Monday, January 4, 2010

Alky Ada and friends

First I need to admit I was, in a way, in favor of both the Iraq and Afghani conflicts. Why? Because no matter what the reason (oil, drugs, pipe-lines, religion etc.) we actually got rid of one dictator and some anti-human religious thugs. If I’d been an American contributing via my taxes, I’ll probably be against those things anyway, but I’m not so I can see the silver-lining.

However, there are a lot of shadowy deals being made one should be aware off, and you cannot discard how badly run both campaigns have been.

Basically the US, and its partners in crime haven’t really decided whether or not they want to win, probably because they don’t want to do anything so prosaic. I don’t really know what the real agenda is, but if I were to make a guess it’s about three things; distraction, money and strategy.

There is only one way to fight a war. You commit your nation's resources - material and the most precious of all, human - to the complete obliteration of your enemy. You mass those resources against each objective in turn, without reservation, without holding back, without care for collateral damage or world opinion. You do so until your adversary sues for peace, not because it is the political thing to do, not for expedience, but for one and only one reason: they're tired of dying. There is no "armistice" or "cease fire" in a war. There is only victory or defeat. There is only death or life. Collateral damage, including the loss of innocent life, is a known price that will be paid, although the toll is not of concern in that regard - only the certainty that it will occur.

So if America really committed millions of troops, flew in all their support or started to throw tactical nukes around, they would eliminate every single cave, all Taliban’, all terrorists and Bin Laden would be found in bits and pieces, and they would do so in a very short amount of time.

You need to understand this, if they really wanted to win, they would. Maybe a couple of ‘terrorists’ could escape, but would they ever dare to attack US again when their entire country is a smoldering ruin? And would any country dare to house any such elements when they know that at if the idiots bomb London or whatever, they would not only lose their position and wealth, but their very lives? I don’t think so.

But instead of actually fighting a war, and try to win it, the coalition instead burn down some villages, kill some families, murder some children and make millions into refugees. Instead of chasing some elusive terrorists, they make sure that the drug-trade flourish like never before and that mercenaries can shoot people without any repercussions. How keen. Not a recipe for disaster at all…

The madness in this regard never stops. Do Iran have tha bomb? Uhuh… Need to keep rattling those swords. And there are always more poor countries to turn into grave-yards, now their aim seems to be pointing at Yemen and Somalia.

The border conflict between Yemen and Saudi, and the on-going upraising among certain groups within Yemen have apparently gone far enough. And the Saudi’s, always non-combatant, calls the Obamination and Gorgon to fix this little problem. So, of course, Al Queda "training camps" appear in Yemen, and soon thereafter a nice little fellow tries to make his way onboard a plane with an underwear-bomb, of course he’s "trained" in Yemen. So without a passport and being no threat whatsoever despite several warnings and escorted by a smartly dressed man, that guy get’s caught. How keen…

But the real funnies don’t start to pile up until you start to dig into the mystery of Al Qaeda and that 7ft bearded fellow that no one seems to find.

Do you know how many actual facts and evidence links Obam… sorry, Osama and Al Qaeda to the 9/11 thing? Take a guess.

It’s zero. At least publically, officially. Maybe they have something that we mere mortals don’t know anything about, but as far as anyone outside the elitists knows, not a single thing.

And as far as Al Qaeda goes, it seems that this actually is an American invention. And I don’t mean they trained, armed and created that group, which they may have, no, what I mean is that when the USA was smuggling arms into Afghanistan, via Pakistan’s ISI and Saudi, Egyptian, Tunisian extremist groups, to fight the proxy war against the Soviets in the 1980’s, They apparently used several databases to track what and who went where. They had databases to track materiel, weapons, narcotics, money, intelligence front organizations and human assets. According to several sources the assets they ran were in the ‘Al Qaeda’ database. How about that one? If true, what do you think this means?

Of course, as implied above, I, and you, and most of us, cannot, and maybe shouldn’t know everything that goes on within the intelligence community. Some of the things I imply here are, although collaborated by several sources, not recognized as the truth. And so maybe, there are lots more going on behind the scenes that have serious and actual implications that makes many of the hostilities necessary, but we need to acknowledge that something is seriously fishy about the whole story. There are dogs, pigs and cats buried here, and they are smelly as hell.

Apparently the Crown-Princess of Sweden recently visited Afghanistan and the Swedish troops stationed there. Putting aside the sexy next-in-line monarch for a moment, what the hell do Swedish soldiers have to do with Afghanistan? US, okay, I sort of get that, and NATO, maybe, but a supposed peace loving country so far away hardly any Afghani has ever heard of it? Protecting the corrupt oppressive regime and some cutie children one can assume. Seems like a pointless task though since the warring fractions’ are knocking of babies next door to hunt for the former oppressive corrupt regime.

We should of course bring home those troops. And to America: Win the stupid thing or get the hell out! And please stay away from Iran.


  1. Tråkigt skrivet, orkade inte igenom mycket men såg ngt om Jemen. Vet du ens vad som pågår där? Landet är helt laglöst. Det finns ingen regering, ingen polis och ingen militär. De som har flest vapen styr. Vad mer kan man önska av ett land om man vill ha träningsläger?

  2. Det är inte så lite ironiskt att de män som packar in sina kvinnor i tyg från topp till tå, nu har framtvingat en teknik där man kommer att se igenom alla kläder.

    Kommer deras fruar fortfarande att få resa då?

    Kommer man kanske att kräva undantagslösningar och särlagstiftning (modell t.ex. badhus) med ord som diskriminering, kränkning m.m.?