Friday, March 5, 2010

Sell a couple of islands you morons

Greece has been advised to sell off islands to regulate some of the public debts.

Alongside austerity measures such as cuts to public sector pay and a freeze on state pensions, why not sell a few uninhabited islands or ancient artefacts, asked Josef Schlarmann, a senior member of Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, and Frank Schaeffler, a finance policy expert in the Free Democrats.

"The chancellor cannot promise Greece any help," Schaeffler told Bild in a story under the headline: "Sell your islands, you bankrupt Greeks! And sell the Acropolis too!" "Those in insolvency have to sell everything they have to pay their creditors," Schlarmann told Bild newspaper. "Greece owns buildings, companies and uninhabited islands, which could all be used for debt redemption."

Although not such a bad suggestion, I see no reason why the Greek government should sit on such property. And you gotto love the audacity of these Germans. I mean telling a government to sell off national treasures and auction off the very history of a people to cover debt is hilarious really, and oh so right.

But I still don’t really understand the point.

Firstly, who’s going to buy? If they sell them for a fiver sure, I could use a holiday home and a couple of statues, but if they want some revenue we’re talking tens of millions and I cannot really see anyone buying for that price.

Well, one thing that wouldn’t surprise me a bit is if Evil Inc. Goldman Sachs stepped in with some of that stolen money. Now that would be a nice move!

First they prop up markets with air; they hide away Greek debt so Greece can become members of the Euro-zone, AIG (controlled by Evil Inc.) take much of the losses and both companies gets billions of dollars in bail-out and then Goldman, suddenly showing massive profits, goes out on a shopping spree to buy property for a penny on the dollar. If they were to buy Greek islands it would be the funniest icing on the cake ever seen.

It would be like buying a country for money stolen from the same country! Could Lex Luthor or Skeletor done it better? Hardly.

Secondly, even if the Greeks get Evil Inc. or any other thieves to buy islands, it wouldn’t have any real impact on the debt. A couple of tens of millions would be a drop of water in the Aegean.

Maybe Acropolis and the Parthenon would bring in some cash, or why not sell the entire city of Athens? I’m certain Goldman wouldn’t resist such an opportunity.

Oh, here’s a notion! Why not sell the country, all of it, to another nation? Maybe the Germans would be interested? Maybe the European Central Bank has some coins lying around?

The unspoken reason why USA is failing

I usually thrash the Obamination and his leftie followers like Gorgie W Chimp (and his father), the Cunt’ons, mainstream media, feminists, unions and other useless items that are mainly responsible for the rapid decline.

However, there’s another reason why the country of the serfs is rapidly turning into a scrapheap. This reason is generally contributed to the rightwing of politics. What I am talking about is ‘religion’, and more specifically deeply believing Christians.

Before you read further on you should know I detest all religions. There are thousands of them, each one less believable then the other. And wackiest of them all is scientology - those people should be institutionalized. I also prefer Christianity before Jewish or Islam, but that’s a cultural thing, not a graded scale. I’m sure I would think otherwise if I had grown up in a Jewish or Muslim community.

With this said there are lots of complete morons in the US that not only believe in the Bible and Jesus, but do it literarily and use it both as a guiding star and as an argument in public debates.

Christianity is built upon several well documented lies and, as is the case with all religions, it is based on earlier stories and religions that came before.

The Old Testament for instance is to a large degree stolen from older Sumerian tales. This we know since we have tablets and archeological findings to support it. Some of the biblical stories, like the one about Moses for instance, we don’t have any evidence or historical records of other then from the bible, but as said most of the bible is stolen from other religions and cultures.

And the bible was put together through voting at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD). Some religious leaders got together and voted on what stories that should be included. Many important and even more popular tales was left out because they were too much pro-woman, too much anti-government or contradicted the power of the church.

The entire scripture is filled with complete nonsense no thinking adult can believe in. Worse is that there are a lot of contradictions and passages that if applied would be both anti-democratic and anti-human.

Religious nuts quote certain text that fits their agenda, while other text are ignored or at least not put forward because that would hurt their cause. And so it becomes wrong for two men to have sex, but the text next to it about stoning women doesn’t sound too good so that is not said in the open.

This religiosity also impacts society. Abortion becomes a horrific sin and outlawed, stem-cell research is stopped, gay couples cannot marry, and not going to church in some communities is regarded as the same as committing a crime. Worse still is that it have an impact on what leaders are chosen, why certain wars are a good thing and since according to the bible those in power sits there for a reason, it becomes harder to criticize.

