Thursday, December 19, 2013

The global warming scam continues

Global warming!! 

The truth never factors into it, does it? It doesn't seem to matter which area or which one of the pseudo-scientific four-winged soul suckers that mumbles something about something, it can ALL be blamed on too many people doing the wrong things. It rain more this year than last year? Global warming! A typhoon hits Shanghai – Global warming! Wild fires in Australia is because we drive too many cars. Economic worries in Europe arise due to a horrific increase… I mean drop… oh, no.. increase? No, drop! Uauhm… a change in temperature.
Nowadays it is much harder finding a topic not directly associated to Manmade Global Warming, then the opposite. I have even seen/heard politicians argue that male oppression of women is due to an increase in temperature… ouhm… I mean decrease… decrease in temperature is due to global warming… hmm… No, that cannot be correct; I mean increase of course… although numbers point to a decrease and a new Ice age about 1000 years away, so females’ getting raped and dominated by horrible men is due to a decrease in temperature! No! No! I mean decrease in temperature! 
Let’s just keep to “A change in temperature”, a change automatically implies humans and their horrible ways. 
A change in temperature is now also to be blamed for Coccidioides fungu! And; Naegleria Fowleri! And; the Black-Legged tick!
I just knew they would start throwing some scary name around soon. Just as with future flues (Swine flu was both harmless and had a pretty harmless sounding name) they need to come up with scary sounding stuff so we keep paying environment taxes and keep obeying government  decrees about hats and pets. Precisely as with one of the most frequent killer of man, dihydrogen monoxide (thousands die of it each year) scary sounding names awoke fear and creates a reaction when reading it.
Murderous killer Dinosaurs died from global warming!! (Or was it another Ice age?) Regardless; if such magnificent beasts died from it, how can we then survive the same?
When I read this story I felt like a Black-Legged Tick would jump me from behind at any second, bite me and infect me with Coccidioides fungu, anaplasmosis and babesiosis and that that would then lead to Naegleria Fowleri, borrelia and rash illnesses and then of course certain death.
Oh, and did you know that, according to Al Gore, the entire North polarized cap has now disappeared? Well, it can have disappeared already last year since Al Gore made his first 5-year prediction back in 2007. Of course he has spookily predicted the same every year since, not got it right so far, but eventually he will.
He is right you know - the polar caps will melt at some point. They have before, on numerous occasions, and they will do so again. Not that Al will be alive when it happens, but he can rest assure it will.  
So there you have it folks; A murderous Black tick named Gore will soon infect you with Global warming and impose rash illnesses on all babies while spraying fungi over families eating at McDonalds. That will in turn create a new Ice Age filled with Borrelia-infected male rapists roaming the earth looking for cute puppies to eat.