Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The überlords agenda of madness

An unholy coalition of elite interests has promoted the manmade global warming theory; scientists have needed funds, the media a story, and governments a worthy cause. But why argue the case of a none-existing threat? They benefit from it. Instill fear in the populace and they buy newspapers, they are more willing to accept more taxes and scientists get more founding.

Remember when the hole in the ozone layer was going to melt Antarctica? But don't worry, we're safe now, that was the eighties. I can still remember how they showed statistics that cancer cases was exponentially increasing and how no one would be able to live in Australia. Hundreds of millions would be dying in the street by now. Pseudo scientists argued that mankind would be doomed within decades, and then the story sort of died out. The consensus among the elitists on this issue melted away at the same rate as the ice in our poles increased.

Before that we had an insane opinion among many scientists, fueled by media and scaremongering politicians that we were heading for a new ice-age.
Oh, and Y2K, remember that one?

Repent, the end is near!

I sort of get it, politicians’ need a windmill to fight and they need to show us an enemy, fictitious or real. If our country, our society and mankind has a common foe, it’s easier to sell arguments of higher taxation, more regulations and more disburse of power from the common man to obscure malevolent bureaucrats. And many scientists biggest source of income is today allocated founds to research this scam.

Journalists need their stories and many companies benefit from selling certain “environment friendly” products. And the UN, useless as always, has an inherent interest in gaining both power and influence.

Conveniently the powers that be all forget 32000+ scientists suing Al Gore for fraud and how 650 of the world's top climatologists stood up and said man-made global warming is a media generated myth without basis at the 2008 December's U.N. Global Warming conference in Poznan, Poland. And they totally ignore how we since 1998 have had a cooling period were temperatures actually are dropping. However, this last part isn’t really something to rely on, one way or the other; because any real scientists will tell ya that any measurement needs to come from thousands of years, not decades.

With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on us. This fraudulent theory, which has no facts whatsoever backing it up, is on the same level as the moon is made out of cheese or the earth is flat.

And have you noticed how anything can be blamed on global warming? Fires in California, landslides in Greece, typhoons in China, Hurricanes in the Atlantic, and starving in Africa, all of which, apparently, can be contributed to us driving cars. And there you have another reason for our bellowed leaders to impose this hoax on us – to cover up their inapt reactions. If the government don’t react in time or with the right measures to save and help people, the populace might get a bit annoyed, but blame it on global warming and it’s a faceless power no one can do anything about, other than tax us more that is. “It’s not our fault, it’s the cars!”

But maybe the funniest bit of this malicious puzzle is the “wont someone please think of the children”-argument. While their taxation and restrictions is murdering people all over the world, they use the future of our children as a selling point, just as they do when it comes to the fascist internet-control. Oh, there are pedophiles out there? What a surprise. We need to restrict everyone and impose so many laws that the internet becomes an elitist’s plaything.

This cannot be said enough times. Do you know how much scientific evidence there is for manmade global warming? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

In some years from now this little doomsday scenario will be overplayed, and they will have moved on to the next scare. Maybe it will be solar-flares, cosmic rays, alien invasion or back to the ice-age lunacy. No one will come out to repent, no media will admit how wrong they been, and pseudo-scientists will still get their founding, but now for researching the next threat to humankind. All along you, the large masses of idiots are the ones paying for the scams.

The human genome

On a small little blue dot in the corner of one out of billions of galaxies, mankind evolved. According to the theory of evolution the first life came into existence about 5 billion years ago as a result of billions of years of accidental, random atomic collisions. Scientists call this development of the first living organisms from nonliving matter abiogenesis, a sort of virgin-birth. Despite, or maybe because off, meteorites, volcanoes, and cosmic radiation life begun and flourished.

Throughout the ages several apocalypses have destroyed much of life on this planet, just to see it emerge again, victorious. One out of the species transformed into an upstanding primate capable of imagining fantastic things like tools, how to control fire and even contemplate its self-existence.

I don’t know the mathematical equation capable of handling such turn of events, but the chance of life evolving into something intelligent on a planet just right for living condition is staggering. Although, mathematically speaking, we can be sure that it has happen before and/or is happening right now, that many stars, galaxies and planets exists, so aliens do exists, we can be certain of that. Still with our knowledge we cannot regard life as anything else but a fluke, damn luck really.
By evolutionary standards and taking the distant look at our lives, we exist very shortly, insignificantly short. Not a single one of us, no scientist, no athlete, no politician, not a single one will have any impact whatsoever on the universe. Maybe some chaos-theorist can give us the comforting thought that we may cause an earthquake or tornado thousands of years from now if we fart in bed today, but mainly we are irrelevant, a nonsense ant-species that happens to be able to grasp how tiny we really are.

But despite all that one needs to stand in awe for what people are capable of, if they put their mind to it, if they are able to grow and use the intellect that is so unique. We exist, we have essence and we can understand it. Mankind is a fantastic race and in our future it’s hard to imagine we have any limits. We will continue to evolve, go forward, invent and grow. When I see a science fiction movie or read about paranormal things, I don’t see such things as unbelievable, I see it as a matter of time. Sooner or later we will figure out how to travel faster than light, invent anti-gravity and teleportation devices. I’m absolutely sure of it. That is if we allow ourselves to do it.

