Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A wee history lesson before the Four Horsemen comes by

What did you think the Four Horsemen would look like?

Throughout history there are signs and events as easy to follow as a pair of D-cups in kindergarten. History really does repeat itself and time and again we can follow the decline one step at the time.

It goes something like this:

First the people and its leaders become complacent. This can manifest itself in many ways but common traits are: protectionism of certain merchants and/or parts of the economy, slaves start to do all the work, and citizens get “free stuff” from the government. The people were also offered shows, gladiator games, theatre and other amusements for “free”.

After that the wars and extravagant spending by the Powers That Be create a situation that empties the treasury and so taxes seemingly need to be raised, but since Kings and Pharos knew - just as our contemporary smug suits know; raising taxes isn´t popular so instead they chose to dilute the money supply. Instead of pure gold or silver or copper in their coinage they started to decrease the purity with other metals - in effect creating both inflation and a hidden tax.

After this comes a period of upheaval, both from within and from neighboring countries/tribes seeing the vulnerability and smelling the blood in the water. Usually the first waves can be withstood thanks to mercenaries, harsher penalties and tighter control of the populace, but sooner or later the losses of land and riches start to take its toll. When this happens there is only a matter of time, and since a complacent people have to intention of bucking up and start making an effort again, everything crumbles and withers down.

There are different degrees of this and some dissimilarity depending on culture and such, but generally speaking this can be seen from Rome to Persia, from Egypt to the Ottomans, from the Byzantine Empire to the Moguls, from China to Spain. And it does not stop with empires; almost every country on the planet has seen a similar development at one point or another.

Today we can see the exact same development throughout the world but probably most telling is that of the U.S. The only state of today with empire-like qualities has her language and culture spread everywhere and although direct annexation of others land isn´t really present, they are fighting wars on two continents, have hundreds of military installations across the globe and flaunt their diplomatic and economic power everywhere they can. The American public has become dependent on welfare and has developed a government-can-fix-it attitude so familiar to any historian. The U.S. Dollar has since long time been nothing but paper and is today backed by nothing other than being the world reserve currency. Worse still is the manic printing of new notes that creates massive inflation and devaluate all that what is/was America.

A growing anti-government sentiment among many of its inhabitants coupled with an even larger call for more “free stuff” is already creating succession movements, massive demonstrations and pure rebellion-like groupings. Countries like China and Russia have stated they will no longer trade in the dollar and it’s only a matter of time before others follow.
Basically the only two things keeping the U.S. afloat at the moment is its military that keep both GDP numbers up (yepp, it’s a lie) and – still - frightens the rest of the world; and secondly a fake prosperity mostly built around their declining currency. Borrowing trillions and mortgaging the future of its children America is today rapidly becoming another scrapheap of history.

Not that others are any better. In Europe the wet dream of bureaucrats, The European Union, is helping out with the downward spiral while oily Greeks, moronic Spaniards and other spend-it-all-collectivists drag the sinking ship further down the abyss. The Chinese is building entire cities no one lives in (again to keep fake GDP numbers up), Japan is into its 57th stimulus with no light in sight, and Russia is on the verge to civil war. Political turmoil is rocking the Muslim and Arab world, In South and Eastern Africa famine catastrophes is only one step away and when speaking of civil war Africa is the continent of abundance. In South America extremist lefties and growing animosity between countries is about to start wars.

Again you may think: yeah, so what else is new? But you see things are a tad different this time. There are a convergence of events, each one horrific in its own right, coming together in the biggest and badest Tsunami wave of financial Armageddon you can imagine.

A globalised economy propped up with tens of trillions of derivatives and fueled by printing machines throwing out money Zimbabwe-style; a financial sector, in every country, dependent on government subsidies; the biggest debt-mountain in history growing exponentially; and a totally fake number of measurement (GDP) is lied about on a daily basis.

The Great Depression (soon to be known as “The Minor Depression”) happened because of a few problems and those problems were on a much smaller scale than those of today. Although very easy credits, banking cartels robbing the people, growing protectionism and too much socialism were the main problems, those problems aren´t even close to what we have in our time. And today the problems really are global. I cannot think of a single country not printing money, not borrowing like crazy and not having structural problems getting worse by the second.

When this thing crash life as we know it will change forever.
It will not only be a break-up and total collapse the only Empire-like entity, every country on this blue rock will suffer, wither and quite possibly die. What could possibly be even worse is the aftermath and its consequences. Before in history similar upheaval and turn of events were followed by a total backlash in every area leading to a decline culturally, socially and politically. This was then toppled by the rising of dictators and then, or during, came the wars. If that happens this time, and I cannot see any reason why it shouldn´t, we have something today that no Huns, no Nazis and no murderess horde had: we have weapons of mass destruction…

This collapse cannot be stopped. It can´t, not anymore. The crash will happen now, nothing can stop that. However we can limit the effects and instead of decades of turmoil and horrific events we could turn it into a five-six or seven year depression that actually could lead to something even better than we had.

This can be achieved by taking back real money, through the elimination of all centralized banking sectors, and through a total 180 in politics. This would mean that things like ECB and the FED would dissipate entirely, politic power would become obsolete and the individual would truly become free. Since this also means that millions of bureaucrats would lose their jobs and that the “free” buffet offered to the general public would be no more, you can probably figure out that this will never happen.

Arab rebellions can be seen as preludes, not unique events. The approaching famine catastrophe that even ‘experts’ are starting to warn us about is, at its heart, nothing more than a symptom. Even the, according to media, gloomy economic outcasts are just breezes foreboding the hurricane.

Out doomsday may very well be here. It will not be because of some Maya calendar or impact from planet X, it will not be aliens invading us or a super volcano erupting and it will not be a nuclear war – even though it may come to that as a following consequence.

Instead it’s our inability to see our enemies constructing the perfect economic shit storm. A storm that will overshadow anything imaginable and make the fall of Rome, the sacking of Thrace and Mongol invasions seem like nothing. This is the invincible armada times ten approaching our shores on a nice sunny summers day. This is conquistadors bringing us smallpox at the same time as they bring with AIDS, the Black Death and Al Gore to our lands. We are about to enter the most destructive and most overturning period of human history, and most of you have no clue what I am talking about.

History is in the making and centuries from now our surviving relatives will write essays, make their equivalent of movies and have very intense arguments about what we did wrong, how we couldn´t see it coming and why we didn´t do anything about it.

Until about a couple of years ago we were still able to stop it. Today that is no longer possible. All we´re talking now is time. Time in the sense of “when” and “how long”. It is not a matter of ‘IF’.

I could point out all the economic signs and lecture you on the A to Z of economics, I could argue the case of banksters robbing us and governments covering it up, I could show statistics and graphs that would show you how bad the outlook really is, but that’s not the point of this post and I´ve done so before and for the ones not lazy it’s easy to go back and ready my earlier posts or search online for others that say the same thing.

The point of this post is rather to rattle that brain of yours, to make you go out and search for yourself. Truth to be told, I cannot convince you of anything, not even if I wanted to. But if I can get you to at least try to prove me wrong you may get that epiphany-moment you need in order to survive the coming years. Not that I hold any hope in this regard, most of you are idiots and even the ones not asylum worthy cannot or rather don´t want to see actual facts.

Most of us live comfortable lives; most of us are not starving and most of us have more stuff that only a generation ago couldn´t dream of. This has made us complacent, lazy and less likely to take up arms against our masters. And when all is lost and the end seem like its near and you actually grab that pitchfork you will, more than likely, do it for the wrong reason supporting the very idea or persons that got us into the mess in the first place.

The end of life as we know it will happen soon, very soon. Are you ready for it?