And as we all know, religion makes it easier to hate others, makes it easier to see differences or not care about those with another faith. This in turn feeds racism, antagonism and other forms of collectivism.

And creationism? I mean, please. How can so many idiots in the US buy that shit? Unbelievable.

I know hardly any religious person would agree with me, but to me this is facts and if they are so do they contribute to the decline of America.

I’m not saying we should outlaw religion or that people should stop believing, no, that’s peoples right no matter how stupid it may be. What I am saying however is that religion should be completely left out of politics and how societies are formed. When a religion gets hold of the people it’s almost as bad as socialism.

“Religion is a opiate for the people” - probably the only true thing Karl Marx ever said.

The problem with America is that when progressives take power they increase taxation and reduce individual rights comes to property, liberty and interactions between humans. The state take over more of the economy and the thing that made USA great deteriorates. But when religious people take power or have influence they in turn restrict personal liberties and even if they are not as bad as socialists in infringing on life in general, they too do the same, but in another way, on other areas.

This is also why I sometimes can feel closer to democrats then conservatives. I need to admit, I rather have the state steal a percentage more of my money than have the state telling me who I can get married with.

And since laws, restrictions and taxes are very easy to impose, but very hard, close to impossible, to get rid of, every step leads towards madness no matter who’s in charge.

Conservatives in general, but religious ones in particular, decrease civil liberties on a personal level. Democrats reduce liberties comes to the economy. Put the two together, which becomes a fact over time, and you get pure totalitarianism.

US of A is going to hell, not literarily of course (there is no such place), and religion is a big part of that.

Should incest really be illegal?

A pair of siblings in south east Sweden have been charged with incest and risk facing up to a year each in prison if found guilty. The loving couple, both in their twenties and so adults, live very close to each other but in separate apartments.

Neither party is believed to have been subjected to coercion or violence, but as sex between siblings is illegal both could face time in jail.

My question is why?

Both adults, it was consensual so what’s the problem?

Just because someone happens to put his seamen into the rear, ventral entrance hatch on a sibling, is that a crime?

We do know from research that the risk of inbreeding is great so any offspring may suffer greatly and historically speaking it has been outlawed for the most part for this very reason. Oh, and it is kind of sickening.

However, if a condom was used or any other number of birth-control was in place, is then as horrid? Well, it is still grouse, but is it a crime?

Remember, we’re not talking about a dirty old grandpa with his grabby sweaty palms all over his 12y old granddaughter here. We’re not talking about a parent taking advantage of his/her adolescent kid.

This was two consenting adults.

I do have a hard time seeing the crime, how about you?

What I want to see

I’ve done it all, well close to it, and it surely feels like it. I’ve loved and lost, twice over actually. I’ve traveled, lived in many countries and I’ve seen and experienced more than most people. I’ve slept with more women then I can count and poured more bottles then I care to admit. I’ve tried all the drugs you can name, and then some, and developed an understanding of the world surpassed only by a few. I’ve been beaten up, and have beaten up others. I’ve seen people get killed and I’ve even saved lives. I’ve been shot at and I’ve even eaten two bags of crisps straight without vomiting.

I do admit, I haven’t yet started a family or seen all the countries of this planet. I still have things to do, and things to see, but there’s one particular thing I feel I need to see before I go and meat up with the hooded reaper.

Throughout my life I’ve gathered more experience than I ever thought I would, but do you know what I actually miss?

Do you know what it is?

People getting together and standing up for themselves.

I’ve never seen that.

Why, oh why don’t people care enough, fight enough, get mad enough or love their neighbor enough to actually take a stand?

You idiots out there never do it.

Sometimes in movies you see it, and you can read about it in stories. But that’s all there is - stories. In real life there are no heroes. With the things I’ve seen, heard and read this I can be said with certainty; there are no heroes left in the world.

A hero doesn’t accept the world as it is. A hero lives as the world should be, to show it what it can be. Heroes don’t quit, lay their head down and take it like a good little sheep.

Sadly, I need to admit, I’m not one either. Too afraid, too much of a coward. It is too easy to relax, take a drink and fuck some brunette you just picked up. Very easy.

Maybe that’s it? We’ve become too lazy, too compliant? Or is it just that we don’t give a shit? I’m probably in the latter category. Frankly, I don’t care so much what happens to the rest of you. Why should I? You’re all idiots, pathetic ones at that.