Mankind’s worse enemy, from the very start, has been himself. The very same intellect capable of inventing marvelous things is also capable of conjuring up our own destruction. And throughout the notion of ‘collective’ have been the main culprit. Not collective as in helping each other’s or being a part of a whole, but rather the notion of group-thinking, us against them, red against black, white against yellow, team against team, nation against nation. This is what’s really behind all the religious wars, the confiscation of one group’s property to give to another and all the rest that comes with. This very malicious idea is the foundation of communism as well as National Socialism.

And humans that come to be by what has to be regarded as an accident, what have we become today? A lazy complacent ass-sucking sycophant that rather watches reality shows rather than experience the amazing life that has been given to him during a very short amount of time.

We have become the victims of our own success. We have come so far that we today have the means to feed, clothe and take care of every single person on this planet, but this accomplishment also means we are relaxing, not taking proper actions to evolve further and in doing nothing, or hardly nothing, we have also become followers of those in charge. It’s easier to put the head back and nibble on processed food than to take charge of ourselves and really question our surroundings. There is always someone else that can collect our garbage, make our food, and sew our coats. This laziness that historically speaking have worked in our favor, making us invent things to save us time, is now in our way. The apathy is hanging over humankind like a damp quilt.

And so today we stand on this minuscule rock facing not only our arch-nemesis of collectivism, but also our own I-don’t-care outlook of things. Although we are more educated today and more suspicious against totalitarian ideas, we have it much easier to accept a slowly growing autocracy, as long as those in charge give us stuff. Give people free gifts and they accept pretty much anything. And under the disguise of democracy, seemingly a good force, the elitists are doing just this, tricking us with nice words. Want equality? The government can fix that; just put your name on the dotted line saying you accept higher taxes. Want freedom? Sure, you can have that, but first you need to give up your rights of privacy and recognize politics power over your life.

The entire elitist’s spectra with journalists, big business, politicians and all the rest are openly lying to us, but mostly we don’t care because they hand us stuff so we don’t need to think or act ourselves.

Humankind’s absolute best century - that of the 19th - was the foundation we still, today, live on. During a period of 100-150 years, we went from agricultural and feudal societies were pretty much everyone starved to the era of industrialization. And even today, with growing numbers of starving, we are still able to feed the vast majority, something unheard of earlier in history. During the same time as we industrialized, we also learned what makes humans really great. When we let people, to a larger degree than before and since, use their brains, let people be freer, they produced and outcompeted any other civilization before. No other country symbolizes this more than America. A bunch of farmers, religious outcasts, fleeing criminals and hopeful immigrants came together under the writings of the declaration of independence and became the riches most producing country ever seen on this planet.

A large portion of the biggest companies today was founded during or just after this period. Inventions poured out from peoples’ minds and democracy and other principles of fairness come to be. But as usual we let ourselves go into decline. Socialist solutions, fascist dogma and statism once again grabbed hold, and has not really let go since.

If it weren’t for the dark ages we would probably be colonization space right now, and if it weren’t for the 20th century, the era of collectivism, we would have taken another step towards the future. And if it weren’t for today’s statism, that is growing exponentially, we wouldn’t have starving people or wars. Maybe older time’s citizens could blame the high and mighty or a lack of knowledge for their obedient following, but can we really claim the same today? In reality, if you really want someone to blame for your unemployment, famine or murdering hostilities, you only need to look in a mirror.

Billions of years of evolution, a fantastic brain and a lush planet have brought us to a point of stupidity. Rationality has gone out the window, individuality and strives to better ourselves have come to a halt. We are still moving forward, but very slowly. Two exceptions are weaponry (always need those to kill other humans) and internet. And since the powers that be are doing their very best to hinder the internet revolution, soon the inventiveness can only be found in ways to slaughter ourselves. There are some few other exceptions, but mostly we are at a standstill.
While our politicians fight over who’s the best totalitarian more and more of the important parts of our lives becomes something that the elitists control and rule over. During the 19th century most people never come into contact with the state other than during an occasional war, and taxation was limited. Today, you cannot do, see or think anything without having intrusive thugs monitor you with forms, rules, laws and endless departments.

Just think about that for a moment. Can you name one single thing in your life that isn’t scrutinized, controlled, taxed and regulated by government? I can’t.

Some people call this socialism, and to a certain degree it is, but since our beloved leaders want a sort of free market (they do know what produces value) and since we still have a so so free social existence, we need to call it light-fascism or statism instead. For every year that passes more laws, more regulations and more controlled is imposed, even by so called “right” political parties. Soon, very soon, this will turn ugly, precisely as it did during the beginning of the 20th century.

When the mayhem ensues, when all those crashes cometh and you’ve lost pretty much everything, don’t blame the elitists. Sure, we should string ‘em all up in lamp-posts, they have earned that, but the one you should be angry at is yourself. You let it happen, you voted for it, you wanted it, suck it up.

And if, by chance, you start to use that intellect again somewhere down the line, please remember how tiny and insignificant we humans really are and do the very best you can for you. It’s your life, and your body, never let anyone tell you different. Only then can we really fulfill both our potential and our destiny.