Thursday, July 21, 2011

... and then depression

Oh yeah! Let´s do it!

Comes to the Greatest Depression I haven´t really reflected that much over me myself and I. Sure I´ve been planning my future residency slightly, and I do advice relatives and I am soon debt-free, but I haven´t so much thought about my end of the line. Will I survive the Greatest Depression? Should I actually purchase guns despite the illegality of it? And when the four horsemen ride by, will I wave in joy or just resign into my own little bubble?

I would like to believe I am smart enough, resilient enough and have enough willpower to take myself and my loved ones through this ordeal, but truth to be told am ridiculously ordinary and despite smarter than most I don´t really have any extra skills that would benefit me in a post-apocalyptical world. I don´t know VA, have no clue how to fix a car, and chemistry is to me equal to alchemy. Am no farmer and I don´t like animals.

How could such a person make it? Prostitution?

The only things working in my favour are my adaptability and a pre-apocalyptical knowledge and the fact that I am also willing to work for a living, to buckle down and make an effort - something a vast majority of people in the western world won´t do.

Quite honestly I figure I´ll be shot, thrown in jail or in other way contained by the Powers. Just as before in history those knowing what’s wrong and how to fix it are usually the first ones to be executed or shipped off to Siberia. So within a couple of years I´ll probably not be around anyway.

But what if I´ll still be here? What if the coming decade(s) of financial despair will not give birth to dictatorships across the globe and so we´d be spared from the next World War that may go to a nuclear stage? What if ordinary folk will not be consigned to eternal torment in the fires of Gehinnom, but instead doomed to walk the earth, unemployed, disillusioned and helplessly starving for years and years and years?

To me the later would be the worst scenario. I prefer to out with a bang. Modern man have been on this planet for a ridiculously short period of time. Have we during that period done anything potent enough to merit a future stay?

If we´re going to destroy ourselves, let us at least do THAT in correct manner. For once, let’s do the correct freaking thing and let’s kill ourselves through the biggest epic worldwide kill-all-leave-no-one-alive shindig of all time! When another race comes by to check out this planet, we should at least make them say: “Holy crap! These guys really did a number on each other!”.

Sadly (or maybe comforting enough) that will not happen. Instead it will be the Japanese prolonged debacle on a global scale while our masters continue to impose restrictions and continue to build on our current fascist surveillance society and come up with new schemes to empty valets.

Our crisis will go on for a very long time. Frankly I hardly see an end to it. There´s is no way to bail out $200+ trillion in debt on a worldwide scale. There´s no way people will give up their “free” buffet voluntary. There´s no way politicians looking to get re-elected will do the right thing. There´s no way we´ll see a rude awakening across the board on a level necessary to change things. There´s no way we´re going back to sound and real money.

Maybe certain countries will go back to a decent level of sanity, but it won´t be enough.

Can a worldwide depression of gargantuan proportions last forever? Probably not. At the very least someone will, 50 or so years from now, invent a way to travel through space and so we can leave this rock and start anew. I wonder if I´ll be around to see it?

But in the meanwhile our Masters of despair do their very best to prolong and worsen this crisis as much as they can.

Yesterday European elitists decided to throw 159 billion euro ($229 billion) in the black hole that is Greece. The Greek bail-out (part III - part IV to follow) will consist of 109 billion euros from the euro region and the IMF, and 50 billion euros will be contributed by financial institutions (banks) after agreeing to a series of bond exchanges and buybacks that will also cut (hide) Greece’s debt load. Coincidently this is pretty much the same dealings that covered up Greek debt and made them able to join the euro in the first place. This fact is of course ignored, just as the fact that this means that the Europhiles continue to break their own rules.

At the same time they try to “rescue” Greece our übermench also decided to increase and strengthen the “euro rescue fund” which means that ECB will continue to vacuum the market in hunt for toxic assets and paying for those with freshly printed phantom money they conjure up out of thin air. This in turn means higher inflation and even bigger problems and so when the crash really hit us ECB, the euro and all belonging institutions will literarily go up in flames.

And so we are truly and utterly fucked – well, no news there.

So while I continue to ponder on my life, my future situation and if I could/should do something different I think I´ll stick to my original plan: stock up on vodka and popcorn and find a comfy chair. Because no matter what the coming years will be high entertainment and since we´re going through what arguable is the biggest convergence of events in human history, I will try to enjoy it as much as possible.