Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Silence of the libidos

As by nature given the creatures we call humans have gender. They come in male and female variants. Nature have made it so that sexual reproduction is the way to increase the number of humans, even though we today have the technology to use tubes, the basic ‘sperm meets egg’ process is the same.

The gender of this particular species, as most other animals, means differences. For instance males have evolved larger and more muscle mass and like to build phallus shaped rockets to kill other humans and the females are able to perform tasks like cooking and felatio.

However, this gender difference is now running the risk of becoming obsolet

For about a year ago I wrote about a couple of Swedish parents (I use the term “parents” very loosely...) that refuses to raise their kid according “societies rules for gender”. As you might have guessed Sweden’s psychiatric care leaves a lot to be desired...

Although the… parents in this case yet hadn’t named their poor child I dubbed their ‘genderless’ child “Buffalo Bill” after that funny cellar dwelling man in the movie with Jodie Foster. That name seemed appropriate for several reasons.

There’s no secret that this sort of asylum-fabricated way of life is the happy wet dream of many feminists. But it is not only feminists living in a reality far, far away that have such notions. The politically correct thing to say and think today is that there isn’t or, at least, shouldn’t be any differences. None at all.

As read over at Leg Iron and seen in this little article from The Telegraph, someone has already taken the next step.

A person without gender…

There is a difference between the stories. In one case it was an adult making his/her/its decision, the other is more forced upon by the parents of Sweden’s next serial killer. But the interlocking consequence of stories like these and many more soon to follow is problematic.

I wonder if this is the future we are heading for if we let the politically correct run the show for a couple of decades more. All humans forced into unification chambers to remove all signs of gender and a very strict population control.

Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me.

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