Friday, March 13, 2009

A greedy, jealous and highly stupid populace

How come so many really hate rich people? Well, they don’t even need to be rich; they can be bank managers or just having a nice car. Somehow this upset people more than people in refugee camps or the starving masses in North Korea. It seems like peoples favorite pastime is to read about how rich their neighbors are and then trash them together with good friends and a nice chardonnay. I would understand this if those who were rich actually did things that were bad for others, like robbing the elderly, printing monopoly money to shield people from the financial crisis they have created, imposing laws concerning who you can and cannot get married to or if they forced young men to enlist in the armed forces. But that’s governments little things and we all love governments.

The last time I was at a larger political gathering it cost the taxpayers 11 million kronor. We dined, laughed, got drunk and slept at a great hotel for money stolen from single mums and the handicapped, but no one claimed that we were greedy or didn’t think about our members (shareholders). And this goes on all the time, politicians feasting and living on the money they have snatched from the pockets of those around them. And most high ranked politicians earns even more than the average bank manager, but people mostly ignore that, even if politicians never contributes to society in any other way then being a burden. Instead everyone jumps at every opportunity to hate those horrible bank people that choice to have meetings at a hotel, which never ever happen before in history. No company or organization has ever had meetings other that at shabby diners were they pay for their own food. And getting a higher salary for actually contributing to society is horrible. How could they? And eagerly throwing gasoline at this fire is those useful idiots, the journalists. Carefully they select words and put their “reporting” in a context in order to highlight the self-indulgence of bank people. Everything designed to get an easily duped populace to react in horror and even to do outbursts like changing banks. And cashing in on the horrified citizens the journalists keep throwing more “news” out there to increase the notion of general greed among all people with responsibilities. And the politicians, that really is to blame for the current financial crisis, applaud these “news” and between attending meetings at a government facility and eating lunch at a fine restaurant in their expensive suits (all paid by tax money), they act upset over those greedy bank people.

When some voice of reason points this insanity out, that person gets treated like a blasphemer during the dark ages. People actually want to be jealous at others, and don’t dare tell them otherwise. This apparent and very openly displayed greed – wanting what others have or no one should have it is greed – among the people makes them turn towards socialism. What better way is there to punish those with a higher income than to make everyone equally poor? And when someone points this out and show facts about socialisms never ending failures, people will blame this sane person for being a Bank stooge or the rich peoples lackey.

This is why I never even try anymore. Once upon a time I thought good of people, I thought they were just tricked and if I with friends could just lift that curtain of smoke up they would see the truth. This is nonsense, people don’t want to know or they are to brainless to even considering the possibility of non socialist ways. So you continue to do what you do best, being greedy, jealous and stupid and I will continue to tell you who you are, an idiot.

Zelmani should be worshiped

Again, why you should pray to Sophie…

Thor and Friday the 13th

It might be a coincident that I write about this on this day. I don’t really feel benevolent and I’m not being coerced in any way. And as most of u, that are strange enough to read my ramblings, know by now I don’t really care about people in any way and if we all perish tomorrow I would be among those rejoicing. Still, sometimes one needs to take a step back and smell the Crystal Lake at sundown. Yen -Chen, a.k.a. Andrew, Wang is one of this world’s bigger idiots. You are all idiots, but sometimes one idiot surpasses the rest of you. For some reason this Koala-fellating-soon-to-be-turned-into-a-corps-fool snatched “his” son and then disappeared. Mia, the mother, is kind of in a desperate mood, and we all know how well that can turn out on a day like this. If you see this Wang a-hole please pick up a machete and cut him into little pieces and then send the little boy safely back to his mother.

Case Type: Family Abduction
DOB: Nov 5, 2007 Sex: Male
Missing Date: Feb 14, 2009 Race: Biracial
Age Now: 1
Height: 2′1″ (64 cm)
Missing City: LOS ANGELES Weight: 25 lbs (11 kg)
Missing State : CA Hair Color: Lt. Brown
Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Brown
Case Number: NCMC1116194

Circumstances: The photo on the left and the photo in the middle are of Thor. He was allegedly abducted by his father, Yen-Chen Wang, on February 14, 2009. A felony warrant is on file for Yen-Chen. They may travel out of the country. Thor is Biracial. He is Asian and White.
Thor has a birthmark on his left wrist. Yen-Chen may go by the alias name Andrew.

Missing from: CA
Missing Since: Feb 14, 2009
Age Now: 32

PS! No one would complain if you hurt the so called father "Wang" ds.

Why would the socialists want to free Dawit Isaak?

I’m having a hard time getting the thing about this guy. The Swedish journalists, mainly of the socialist persuasion, should be satisfied that a country closes down privately and independent media. This happens 2001 when all media got under governmental control. All good news comes from the government, right? And governments owning things is always correct? So what are you complaining about? Yes it’s a shame that this man is in jail and apparently getting tortured, but so are million others around the world. I say let him sit there and we can all rejoice over another socialist victory.

State of California budget continues to back billions

The governator isn’t enough in California. Los Angeles Times reports the state keeps hemridging money and with a shortfall of $8 billion this year more negotiations are going to be necessary. This case, as all others, is very easy, cut spenditures! Why is this so bloody difficult? But politicians, even Conan the barbarian, is defenseless against the populace cry for their “free” buffet of stuff. People are so use to getting things they don’t deserve that anyone that claims this is wrong is the devil himself. Politicians know this and keep spending money they don’t have on idiotic citizens. This is what created the current financial crisis and what will keep them coming until people give up and take to arms, which is the moment me and my popcorn is waiting for.

Zoellick, Japanese people and other idiots

Head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, the useless idiot that he is, claims that the bailout and stimulus packages that government’s all over are doing on borrowed and newly printed money isn’t enough. I wonder if this camel with a desperate need of intensive psychical therapy also thinks that Stalin had great ideas? In the meanwhile those stupid Japanese people are backing Obama Bin Ladins outcry for more spending of tax money on the taxpayers. They are into their third step towards socialism and total breakdown of their economy so they don’t want to go down alone. Someone was talking about the apocalypse?

Tories seem to have got it

Apparently the British Tories are going to leave EPP in the European parliament because EPP are to federal in their views and to pro EU to fit the Tories. This is great news. Hopefully they can get enough people with them to their new coalition and form a new strong power inside the European Union.

Now focus on the bailout they shouldn’t have

I don’t like the Swedish bank SEB’s latest decision to say no to a wage increase they actually are entitled to. Again the politically correct and those with socialist views win, as usual. Now let’s focus on what’s really important in this mess: the government bailout program. Something that means that the government (the tax payers) guarantees the banks safety. What ought to be done is nothing. If they fall, let them. A company that cannot survive shouldn’t. But of course again the socialists will win and throw idiotic insurances after all the banks to save the taxpayers’ money with taxpayer’s money. Maybe if it wasn’t for the lunacy that is the central bank and its printing of monopoly money we wouldn’t have this situation. But the socialists have fixed that too.

“Get up, get out, get drunk – repeat as needed”