Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mysterious conspiracies

I have been reading about the resent ”revelations” that people organized themselves in order to get peoples and politicians attention. Apparently one of the journalists that “discovered” this master plan is married with Pär Nuder, a high ranking social democrat and when she isn’t writing children’s books her fictional brain discovers conspiracies. She has done this before, done “lots” of research and come up with the startling surprise that people organize in order to get something done. And apparently she and her husband even own a PR company together. And the husband, Mr Nuder, is also a good friend to Sergej Stepasjin, a former warmongering head of spies in the Sovjetunion that also happen to have got the royal Nordstjärneorden from a government lead by mr Nuder. And you don’t need to be a conspiracy buff to start connecting the dots that way.

And isn’t it interesting that the newspaper in question is owned by an interest group that have their reasons to make the none fascist movement into the bad guys. Two prominent journalists looking for a raise or another job in the future maybe?

It is also soon election to the European parliament and some fears are growing among the people in power that The Pirate Party might win one or two seates, and on who’s expense? Well we don’t know actually who would miss this lucrative snooze job, but someone(s) will not be happy. So what to do? I know, let’s plant some rumors about those pesky bloggers and throw some suspicions about their dark and misty affairs, they don’t necessary have anything to do with Piratebay or the pirate party, but hey, people are stupid, then believe what journalists tells them. You can almost hear the second “journalist” Ewa Stenberg shouting “Eureka”. - I think she is the brains of this operation, mainly because it’s harder to find any dirt on her and people that looks clean is always the most dirty ones. – And then they go to work. Someone actually tried to convince people something and had meetings about it? Oh… and we have someone that doesn’t want to be known? Ah… and money exchanged hands? Aha… A PR firm or two (our competitors?) was involved? Yes… now we have our story… Rub me little bit lower dear husband and take of your glasses, Ewa might recognize you.

And we need some more chocking news to follow up this story, because when journalists do a follow up and a series of articles, people just know its truth and seriousness in the work. So what will we do next? Do we have any dirt on the bloggers we can use? Maybe one of them visited a child porn site one time? Or maybe did we have some strange looking man we can take picture of while he is in meeting with Henrik? Or maybe the Pirate Party got money from a former racist? It’s so fun making up news isn’t it hun?

Oh… no, busted!

Apparently one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden have made a chocking find, the opposition against government surveillance was organized! A couple of oppositional people talking together? Oh, no way! And they even had some meetings? Oh my God! And they have also talked with some people who don’t want to be known by others? Also one guy even went across the Atlantic to visit… *drum roll* America… And maybe some pocket change money exchanged hands to pay for some people working 24/7 for several weeks!? How can this be? The humanity!!

This amazing piece of journalism is worth a Nobel Prize for idiocy. I was just going to bed when this crap happens to fly by my screen. How can journalist even get salary for things like this? And you can really see them sitting in their office trying to form an article out of nothing, fully aware that every little piece of decision being made is made about the same way. The only difference in this case is that there is hardly any money or any kind of recourses, even if these so called “journalists” do everything in their power to lift up some shadowy figure with deep pockets helping out behind the scenes… And with the other side being the government with the never ending income from taxes, even billions wouldn’t be enough. But still…. someone did pay for an ad in a newspaper, huhu… someone against government surveillance most really be rich... Now that’s big spending...

And apparently someone also has written an article that is supposed to fit some particular politicians to get them listen a bit more. This revelation is apparently a chock for the charlatans at this newspaper. Someone actually tries to write a political document in good Swedish or in a way so people want to read it or listen? Nah!? Really!?

Chavez size the rice

The latest dictator that some stupid people have voted for are now confiscating rice factories because they, according to Chavez, is overpricing their products. I absolutely love this guy. No one in the world are like dear Hugo showing people how stupid voting is and how people in general really believe anything you tell them. And the funniest part of all is that he still got followers and even other dictator wannabees around the world who wants to follow his recipe. It’s completely hilarious how he is utterly destroying the Venezuelan economy while violence increases and his political opponents get killed. All of which are with the stupid populace support. As said before and as will be said again, we have never learned anything. It doesn’t matter how many Hitler’s or Stalin’s we get, we don’t learn. People are idiots. At least that’s incredible funny.

