Monday, January 4, 2010

The things that make you go Mmmm…

Some poor sod argued I’m a cynical lazy coward that needs to get up from my fat ass and help out to make this world a better place. Although he has some points with those epithets I’m not completely sitting still either. As with any person with insight I know most of the things I write will make me into a small little nuisance in the minds of the righteous elitists. Well, I am a nobody; really, no storm troops will knock down my door and drag me away to a camp, at least not yet. However, I will not win any popularity contest either.

Whatever, the point of this blog isn’t for me to change anything. I gave up on that a long time ago. I know most of you idiots out there are a lost cause. You’ll continue to follow like good little sheople and even if the good guys manage to rewind the clock a step or two now and again, that will not make any difference in the scheme of things. People have not learned a single damn thing. We continue to embark on the same missions and repeat the holocausts, the summary executions and financial madness we’ve always been doing. This is a fact, and nothing I do will change that.

However, if I can wake one or two up from the slumber, maybe put an idea in their heads, then maybe, just maybe, I will have contributed to a change in the long run - after our impending disaster. But this is secondary and nothing I think about, I write because it sooths me, I want to learn better English and when bored at work or having nothing else to do, I can always return to my little corner of the soon closed down Internet and engrave a few lines. And it is always fun to rub it in and say ‘I told you so’ to the headless general public.

If someone wants to start a revolution and start blowing up public buildings and knock of some of the high and mighty, give me a holler, a coward am not, just don’t see the point of trying when so many live in Zombieland. My initial idea stands, run away to a desolate island and drink vodka while listening to the radio seems like the thing to do. At least that will be hilarious comes to the financial and social upheaval soon to ensue.

Fun fun fun…

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