Sunday, September 20, 2009

The state of the Swedish economy

Today the Budget Bill for 2010 is put forward to the Swedish Parliament. Of course the opposition complains, as they should, it’s their job, and it is a horrible budget in many ways, but let’s be clear about a couple of facts.

- This crisis is by a very large extent an imported one. It started in other countries and a highly trade dependent country like Sweden feel the effects.

- Going into this depression, Sweden was better equipped than many other countries having paid of large sums of public debt, and having lowered some taxes comes to the labor-market.

Had the leftie opposition ruled, things would look much worse, because they would not had paid of debt, they would not had lowered taxes and, most importantly, they would have squandered away much more on useless stimulus and bail-outs.

And the more negative:

- The Swedish government hasn’t done enough. They didn’t listen to us with active brain-cells and acted accordingly before the crisis begun. Taxation should be much lower, more publicly owned companies should have been sold off and more debt been paid.

- They are letting the deficit increase, from 38% to a predicted 45% of GDP, in true socialist manner, which in our situation is making things look very grim.

- The fascist laws regarding the internet is putting a lid on one potential growing potential within the economy

The Swedish economy, being dependent on exports, has been severely impacted by the sharp downturn in the global economy. It is estimated that Sweden’s GDP will fall by 5.2 per cent during 2009, which is the weakest growth performance in a single year since the Second World War. Unemployment is still going up, a great bubble has been created in the housing market, the stock market is overvalued and there are several very bad signs in the horizon. More crashes will emerge and when they do, Sweden will suffer severely.

To summarize, the Swedish government have done almost everything wrong, not according to what mainstream cornflake economists say and Keynes would have been pretty proud, but intelligent people that actually understand 4th grade math and recognize what’s what knows that this spells disaster. But however horrible, it could have been a lot worse had the lefties been in power. This is the only solitude there is; that there isn’t more statism.

Another thing we need to keep in mind is the central bank and its maddening interest rate and QE policies. However horrible the government is acting, the real culprit at the moment is the central bank. To quote the bill:

“The situation in the financial markets has stabilized, improving opportunities for households and businesses to obtain loans. This reduces the risk of further negative repercussions on the economy and public finances.”

THIS IS MADNESS! We shouldn’t have improved the possibility to borrow more money; we should do the complete opposite! The only thing such a scam does it to make people buy things they don’t need for money they shouldn’t have, and in doing so moving power and wealth from regular Joes to the already rich and powerful. THIS WILL MASSIVLLY INCREASE THE RISKS FOR NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON THE ECONOMY. Our total debt is already 150% of GDP, why would anyone want to build on this poverty-trap?

How can you be so gullible? Don’t borrow; don’t buy anything like housing, real-estate or even a new car. The world is about to plunge down an unprecedented abyss of financial despair, and when it does, all those with debt and no savings will suffer the most.

And this awful policy of Imperial indoctrination hatched from a swarm of political psychopaths motivated by personal greed and Pol Pot style enthusiasm for social engineering is what has, and will continue to virtually destroy our way of life. This will not change no matter who runs the government, which means Sweden is fucked no matter what.

The enemy class really think we're all just going follow and be good little sheople, and so far they have been right.

What this budget should contain is the following:

- SEK 300bn lower expenditure. A bit less than half to cover the deficit, and almost all the rest to lower taxation. SEK 30-40bn could be thrown at the infrastructure in order to build for the future. When that is done, sell or give away all the roads or whatever to the private sector.

- Delete all the fascist laws surrounding the internet

- Eliminate another thousands or so laws that are unnecessary and hinders in the way of private incentive

Leave the European Union

But the most important thing to do right now is to make sure that the central bank increase interest rates to 4-5% and that they do not throw any more money at financial institutes. If we did this, it would lead to lower GDP then predicted and some bad assets and debt would be flushed out which would, temporarily, worsen our current situation. However, this would be a very short downturn. Within a year it would be over, and the worst economic disaster ever seen on this planet that is just around the corner would be tackled with ease compared to the rest of the world. So if they just had the balls to do what is right and all you people out there realized how deep in shit we really are, within 4-5 years Sweden would be the riches and best equipped country in the world.

Instead you idiots, the populace, will elect the lefties in the next election, happily borrow more for our impending doom, and let the enemy class throb 25 inches of pain up our rear-ends, so I keep coming back to the best advice you will ever get.

Buy dried-up food packages, tin-cans, candles, batteries, stock up on supplies like oil, gasoline and ammunition. Because even if I’m wrong, those things are good to have at home, and if I’m right, those things may save your life. Be prepared for the worst, and don’t hope for the best.