Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Socialism works!

The pink shimmering leftie heaven of North Korea have proven itself a lot lately.

A couple of days ago a man got executed for cell phone use. North Korea has stringent laws regarding cell phone usage. The authorities only allow folks to make national calls and even these ones are restricted to the Pyongyang area. Thus, there was a ban on making any international calls. But one man didn’t obey the governments rule, and consequently and rightfully, he got shot. Disobeying government is horrifying and the socialists need to show this and put the people back on track so to say.

The cell phone user was killed via firing squad for disobeying the law, apparently a favorite way of execution among lefties in North Korea since another man got shot at a firing range yesterday blamed for the failed currency reform.

As we all know the state is never wrong so when an economist get orders to do something and fails, it is not the governments fault, it is the economists for not doing his job. Also, he was an anti-revolutionary element and a son of a large landlord who sneaked into revolutionary ranks and deliberately sabotaged the state economy.

Thankfully the North Korean people always have lots of food on the table and the happiest life of any people on this planet.

Socialism works!

Silence of the libidos

As by nature given the creatures we call humans have gender. They come in male and female variants. Nature have made it so that sexual reproduction is the way to increase the number of humans, even though we today have the technology to use tubes, the basic ‘sperm meets egg’ process is the same.

The gender of this particular species, as most other animals, means differences. For instance males have evolved larger and more muscle mass and like to build phallus shaped rockets to kill other humans and the females are able to perform tasks like cooking and felatio.

However, this gender difference is now running the risk of becoming obsolet

For about a year ago I wrote about a couple of Swedish parents (I use the term “parents” very loosely...) that refuses to raise their kid according “societies rules for gender”. As you might have guessed Sweden’s psychiatric care leaves a lot to be desired...

Although the… parents in this case yet hadn’t named their poor child I dubbed their ‘genderless’ child “Buffalo Bill” after that funny cellar dwelling man in the movie with Jodie Foster. That name seemed appropriate for several reasons.

There’s no secret that this sort of asylum-fabricated way of life is the happy wet dream of many feminists. But it is not only feminists living in a reality far, far away that have such notions. The politically correct thing to say and think today is that there isn’t or, at least, shouldn’t be any differences. None at all.

As read over at Leg Iron and seen in this little article from The Telegraph, someone has already taken the next step.

A person without gender…

There is a difference between the stories. In one case it was an adult making his/her/its decision, the other is more forced upon by the parents of Sweden’s next serial killer. But the interlocking consequence of stories like these and many more soon to follow is problematic.

I wonder if this is the future we are heading for if we let the politically correct run the show for a couple of decades more. All humans forced into unification chambers to remove all signs of gender and a very strict population control.

Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me.

Speaking of unexplained things…

Let's say you are deep into debt and your debt is growing out of control and the only thing you have done to stop this is to print more IOU’s and released many of your criminals out of prison. Your economy is in trouble and there’s no real way out of it.

And your biggest creditor you treat like… well, this…

Is that a good idea?

There have been tires, steal and currency fights between US and China for a while now. So far the co-dependence have hold back the wolfs, but how long will that last? And, as seen over the last couple of months, China is apparently already selling off US treasuries.

I’ve said it all along; the only thing missing in our current mess is more protectionism. Sure there’s been a slight increase and the French are screaming about their farmers as usual, but otherwise it has been pretty quiet on the protectionist front. That’s IF you don’t count the different stimulus thrown at this or that industry.

Globalization as in trade and cross-border agreements is always a good thing. Not only economically, but it also creates agreements, an understanding and a dialog between nations and races otherwise at each other’s throats.

So surely US politicians aren’t that stupid, so crazy and illiterate that they mess it up with China and so, most likely, destroys the dollar?


Man used penis to assault female police officer

In a very strange tale I just read over at BBC we learn:

Police were called to his home by his girlfriend, who had complained about him being drunk last November. They arrived to find the self-employed engineer sitting on the sofa wearing a pair of underpants.


Fiscal depute Elaine Lynch said: "The accused got to his feet and was standing over the police officer exposing his penis and thrusting it in her face, forcing her to take evasive action to avoid getting struck."

Here’s my problem. How tall is this guy? Or, maybe: how smallish is the officer?

Can someone explain this to me?

I read about it in other news as well, nowhere do they explain how this comes to be. Did he strike her down first? Obviously not since he’s not accused of that. Did the female officer go down on her knees? Well, in my mind she did... just watched some porn so… well, you get the idea…

Seriously, how did this happen? And by the way, when someone takes out his willy and thrust it in your face, and you’re an police officer, do you really take “evasive action”?

Unions VS companies

It is that time of the year when nationwide and over the top unions have meetings with their company counterparts in order to set salaries for the employed.
Sadly, as usual, no-one of the involved are thinking outside the box or taking our future and our reality into account.

Unions are demanding sky-high salary increases at a time when pay should be going down.

Company chieftains and CEO’s in turn are giving themselves absurd increases by hundreds of percent on already, in most cases, too high wages. This is of course yet another idiocy that increases union demands.

And thanks to the central bank, and their kill-what’s-left-of-the-economy policy, inflation is on the rise while bubbles are forming in the economy. Meanwhile the government is doing their best to alienate as many as possible.

No-one seem to recognize that we are in a dangerous situation with very shaky fundaments comes to both our own and the world’s economy. It is not only Greece, Portugal, Spain and the Baltic States that are in trouble. UK and the US are also not yet over the hill and are far more likely to plummet down again then to actually reach a steady foundation again.

I understand both sides in the Employees VS Employer debacle. Companies have done badly, in general, lately and some of them probably see the peril we’re in. Unions only see to their own members and CEO’s divulging themselves into feasts doesn’t make things better.

This is likely a recipe of disaster, one way or the other.

So what should or can be done?

Well, firstly companies and their so called leaders need to acknowledge how bad it looks when in time of a recession and layoffs they increase their own. It looks greedy and even worse, it is very bad leadership. To lead is to be an example, not only barking out orders or look at economic graphs. To me it seems that Sweden has bad management also within companies. Maybe the unions should, in exchange for smaller or zero increases, demand that CEO’s and others elevated people cut their salaries?

Secondly we need unions to accept that private companies are not theirs to control or be masters over. They should fight for their members, sure, but that also means that sometimes they need to understand basic economics and see that too high increases may serve some, but be disastrous for many. Unions don’t really fight for their members and they certainly do not fight for their unemployed members. This need to change.

But most importantly, we need lower taxes. Pay increases is one thing, what you can buy with your salary is another. In this regard the current Swedish government has taken slight baby steps towards a better situation, but not nearly enough.

Basically we don’t have time or the resources to fight over a couple of bucks, so I do hope a agreement can be reach fast and that they are reasonable from each part.

A new record

House prices in Sweden reached a new record with the average house now costing SEK 2 million ($282 000).

And this during a time of high unemployment and within a recession (in reality a depression). Companies have been doing pretty badly and the world is still in a shaky condition. Country after country is closing in on default and there are still wars raging in oil producing countries.

Still there are those that claim that we don’t have a housing bubble…

Can you say ‘clueless’?