Socialist 1:

Socialist 2:

Yeah, you voted for them. what will you vote for next? Idiot.

I’m a very stupid man

I have just moved to a new apartment in Greenock, Scotland. I walked around in the apartment, noticed that the refrigerator was online and working so I went to do some shopping. Bought mainly beer, vodka and other necessities. But back home again I become conscious that the fridge “wasn’t working”, or so I thought. There was no apparent cold despite everything operational and everything checked out, so I tried to turn the cold-knob (or whatever its name might be) to maximum, thinking it might be some stupid Scottish thing with the power line or that they hadn’t got modern day appliances yet. My prejudices running wild and sighing I started to do some serious drinking to at least not waste the alcohol before it got to warm. Then after a couple of runs back and forth to empty the Smirnoff bottle I suddenly realized that the liquids was cold as ice, might even have been some crystals forming. So then I used my superpower of reading English and behold, very clear just in front of me, it says “Frost Free”. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

Henrik is a stupid man

In an article, Henrik Arnstad, writes about the monarchy in Sweden and how he would love to be able to vote who is king or queen. He also argues, which seems to be his main point, that the Swedish people are being regarded as children for not being able to vote in this regard. Really? Isn’t this interesting. Here we have a man who clearly believes that royalty is thing of the past, but he still believes we should vote about who should be king and/or queen. Why? Is the monarchy somehow better because some brainless populace have voted for some poor smuck/s into these positions? And even if this silly silly man has some kind of a point about the monarchy being obsolete, why should we ever vote for someone (any idiot out there) to be our ambassador and have the ability to put their dirty hands on the royal jewels?

No, my dear Henrik, you have missed the point about growing up completely. You don’t want to grow up; you just want to change who gets your money and who is ruling your life. Me I trust a man or a woman who have traditional values, history and can’t be dethroned by idiotic people’s whims much more than some well spoken regular Joe that’s thinks it will be cool to open up the parliament after each summer break. And if you really want to grow up, my dear Henrik, shouldn’t you decide over your own life? Shouldn’t you decide over your money and make your own decisions? So why do you feel the need to scribble down a name on a piece of paper so that person/persons can dictate every minute of your life? Either you emancipate yourself or not. There is no middle ground, but you are young yet. Maybe you have time to learn how things work yet.

Kill them, kill them all

Why are we cuddling with animals all over this planet? I don’t get it, what have ever any animals, with the exception for cows (hamburgers) and dogs (good company) and a couple of more, done for us? Most of them are only in the way. If some idiotic, close to extinct, bird are nesting next to your house, kill it. And Polar bears that some people seem to worry about are murderous stupid things that kill baby seals for a sport! Every day some animals go extinct, no matter what we do. 99% of all the species that ever lived on this planet is gone! Extinct! Dead! Humans did not kill them, nature itself did. And even if we have killed of some useless idiotic beings, why should we care? Some stupid biologist will probably tell you that we would disrupt some eco system somewhere. So? Even if, what does that do to us? We can always cultivate some more chickens in tight small spaces and knock of some more cows if we need food or something else. And if there was a sudden increase in vermin because some cat or other predator dies out, we can always throw some chemicals around, radiate them or create special hunting seasons. Might even be a new reality show; “The Rat Killers” – whoever kills the most rats in this abandoned building in 24hrs gets 100 free Big Mac’s and get to go out on a date with some C-starlet that happens to have done soft-core porn because her daddy touched her breast by accident one time.

We are to bloody soft as a race. It’s very hard to believe we got to rule this world. If polar bears were above us in the food chain, do you really believe they would care about stupid little us? Nope, not a chance. They would start holocaust camps that would make the Nazis look amateurish. We are the only ones stupid enough to care and why? Because some insect have hair or because some bear happens to have fur and therefore are cuddleable? Stop this nonsense. Let’s just kill them. Kill them all. You know you really want to. Who haven’t dreamt of snatching hold of a small little kitten’s cute little neck and break it? And who haven’t been fantasizing about putting bullets in the heads of some adorable kangaroo babies? And even if you haven’t, what does it do to you if we start slaughtering some animals here and there? That’s right, nothing!