And let’s be honest, the days of the amazing explorer fighting into the jungle or discovering some foreign land isn’t here anymore. We’ve yet to find a way to travel the stars and that 4/5 of the globe covered by water isn’t so fun swimming around in. Besides, when all those excess overindulging stuff exists all around you, why feel the need to?

There’s no problem flying around with the aid of drugs, parachutes or skies. We can get that adrenaline rush by snorting cocaine while banging some hot double D, so why go looking for trouble?

Sure the state is messing up; sure there are still starving and unemployed ass-holes, but who cares?


Where did our sense of heroism go? Did we ever have one?

I cannot stop pondering on why we live as cattle, as sheep hurdled around by watchful eyes.

Just look at how they punish criminals. Crimes such as rape, theft, abuse and light robbery is hardly punished at all. If there’s jail time, its short, just a couple of years or so. But if you hide your money from the taxation agency, if you carry a gun to defend yourself or if you stand up against government, oh my…

To rape someone gives you a couple of years, to hide a couple of hundreds of thousands in taxes its 5-6 years imprisonment. To attack someone and beat them up is hardly anything else then a slap on the wrist, but if you carry a gun and shot your attacker, then its jail for many years.

It all goes back to making people afraid to stand up for themselves.

It is very subtle for the most part, but it sends a clear message. You only need to look at how they treat people who ignore anti-smoking rules or how individuals that buy sex is handled to see how serious it is when you ignore the righteous agenda of government.

Everyone has been feed from their birth that standing up for rights, freedom and self-perseverance is the worst thing there is. Obeying is the way to go. By obeying you can get ahead, by licking ass you can advance.

We’re also, indirectly, told that if you lie down and take it they will clap you on the head and tell you how good you’d been.

This is how we’re ruled today - by indirect fear.

The powers that be probably learned this from history cos historically speaking those that ruled by direct force have sooner or later been overturned.

Sometimes we can read about how some chap pulled out a family from a burning house or saved a little girl from a carnivorous Polar Bear, but those are exception from the rule and not really what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about rallying people, arm them and storm the castle. I’m talking about pulling out a shotgun when the taxation agency comes to visit.

If someone is sitting huffing from a bong on a public square while nibbling on salty fatty ribs offering their body for payment, that’s their right to do so. And if the police come by to arrest such an individual people around the square should beat the officers into a bloody pulp.

If a restaurant owner is refusing to close according to righteous rules and allows smoking inside and serves his own homebrewed vodka, that’s his right. And if the powers that be send out the military to stop this insurrection everyone in that neighborhood should start throwing molotovs and burn down parliament.

If someone gets jailed for driving without a seatbelt we should break him out of there and if any guard or police gets in the way, they get what’s coming to them.
If the elite want to take our money and hand it over to their rich banking buddies, we should blow up a couple of banks and string up a bunch of politicians in lamp-posts along Main Street.

Not that any of this would ever happen. As said, there are no heroes left in the world.

I know many of you out there have by reading this far put me in the same folder as stone-throwing anarchists and lefties trashing McDonald’s. That’s not what I’m saying.


What I mean is that we should protect basic human rights, the right to our own bodies, the right to make our own decisions. Victimless crimes aren’t crimes. If we want to smoke, drink, eat fat, chew down pills or drive our car around our self-illuminating pinkish house until the tank is empty that is our god damn right. If I want to re-name myself Zezhipulickasissi VI or want a real Viking funeral, that is my right.

Those stone-throwing masked morons and the rest of the leftie thugs don’t want to protect human rights, they want to destroy it. To socialists it isn’t enough being slaves and constantly monitored, they want government to go further, to impose more surveillance, to introduce more laws and to hinder any form of individuality. And for some reason they call our current serfdom ‘capitalism’, which is both laughable and very sad.

If the government steals half your money to buy a luxury jet, you have a right to defend yourself with any means possible. Lefties don’t think so; they think government should steal the other half as well so politicians can build a monument or buy another jet. That’s why they throw stones, go to rallies and shout at officials, they want more of the same crap that created all of our problems.

I say we should throw stones, go to rallies and shot at officials every time parliament makes any decision that imposes on our lives. That’s the difference, and it is a huge one.

I wish people would get together and stand up for themselves. To be heroes and fight for what is right. Maybe I’ll see that during or after this current economic depression, but I will not hold my breath.