Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stop the fascist infestation

I don't always like Alex Jones, but this is an important message and something you really should listen to.

Cocksniffing and other crimes

Swedish officials aren’t pleased with the canon-fodder already in place in Afghanistan with substandard equipment, and so, of course, they’ve decided to send some more troops down to a conflict Sweden has not a single thing to do with.

Apparently we are there “to help”. Not to help the American coalition of war-criminals, oh no, and we are certainly not there to help grow drugs or make terrorist organizations stronger, definitely not, and of course we’re not there to assist a non-democratic woman-hating corrupt regime. This is what we are actually doing, but the facts are ignored.

Instead we get some stories filled with mamby pamby boohooing worthy of any Oscar. When the media show us Swedish soldiers they are helping. A couple of kids that has lost their family to American warplanes gets candy, a stray dog get some water and of course our heroes are confiscating drugs while handing out food and aid to the locals.

Any camel-fellating or shady deals going on in the background is ignored.

If we really are supposed to help, if we really want to win this so called war, why aren’t we sending tens of thousands of soldiers down there? Why aren’t we urging the Americans to use tactical nukes or really put the pressure on? Why won’t we actually act with force, determination and conviction? If we did, the conflict would be over very soon. Since we’re not, the only conclusion anyone with working synapses can draw is that they don’t want to win. Probably with the intention to create more terrorists so when they bomb our cities our masters can impose more of those fascist regulations that are so fun.

Are we really so bent to walk behind British and American unlawful combat-boats?

Is it a phallus thing?

Maybe they just feel that war is fantastic?

Well, While killing people you get phallus shaped rockets and phallus shaped amo fired from phallus shaped rocket-launchers and phallus shaped airplanes. And those phallus thingies go flying through the air making big holes in the sand. Playing with toys that go “boom” is fun shit, too bad some Muslims need to die in the process. Oh well, that can be fun that too. I mean, body parts flying, kids getting their legs cut off, women getting raped, families dying from starvation, millions of refugees. Yapp, great fun...

I’ve been against Swedish (and all the others) participation from the start. Maybe, just maybe USA have some reason to be there, if we believe in the official story, but the rest?

We are dying from a fascist cancer at home, and the only answer we get from on up high is more regulations and more taxes. Why are we sending our people to a foreign land to defend some elusive freedom when our own freedom is deteriorating every day? Why spend money we actually don’t have on a conflict we have nothing to do with when unemployment is very high? Why pretend to want to save female rights when we cannot protect those at home? And even IF those are valid reasons, why the hell aren’t we fighting ‘the good fight’ in any number of other countries with similar or worse regimes that exists around the globe?

From the diaries of politics

The government own and controlled Scandinavian airline SAS has announced a new share issue to raise 5 billion kronor ($674 million) as well as a program of cuts and savings designed to save a further 2 billion kronor.

For some reason the current Swedish government, lefties and Keynesians as they are, have decided to buy some of those shares, further making the Swedish people pay for a useless company going down. SAS is among the most expensive (maybe the most expensive) airline out there, their service is lousy and they rarely have the coverage I find useable. Basically it’s a crappy company.

Some have argued that government should take ownership responsibility, but what about responsibility to the tax payers? The voters? The horrible institution of SAS should be sold or go through bankruptcy, which would be the responsible thing to do.

This is what happens when you let politicians control and dictate policies within a company, it goes bad and then taxes need to be thrown at it to “save it”. Not to mention the unfair advantage of getting billions whenever needed...