Same shit, different name

I was politically active for a long while before I really got it. I actually thought that there were differences between political parties. I had a notion that a party that wanted to lower taxes with one or two percent was on the side of freedom and that a party that wanted to increase taxes with one or two percent were evil. I also thought that people needed to activate themselves to get something done and that if only lots of good people come together we could at least save the city we live in. I was also under the impression that Sweden had the world’s best healthcare and that ideology and ideas can get you somewhere. Yeah, I actually was that silly when I was younger. Sounds stupid even writing it, but I do believe in being self-aware and learning from your own foolishness.

The truth is that there is very little separating one politician from the other, no matter what color they have on their flags or what financial doctrine he/she bow down to.

They all want you to vote – to support the system.
They all want you to pay taxes – to pay for their salaries and idiotic spending.
They all want you to hate the opposition – mainly to get you to vote so those “others” you are suppose to hate don’t get the power.
They all want you to obey and follow the laws – no rebellion or too much thinking please

And no matter what the government calls itself or who’s in charge, the governing is always authoritarian. Sure there are different temperatures in hell but have you ever tried to oppose the government? Any of them? In the end it doesn’t matter if you are living in a real dictatorship or in a “democracy”, if you oppose the government you will get hurt and maybe die. Try to stop paying your taxes or refuse to obey traffic laws and watch them go to work on you. And if you really stand up for yourself, don’t think for a moment that the government won’t kill you. They will. No matter what country you live in or how free you think you are. If you don’t believe me, please try to prove me wrong, it would show the rest of us how stupid, and dead, you are.

So when there are polls and general elections I just shrug and ignore the stupidity. Why do people care whether or not we have one more or less government program? Why do you care if there is a woman or a man ruling you? Or if it’s a king or Pharaoh? If you let someone else steal your money, tell you want to do and then kills you if you don’t obey, does it really matter who this person is? I don’t vote anymore, sadly once upon a time I did. They say you shouldn’t complain if you don’t vote, why not? If there are no politicians that I feel would be a good candidate to rule my life, why shouldn’t I complain? No the ones that shouldn’t complain is you idiots that do vote. If you vote, you vote for the system, for the oppression and for the politician (any of them). You live with it. Someone like me that don’t vote have the right to complain.

War is peace & the living dead

There is always dense people that tries to avoid the realities of life or are trying to make the best out of what the government let us do. I sort of get it; I mean humans do fight for the scraps we can collect and most of the time we actually try to do the right thing. But still there is a stupidity behind “always hoping”. The current economic crisis we are in will not get better anytime soon, anyone with a brain can tell you that. Sadly brains are in a short supply so instead people listen to vegetables like politicians, journalists or “financial experts”. Some of these silly losers that the populace listens to even think that we already have seen the worse or even that companies are starting to hire people again.

Nope, the fun is just getting started and pretty much every government on the planet is doing their finest work to worsen the situation. People should be selling their businesses and stockpiling conserves or moving somewhere where they can grow their own crops, but they still listen to the same idiots that created the crisis in the first place. Inhabitants on this planet have been living on money that does not exist, letting governments increase inflation and steal our wealth. We have been subsidizing peoples mechanical spending with the same peoples own money and the entire time citizens work less hours while we are destroying capital with mindless laws that are supposed to “save the planet”. And this we have been doing for a long time now and now the time is up. Not even governments and countries can keep borrowing and spending money that doesn’t exist for all eternity. They can hide it for a while through inflation, exponentially increasing borrowing and different political pastimes like wars, but in the end the bill is up for payment. And this is what’s happening now and even if they “succeed” to trick people again and maybe even postpone the crisis a little while, it doesn’t change anything. We are heading for a huge fall and I for one cannot wait. You have deserved it, now suck it up.