they would be doing so at a high price. So then the only two things they can do is to either wait for a couple of moments, hoping that things take off and the sheople start buying stuff again, or they withdraw the stimulus packages and take the bad tasting medicine.

The “to big to fail” and many financial institutes - the elitists friends - that have been out shopping up the market cannot be doing that forever either. The stolen trillions they have taken from the tax payers aren’t magical and cannot multiply on their own.

Oh Impotent Ones’, what have ye done?

But whatever comes next, you know you’re the one paying for it, right? I mean you as the ordinary citizen, the tax payer. You paid for the propping up of the markets, you paid for the crash, and right now you’re paying for another propping up session. And this is really the elitists problem, you, the sheople, cannot pay for it all indefinitely. Wealth need to be produced before they can steal it, and right now and since many decades back wealth-production have been in decline.

In essence, we’re going to crash and burn no matter what anyone does. It’s only a matter of time and how severe.

So the spin-doctors in media and the high and mighty need to create an atmosphere wherein they cannot be blamed, if anything they didn’t do enough. In other words you can expect a lot more of the blame-game. Markets weren’t regulated enough, Muslims were attacking us, people didn’t shop enough, and the stimulus-packages should have been bigger, and so on. Believe me, the ‘scape-goats are forming right now, and they will go to any lengths to sell you that sort of crap. Any lengths, no holds bar. Do you understand what that means?

There are only three things that may save our bellowed leaders now. Firstly, an Alien invasion that either saves us from economic disaster or attacks us so we all bound together. Secondly a fantastic invention, like cold-fusion or a miracle-drug that cures all sick, something that cuts production costs in half and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide. Thirdly another form of disaster, worse than the economical one. Something that distract us from their inapt and fraudulent financial dealings, and it gotto be astronomical like the 2012 doomsday scenario or another world war. And believe you me, that such things are considered and thought about by elected criminals all over.

If nothing of this happens, we will crash, and that very soon. The recession never eased off, they have only put a towel over the leakage but if we/they look out the window a tsunami-wave is closing in.

Stock-markets are overvalued by as much as 40-50% and they are trading under the presumption that future growth will be 4.5%, and they’ve been doing so for a year now. Housing markets in most western countries have been inflated; banks are even buying real-estate from themselves to keep prices up! Trade is way down and many currencies are taking their last breaths. Unemployment is very high and still climbing. The profits shown by some companies have to do with rationalizations and sell-offs, not better or higher production. Commercial real-estate is way down and those long-term contracts is about to fall down in the US and UK. There are wars going on and terrorists lurking behind every corner. And the rapid expansion of leverage - that is, debt - compared to GDP, have increased so much and to such heights that they’ve become unmanageable. And, as said above, producing is way down. The American economy, for example, is over 70% consumer based.

This house of cards will crash, about that you can be absolutely sure.

What I want you all to remember is who to blame. Don’t fall into that scape-goat trap and buy the elitists claims that greedy businessmen and Muslims are at fault. The ones to blame are mainstream cornflake economists, our leaders and politicians, and the journalists for not doing their job, but also you, yourself to a certain degree. You voted for it, you didn’t speak up or stringed them up when you should have.

And please acknowledge the people that saw this mess coming miles away. We don’t want to be caught in the cross-fire between you and the elitist’s storm-troops.

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